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Stop Smoking. You're Beautiful.

Updated on November 17, 2014

This indeed is not a "how to" article nor an exposure on the truth of how to overcome a smoker's habit. Though I would love more than anything to announce some kind of exit strategy, it's clear to say once one partakes in smoking tobacco and appreciates what it has to offer, one can't eaisly exit the vicious cycle.

Cigarettes, menthol or not, are like bank loans. Bank loans, whether big or small, are like nightmares, yet we still partake in taking out loans. It's because like a bank loan, cigarettes get you through a moment of stress, sadness, temptation, and even boredom just like money can, and it isn't until we have to pay back the bank, that we then realize what we ultimately gave away.

To take a loan out, don't you usually have to always pay back interest?

And to smoke a cigarette, doesn't it usually end up coming back to bite you in the ass later?

So why don't we stop?

Reasoning being that we as smokers always think about what we already know. For example, I always used to say to myself "Kayla, smoking is bad for your health, stop smoking." Why would I have ever thought that would get me to stop? I knew since before I started smoking that it was bad for my health, I knew it going into it it surely wasn't about to be what pushed me out of it. Or how about when I used to tell myself it smells bad, once again I knew it did when I chose to light my first cigarette up that's not going to jeopardize my thinking now.

If we, as smokers, chose to think more openly about cigarettes I'm sure most would eventually stop.

As a recent quitter, here are some ideas that push me away from smoking and I hope they work for you. And though I know many after reading this will still smoke, I at least hope this is food for thought.

1. Imagine the Riches.

Now everyone complains about how expensive cigarettes actually are, I think even non smokers feel some what sympathetic to those who do blow their hard working money towards tobacco companies. I never thought of cigarettes being expensive until I started to save money and noticed how much I actually put towards them. Every two weeks, I alone would spend somewhere between $70-$100 just to burn paper and inhale it into my body. So what initially helped me stop smoking was realizing how much money i'd have if I wasn't going out and blowing it on cigarettes.

2. Run, Smoker, Run!

Go to the gym and run. When you're finished after ten minutes and can't go any longer that's when you should try and tell yourself you're supposed to not be able to breath, that it's normal. Listening to yourself tell yourself that lie will burn harder then your lungs will at the moment and the knowledge of knowing that smoking in fluctuates your survival mechanism that much it'll hit you how unhealthy it really is.

3. You're Beautiful.

Wrinkles, acne, yellow teeth, exc. are all to be expected from smoking. These punctures in your features will have you aging faster than the speed of light and will eventually cease you to unfullfilment when looking into the mirror. Smoking everyday literally makes you lose yourself to others and at the end it's not the cigarettes to blame it's the smoker.

4. Love yourself.

Save money, respect your health, and take care of your appearance and you will learn to love yourself more than you've ever imagined. Or you can continuously keep smoking while praying that you'll eventually love yourself enough to complete all three objectives.

Don't fight against yourself.
Don't fight against yourself.


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