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Cures For Stomach Gas Digestive Problems

Updated on May 29, 2013

Stomach Gas Pains - "Pardon Me!" -Find cures here!

This site is about Stomach gas digestive problems. Some of us have it more than others!  There are many home remedies which we will explore.  Do not be embarrassed; this site will help all of us! 

(Guaranteed or your gas back!) (Bad joke!)

(True Anecdote) The scene is at a funeral home. My family was attending the funeral of a loved one. There was a very large crowd in the assembly. After viewing the body and paying our respects, we were forced to sit in the back, shoulder to shoulder with both friends and strangers. My adult children came and squeezed beside us. Then something happened! There was an ever-so-slight sound followed by "you know!" Our eyes rolled right and left like horizontal yo-yos. I looked toward my beloved, modestly dressed and behaved wife, she gave a relieved look and a "pardon me". Oh! - For a cure for stomach gas pain!

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Gas and Flatulence Often Follows High-Fat Meals

Gas and Flatulence Often Follows High-Fat Meals

Eating a high-fat meal can produce a large quantity of carbon dioxide, a little of which is passed as gas. Carbon dioxide is produced in the small intestine when bicarbonate is released to defuse stomach acid and fat from meals.

What To Do

  1. Eat smaller, more frequent meals instead of infrequent and large meals.
  2. Avoid high-fat meals.
  3. Consult your primary care provider to rule out the possibility of fat malabsorption. Signs of fat malabsorption include loose and light-colored stools.

Digestion Of Many Proteins Proceeds Malodorous Flatulence And Gas

Digestion Of Many Proteins Proceeds Malodorous Flatulence And Gas

Gas that has a physically powerful odor usually results from the metabolism of sulfur-containing proteins and amino acids in the intestines.

What To Do:

  1. Chew meat and other protein foods carefully.
  2. Avoid excessive protein in your diet.
  3. Taking activated charcoal tablets can help to remove the odor.

Stomach Gas Cause: Some People Habitually Swallow Air, Called Aerophagia.

Swallowed Air

Some people routinely gulp air. They're usually unaware they do this. The gas swallowed is mostly nitrogen and oxygen. Most of the oxygen is absorbed by the lining of the gut or is used up by colon bacteria. Very little ends up in flatulence. Nitrogen, on the other hand, is poorly immersed by the lung’s lining and most swallowed nitrogen ends up in flatulence.

What to do:

  1. Becoming aware that air is being swallowed can help.
  2. Relaxation techniques may help to reduce anxiety. Avoid lying down after eating.
  3. Gas from the stomach passes into the intestines more readily in this position.

Inadequately Absorbed Carbohydrates

Inadequately Absorbed Carbohydrates

Hydrogen and carbon dioxide are formed by colon bacteria in the presence of poorly absorbed carbohydrates. More common is excess flatulence after eating large amounts of poorly absorbed carbohydrates such as beans or foods to which you have a food sensitivity. Common food sensitivities include milk and wheat products. (Note: If flatulence is accompanied by diarrhea and weight loss, it may indicate a malabsorption disorder such as lactose intolerance or pancreatic insufficiency, and should be evaluated by your doctor.)

What To Do

  1. Chew food watchfully. Carbohydrate digestion starts in the mouth. Any work your mouth and teeth don't do, your stomach will have to do later.
  2. You may need to change diet. Consult your doctor to help uncover food sensitivities and intolerances.
  3. Consult your primary care provider to rule out absorption disorders if you are also experiencing weight loss and diarrhea.

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