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Stop Smoking Side Effects

Updated on October 15, 2009

Although stop smoking is quite difficult and challenging, however it can be achieve by anybody that has goodwill and determination. But there are several stop smoking side effects that you should know and face if you just start to stop smoking. It can be a big challenge to you and any smoker out there. Don’t turn back after knowing it. Set your focus to stay away from nicotine and tobacco thus enjoys the healthier life. These side effects are normal because your body is in the process of changing its chemical response. Your body has been quite familiar with nicotine if you’re smoking for such a long time. So, it will cause distraction to your nerve system. The same thing is happen to drug users. That’s why cigarette is called as ‘small drug’. Look what happens to drug users if they can’t get their ‘things’ for certain period of time. Don’t afraid. The things that happen to them will not happen to you for 100% but yes for some of it.

Cigarette contains too many dangerous chemical materials which cause the damage in your nerve system, immune system, antibodies, organs and of course your brain too. This will not happen overnight. The more you take it, the more your body damage. It may trigger the cell of cancer if your immune system already damaged. You may think why there are people who smoke but still have good body while others already died at such young age. There are too many factors that need to be taken into consideration like already said above. Healthy foods are one factor too. The more healthy food you eat, the healthier you are and your body will be in good condition. But it doesn’t mean that you’re safe to smoke as long as you take healthy foods. The point here, stop smoking immediately and eat healthy foods to gain healthy body. Even though you’re eating top healthy foods and supplements everyday, but it doesn’t mean that you will get away from having serious health problem caused by smoking.

Here are several major side effects of stop smoking:

  • Drop of sugar level – The drop is so massive which lead to weak body. This withdrawal symptom is common thing that was reported by smokers that tried to stop smoking. Caused by this only, the several symptoms will show after that. You don’t need to be worry because all of these are normal. Maybe some of that are not but most of them are yes.
  • Dizziness – The drop in sugar level make your body loss energy, thus make your body week. Some of reports said that some smokers can’t do anything that involves too much energy such as exercising. At this period of time, the body try to find balance and your nerve system response try to change back to normal as non-smokers body.
  • Tired – This is caused by the drop of sugar level that lead to weak body. After several days, everything is going to be back to normal again.
  • Fever – Yes, this may happen. As your body and nerve system tries to find balance the right balance back, it cause some of chemical reaction produced by your brain that leads you have fever. Having a fever is one of the sign that your body has become the right balance and you will feel healthier after that fever recover. But, if you suspect that you have high fever, please go to the hospital immediately.
  • Headache – This is common and can be feeling after 2 or 3 days not smoking. Heavy smokers may feel it as fast as that day they try to stop smoking.
  • Depression and loneliness – Cigar has become one of the tools to release their stress. Thus, losing it in such a short time will make they feel of losing something. This can be overcome by doing something that can make your mind to forget it like reading and watching a television.

All of these stop smoking side effects may happen to you and some are not. But you need to be ready to face it. It’s challenging but the benefits that you will gain from stop smoking is unquestionable especially in the long term.

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    • profile image

      Abrar 5 years ago

      Its my 3rd week since I stopped killing myself(smoking) and now I feel cold though its summer ,feel lonely, nightmares and the high fever ,but I am confident I will pass through this stage too. Thanks your article was helpful.

    • profile image

      Quack 7 years ago

      I stopped smoking 7 and a half months ago and recently developed pneumonia and am having severe back and chest pains. A doctor in the emergency room stated that this may be caused from some side affect of stopping smoking.I've also had the bad crazy dreams and depression, but I am glad that I quit after 30 years and hopefully my body will soon repair itself.

    • profile image

      Yvonne 7 years ago

      I have recently quit smoking. Its been 13 days and I feel terrible. My chest hurts and I have a constant headache. I have been having vivid dreams & a fever. This week, the last 5 days has been the worst. I see everyone says side effects can last up to months. Is there a natural "remedy" I can use as a general physical booster to get me through the days?

    • profile image

      Naizatul Akmal Karizaman 7 years ago


      thank u for the useful articles. My husband has tried to quit smoking few days back and he is now having a high fever and some of the other symptoms. At first, I thought that it was maybe due to some other things. However, once i read this, i felt so much better.

    • 2glasses profile image

      2glasses 8 years ago

      If you have been smoking for a long time before, then your body need times to cope with 'the new environment' which is no input of those chemical materials in cigarette. however, there is no exact time frame for all of these effects will last long.

      since you said that you feel cold, i assume that you had smoke for very long time before. actually, it was a good sign that your body (especially your nerve system - brain) is trying to return back to the normality of normal human body.

      it is normal for ex-smokers to have fever in the first week of stop smoking.

      for the nightmares, it is rare. but, it may happen due to effects of no nicotine after you stop smoking.

      after all, it backs to nerve system. and it is a good sign. you will be good after a month and you will feel healthier than before.


    • profile image

      garry 8 years ago

      all of these are happening to me also i get nightmares and feel cold

      how long will the effects last ??