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10 Ways to Prevent Hair Loss

Updated on September 23, 2017
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Dreaming for a full head of hair? Stop hair fall now.
Dreaming for a full head of hair? Stop hair fall now. | Source

Hair Loss

Hair loss if left untreated can cause both physical and emotional concerns both men and women. As a person grows old and when encountering certain phases and medical issues, he is also confronted with problems with hair such as hair fall, thinning, and worst, hair loss. A full head of hair is often associated with youth, health and vitality. Hence, everyone wants to maintain a thick and vibrant hair growth if possible. Here are simple hair loss solutions that anyone can practice to maintain a full head of hair.

Solutions to prevent hair loss

Here are some hair tips to resolve your thinning hair problems.

1. Do not comb your hair while it is wet.

Combing the hair while wet makes it prone to hair fall because at this stage, hair is much easier to pull off from its roots and more vulnerable to breakage. Instead of using a fine-toothed comb, try using your fingers to remove knots while blow drying.

If you cannot avoid it, a wide-toothed comb is your best bet to prevent hair from being pulled out.

2. Quit smoking to save your hair.

Ease up on smoking. Nicotine one of the components of cigarettes is the culprit to most hair thinning problems especially in the male population. Nicotine causes the blood vessels to contract and as a result, prevents oxygen and hair nutrients from reaching certain areas of the body, including the scalp.

In effect, the more you smoke, the greater the chances of suffering hair loss. It is not easy to give up smoking but think of what it will do to your appearance, and hair five or ten years from today.

3. Drink lots of water or pure coconut water.

Coconut water is good for hair growth owing to its healthy properties and mineral content. Make sure to get the pure natural coco water from the coconut itself without the added preservatives and sugar.

4. Stay away from harsh and strong shampoos.

Refrain from using very harsh and strong shampoos and conditioners. Milder versions are highly available in the market. The chemicals contained in these hair preparations can harsh for your scalp.

5. Massage the scalp regularly.

You may want to consider getting a salon treatment called a hair spa. It often comes with a great head massage. If you do not like salon treatments, massage can be done easily when you are under the shower during shampoo application. Do it thrice a week. You can even do it yourself while drying off your hair.

Massaging stimulates the hair glands embedded in the scalp. You may also use a natural oil such as coconut oil and even fresh coconut milk, warmed up slightly prior to application.

Do it by taking a small container of coconut oil or milk extract and placing that container in a bowl of warm water. This may leave off some coconut smell so it is best to apply it when you don't plan to go somewhere.

6. Refrain from wearing caps or hats

The use of tight caps can constrict air flow to your scalp. Notice that people who love wearing caps all the time often suffer hair loss and thinning hair.

7. For women, ease up on the ponytail.

Try not to style your hair with really tight ponytails. This pulls off hair unnecessarily from their roots causing hair to fall out without you noticing it.

8. Apply aloe vera extract to hair before taking a bath.

If you have aloe vera plants at home simply break off a branch or two and squeeze out the juice then apply directly to scalp while massaging. Wash off after a few minutes.

Aloe vera extract can also be brought in major department stores. You may get that as well.

9. Apply lemon juice extract for itchy scalp caused by dandruff.

Dandruff often always comes with hair loss. For hair fall caused by dandruff and itchy scalp, apply lemon juice extract and massaged directly to your scalp. Lemon juice is an effective natural remedy to relieve dandruff itch. Apply before taking a bath or wash off after 30 minutes.

10. Eat nutritious food and reduce intake of those with a lot of preservatives.

Load up on fruits and vegetables. Nothing beats taking care of your body from the inside instead of relying on what you can apply directly to your hair. A healthy body will show up on the outside with a healthier head of hair.

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