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5 Tips That Will Help You Stop Sweating

Updated on March 20, 2011

How To Stop Sweating

Many people worry about sweating when they go out in public. They become scared of shaking hands with people worrying that they will notice their damp hands or stand to close to people which then will notice their sweat odor. The reason people sweat is the bodys means to regulate its temperature. So when you workout, the sweating comes from the body trying to cool down all the warmth that is generated.

Tip 1 - Deoderant or Antiperspirants?

Many people uses either a deoderant or an antiperspirant, but which of them works best for those who wants to stop sweating? First one has to know the difference between the two. Antiperspirants are fragrance based and make you smell good while it also contains chemicals which blocks the pores. This makes it impossible for the pores to release perspiration. Deodorant on the other hand stops the odor by using antiseptic agents. These cover up the odor and removes the smell of the sweat. Many people have voiced their concern regarding the antiperspirant and claiming that it can lead to breast cancer. Therefore, deodorants should be used over antiperspirants.

Tip 2 – Avoid Smoking And Caffeine

When you smoke, you boost your methabolism and that in turn makes your body temperature rise, which makes you sweat. So now you guys that smoke out there got yet another reason to quit  This is also a side effect of drinking coffee. Coffee trigger our adrenaline and that is what makes our body more alert. This makes us more nervous and our body reacts by start sweating.

Tip 3 – Drink Lots Of Water

Drinking lots of water actually helps stop sweating on the contrary as to popular belief. If you keep enough water in your body, it will help it maintain its normal temperature and the sweating will cease if it has enough of it.

Tip 4 – Shower And Bathe Regularly

This is mostly a tip for people that sweat a LOT, but can be a general guideline for every person, even those that don't have a problem with sweating. Taking a shower will reduce the effects of sweating. Also be sure that it's a cold shower, or at least end the shower with cold water. If you end it with a hot shower, you will notice that already when you are drying yourself, you are sweating again, which works against your problem with trying to stop sweating.

Tip 5 – Aluminium Chloride And Botox To Stop Sweating

Before you go out and try this, you should consult a doctor first. Aluminium chloride is a product that can come as liquid or cream and can be put on problem spots where you sweat a lot. This can stop normal or slightly excessive sweating, but when it comes to extreme sweating one should consider injecting botox in the problem area. This requires surgery and should be considered a last resort option.


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      Micah 3 years ago


      Maybe English is not their native language, and that is the cause for their grammatical mistakes. Regardless, 'retard' is a highly derogative word and his comment is on the topic of sweating, therefore making it appropriate for the comments section. What is pointless is your need to mock them. They are not the ones that should feel bad about their comment.

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      You're a retard 4 years ago

      ^Person above, that has to be the more pointless and poorly constructed comment I've ever seen on the internet. Your comment is bad and you should feel bad.

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      dominique 5 years ago

      Well my brother cant sweting idk y he swets more than other people