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Steroids Good or Bad

Updated on August 16, 2009

What are Anabolic steroids? Well they are male hormones related to the hormone testosterone. They increase muscle mass and direct proteins to make muscle. Anabolic steroids are commonly taken by athletes to build muscle mass and boost athletic performance.

I was completely against steroids my whole life. But I recently came across a DVD called "Bigger Stronger Faster." not to say that I would ever use steroids, but this movie has really opened my eyes to the use of steroids, and I feel everyone wondering about using steroids should check this movie out. (trailer at bottom.)

After watching this movie I was quite intrigued, so I started looking up the topic on the net and came across this web site. its about this young skinny man and his journey to be more popular with women, have more confidence etc. all through his use of steroids. It is very interesting.

Still I would never use steroids and don't recommend the use of steroids. Although My eyes are more open to the use of steroids now.

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      Home Remedies 7 years ago

      Better to stay away from steroids.