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Stomach fat burning exercises - facts and fiction

Updated on February 1, 2012

Setting things straight about stomach fat burning exercises

If you're as lucky as I am, you'll be able to switch on your television set tonight and be bombarded with commercials and infomercials promising to help you:

  • burn
  • shred
  • cut
  • destroy
  • eliminate
  • castrate (sorry, couldn't help adding one ridiculous superlative)

your unsightly stomach fat.

So just how many of these claims are fact and how many are fiction?

Understanding what fat is

Bodyfat tends to live just under the surface of your skin.

Smarty pants medicos often refer to it as subcutaneous fat, which basically means the same thing but gives them the opportunity to appear intelligent to you and I.

Bodyfat is basically stored energy that uour body has not needed to use yet.

Our bodies have not evolved enough to deal with our modern lifestyle and high calorie food.

They still think we're cavemen and big meals should be stored as bodyfat, in readiness for the times ahead when we probably won't have enough food to survive on.

Your body is constantly burning energy (calories are a measure of energy). even when you sleep!

The more strenuous your daily activity, the more calories you burn.

If the calories you eat is less than the calories you burn, there is a high probability of subcutaneous bodyfat accumulation (do I seem intelligent yet?).

So why the stomach fat, Doc?

Our bodies tend to store fat in certain parts of the body and this will also vary depending on your gender.

If a very skinny man with low bodyfat were to commence a fat gaining fiesta, he would first see that the fat would cling to his stomach and hips.

If the scenario above was repeated with a female, the fat would make a beeline to her booty and thighs.

These areas of fat accumulation are a result of the male and female hormones. If you were to give a male the female hormone estrogen, you would see (among many changes) differences in where bodyfat accumulates.

Over time, bodyfat will accumulate over different parts of the body, but the stomach tends to be the first area for men to gain and lose fat (it is also a problem for many women).

Hence the stomach fat dilema.

What about exercises to burn my stomach fat?

Sadly, our bodies do not understand that we just want to burn fat from our stomach.

If you're able to reduce your calorie intake and increase your energy use through exercise to the wonderful point where you're burning off excess fat, you can't chose where you lose it from.

Whether you're walking, running, rowing or busting out 100 crunches of the Extreme Ab Pro 6000 (why do marketers use huge numbers to make their products sound impressive?), the fat will gradually reduce.

Unfortunately for many (including most men), the stomach fat is the last to go thanks to those pesky hormones.

Practical tips for losing stomach fat

So, if you're still with me and haven't left my page to buy the Ab Blaster Xtreme, here are some practical tips to hopefully lose stomach fat:

  • Reduce your intake of high sugar and high fat foods
  • Try to reduce your portion sizes
  • Commence an exercise plan, doing something each day
  • Monitor your progress through measurements
  • Make an attempt to advance your exercise plan each month

Yes, my tips are a little boring and I can't offer a magic pill or silver bullet, but eating healthy and doing some exercise is a sure-fire way to slowly get rid of stomach fat.

The joy of losing stomach fat!

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    • jf_2000 profile image

      jf_2000 6 years ago from Las Vegas

      Thanks. It's a great movie!

    • Etherealenigma profile image

      Sandra M. Urquhart 6 years ago from Florida

      LOL...that clip was great! I had forgotten how idiotic he acted! Btw...loved the hub!