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Still wet at night

Updated on January 24, 2014

why my child has bedwetting at almost 7; how could a chiro help her..

As to whether chiropractic can help her it may be down to some factors that you may be able to answer.

Has the bedwetting just started recently, or has she never been dry?

Is she dry during the day?

Is there any family history of bedwetting, for example were you or her father bedwetters or late to be dry at night? (Bedwetting has a strong family predisposition)

Have you tried other remedies such as medication from the GP or a pad and bell, a star chart?

All of the above factors tell us a bit about the type of problem that may have resulted in your daughter’s bedwetting. So when considering if chiropractic can help we need to look at these factors. We need to understand the cause of the bed wetting to get the best possible results.

Chiropractic provides care for all people of all ages and a variety of health issues, acute and chronic. An integrated and holistic approach is taken according to your health needs.

In the case of your daughter a detailed history would need to be taken by the chiropractor as well as a physical examination. The examination would involve neurological, orthopaedic and spinal aspects as appropriate. These help us to determine the cause of the problem.

Once the cause has been ascertained a management programme appropriate to the patient can be devised and agreed upon with your express permission. Bedwetting often involves a multifaceted approach.

Often we find that there is a problem with the brain communicating with the bladder which may be caused by an aberrant function within the spine. If the spine fails to move correctly it may have a detrimental effect of the nerve areas it supplies. If the nerve is not providing the correct messages to the brain the function of that nerve (emptying the bladder) becomes confused and bedwetting may result.

The chiropractor’s role in bedwetting is to identify the cause of the problem and to implement the appropriate treatment which may include other healthcare professionals. Parental involvement is vital to the success of the treatment.

Chiropractors are specially trained in detecting nerve dysfunction within the spine and applying appropriate treatment. Correction of nerve dysfunction maximises the chance of messages passing from the brain to the bladder without interference, thereby allowing the child to improve their ability to control their own bladder.

When considering a chiropractor for a child make sure that he/she has had experience with children and/or further training in this area. Children are not just little adults, they are developing very quickly and this neurodevelopment needs to be taken into consideration when assessing a child.

Some chiropractors will offer an advisory consultation free of charge. This is usually a short assessment to provide information to the chiropractor and patient as to whether chiropractic may help. This also provides the patient a brief introduction to chiropractic to see if it is appropriate for them.



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