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Stop Sweating Armpits - Why do you sweat and remain sweaty even when you wear deodorant ?

Updated on October 10, 2010

In order to stop excessive sweating from your armpits, we need to look at the three possible solutions to your problem.

We also need to consider the facts in order to try and stop the sweating of the armpits. The facts are that the average persons' body contains around 4 million sweat glands. Consider that every hair grows out of a sweat gland and you will see why. The next fact is that the average person has the ability to produce around 12 liters of sweating in a 24 hour period and this can be some serious sweating to try and stop. The other important fact is that we need to sweat at least a little and the average person at rest in a cool environment loses at least a half liter of sweat in a day.

So even though you wear deodorant, the body is programmed to lose a certain amount of sweat.

 The real question is how do you stop sweating armpits and slow down the process or stop the sweating process entirely. This brings us back to the three possible solutions which are, corrective surgery, medication or clinical anti-perspirant

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stop sweating armpits now

Stop Sweating Armpits Solution 1 : Hyperhydrosis surgery



The name given to general excessive sweating is called Hyperhydrosis and occurs is in roughly 1 % of the entire population which is quite a vast amount of people if you ask me. So the surgical option entails basically creating plugs for the sweat glands on a microscopic scale by means of botox injections to the area between the skin layers. This decreases the size of the area allowing sweat to leave the body. A couple of visits at around $ 750 to $ 1000 is what you can expect to pay.


Stop Sweating Armpits Solution 2 : The Medication option

The sweat glands rely on the body chemical byproduct acetylcholine to produce sweat. The oral medication process used, targets the production of acetylcholine and limits it in order to reduce or stop the sweat produced in the armpits. The use of these medications should be prescribed due to the possibility of allergic reactions and side effects. The drugs are called anti- cholinergic medications.

Stop Sweating Armpits Solution 3 : Clinical Anti- Perspirant



Now you may say “ But I’ve tried Anti – Perspirant “. The difference in a store bought anti perspirant and the clinical version is a very important ingredient called aluminum chloride. Aluminum Chloride is the active ingredient which plugs the sweat glands to limit excessive sweating from the armpits and is also available in a gel form. Sometime an anti-perspirant with aluminum chloride is enough to stop sweating armpits.

These are our recommended clinical anti-perspirants that can be ordered here online and delivered now to your door


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