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How to Know More About Ourselves Without Analyzing

Updated on October 16, 2017
ValKaras profile image

Val is a life-long practically oriented student of effective emotional and attitudinal responses to the many challenges of life.

We Can't Squeeze the Human Complexity into Some Theories
We Can't Squeeze the Human Complexity into Some Theories

Flaws of Interpreting Ourselves

Let me put it this way: analyzing yourself is like taking your television apart to find out why the program is so annoying. This introspective self-evaluation can only detect some fragments of your intimate life, which may, or may not be relevant at all. Those loudest details seemingly prevailing may not be nearly as pivotal in your emotional dynamics as some of the others that you may be completely oblivious about.

You can't "explain" your emotions in terms of some "system" that you read about, which would only end up as a grotesque approximation of you as a whole personality. Similarly, your actions can't give you any reliable clue about who you are, except possibly mislead you into just a further fragmentation.

Of course, I am not trying to mystify your identity here, and those familiar words that are usually descriptive of you will always serve you for distinguishing you from them. However, we are talking about an in-depth understanding of yourself, where those words are mostly useless or misleading.

The "Left Brain" Is Keeping Our Intimate Truth in the Dungeons of Some Wild Speculations
The "Left Brain" Is Keeping Our Intimate Truth in the Dungeons of Some Wild Speculations

"Right Brain" Taking a Back Seat

The truth of the matter is that your psycho-physical nature is way too complex in its dynamics as to be squeezed into some models of verbalization. You are much, much more than any book can explain.

The moment you turn your attention inwards with an intention to "make some sense" of it, your left, analytical brain hemisphere gets activated, leaving the right, intuitive hemisphere back in a more passive mode.

So you start being "knowledgeable" about those details of you that seem to be sticking out as an illusion of your self-portrait resembling one of those abstract Picasso's paintings. You see, the right hemisphere of your brain is not dealing with words, and even though it's in a constant connection with your "left brain" via an intricate bunch of nerve fibers between them, it contains that unrefined truth about your intimate life - the one that gets altered and reduced by the left, analytical hemisphere.

Mindfulness Is a Non-Judgmental Observing of the Flow of Experiencing---Like Observing a River
Mindfulness Is a Non-Judgmental Observing of the Flow of Experiencing---Like Observing a River

Mindfulness Meditation or Releasing Technique

Let me give you a quick example about the role of the right hemisphere in matters which belong to the emotional part of our nature. An artist-painter's inspiration is totally guided by his right hemisphere, with just an "assistance" from the left one in terms of organizing his artwork.

However, his inspiration would be completely gone if he was mainly concentrated on that planning, like what color tone to give to it, what to use as a focal point, how to accentuate the light contrasts, how to organize the depth making it look 3-dimensional...etc.

For another, somewhat comical example, using the left brain where it's not appropriate would be in having sex by reading instructions from a book on sexology. Anything having to do with emotions is the domain of the right, intuitive brain.

So, in order to know yourself (better), you need to cultivate your intuition. Usually, the so called "mindfulness" form of meditation would give you the best insights. It means a non-judgmental observing of all patterns of experiencing welling up from subconscious. But you can also do it with "releasing" technique which is a sort of "mindfulness without a trance", which can be done during your normal daily activities.

It's simple - all you do is focus on that "felt sense" of your experiencing without putting a label on it, without analyzing its source or cause, just letting it be there until it goes of its own, replaced by something else. If it starts feeling "silly" and strange", then just focus on the felt sense of that "silly and strange", allowing the flow of experiencing to go uninterrupted by an urge to analyze.

Living a Free Flow of Experiencing

The key words in releasing technique are "allowing the flow of free experiencing" - however, not necessarily acting all of it out. Releasing does not mean a free and impulsive behavior which is a privilege of infants and toddlers.

As you are doing it, those deepest parts of you-being-you get encouraged to emerge to the surface to be experienced there consciously after taking a back seat in favor of your social self-image. That material may come up in a disorderly fashion at first, but don't resist it, allow it to be.

A little word of caution. If you are presently seeing a therapist, or you think you should, because of a depression or anxiety, take it slowly with this method, otherwise it may "open the valve" a little too much, resulting with a feeling of an overwhelm.

Even if it comes to that, try to remember: it's not your emotions that are hurting, but your resistance to them. Just breathe deeply, slowly, and abdominally - letting your stomach rise and fall instead of your chest, and that will clear your head from those emotional upheavals, if any.

Bypass Your Ego's Limiting Life-Script

Our vulnerable ego has its defensive mechanisms protecting it from anything in the subconscious which is not compatible with its "life-script". That best in your potential is bound to be sabotaged and its expression thwarted. So know whom you'll have to face in your quest for liberation and self-knowing.

You free intuition will serve you some incredibly revealing non-verbal clues about your true nature. An indication of these moments of truth will be manifested at times when you catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror or in a shop window and it almost startles you - that the image you see is "supposed to be you".

Just for that brief moment, the depth of your experiencing yourself won't match with that image which was always experienced by your ego criteria.

In a Company of Strangers

Your new insight into an alternate, truer-you will inevitably extend towards all people of your life, as you will start realizing how little you actually know about them. For one thing, just like you used to do, they are mostly expressing their social image, not being in touch with their true self.

And then, that very image is guiding them to reveal to you only a selective, partial segments of themselves - which is a sort of "normal", since no one is really "an open book" to the others. Well, it goes without saying, knowing ourselves simply has to make overall changes in our perception of our reality.

Thus, from a sum total of what anyone in your life has told you about themselves, much of it might be an unintentional lie. Now add to it your own left-brain analyzing, and you have made pretty much a stranger of that person.

All until your intuition start picking up some "vibes" which will amaze you with the fact how much our analytic brains can fool us about ourselves and others.

Limitations of Left Brain

Have you ever asked yourself why the success rate of mental health providers is so low? And why all those motivational seminars, CD's, and books are not showing more positive results? You see, as long as folks are not willing to bypass their analytical minds to get in touch with their intimate truth, they are bound to get some mediocre, if any results.

I am aware how much I may be going against the grain of the mainstream theorizing, but I am intuitively pushed into belief that our mind-body has problem translating words into language which it can only understand, the one of metaphors, images, shapes, and colors, which are the main features in the domain of our right brain hemisphere.

While I was reading some of those sterile, lifeless psychology books, I couldn't help but getting an impression of "distances being measured by scales".

Giving Intuition a Chance

Once that you have become proficient at releasing technique, it will become your new way of being, not merely a "practice". From that point on your life becomes effortless, because all effort was caused by resistance to the free flow. When we "don't feel like doing it" and we do it - that's "effort".

So effort disappears the moment when we don't discriminate between what we "feel like" or we don't, being in a non-judgmental mode of processing our reality. Of course, we will still know "good" from "bad", but we won't be attaching to it an emotional charge like we used to. It will all be "just life" with its different facets and patterns of experiencing, all a kind of welcome.

So, why don't we give a better chance to our intuition to guide us and make smoother our going, while also enormously enriching our insight into who we really are when we stop running away from ourselves.


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    • Au fait profile image

      C E Clark 21 months ago from North Texas

      Though I majored in PSYC, I have never had the desire or need to analyze myself. I understand some profs make that an assignment. Glad I wasn't in one of those classes.

      Have always known who I am and never had to wander around trying out drugs or alcohol or sex with everyone I saw in order to figure out who I am. That just seems like an excuse for doing things that aren't really good for you, and maybe ending up changing yourself into somebody you can't respect.

      Have never understood the 'Generation Gap' that was so popular when I was growing up, and "Dont' trust anyone over 30," and other things that made no sense to me. Always understood my parents and why they made decisions that they did.

      I think sometimes people make things more complicated than they need to be -- including themselves. :)

    • ValKaras profile image

      Vladimir Karas 2 years ago from Canada

      Paula. .It doesn't take a superior power of observing to recognize an advanced human being in you, which is reflecting on your glowing and all-telling smile. If you think that I am prone to showering you with compliments, then you must also be psychic, because that's exactly my intention, since you deserve every word of it. However, let me give it to you in installments, as too much of anything at one time is not good.

      I am simply thrilled that a fine lady like you is experiencing my views as an inspiration. My old age doesn't prevent me from being a man, so let me say that I would be equally flattered if you were half as pretty as you are. Ooops! I mentioned "installments" up there, but what a heck!

      It's great, Paula, what you are saying about you never having had a need to analyze yourself. Have you noticed how people have this peculiar habit of digging into their past, and taking their phantoms for a walk where ever they go? It's like they can't shake off something from their past which seems to define them in their present. Always willing to mention this or that traumatic experience, as if wanting to present themselves as "experienced veterans from the battlefield of life".

      Folks can't just be and flow, guided by an intuitive wisdom; instead, they seem to be always spying on themselves, concerned how others see them, and worried to lose their love if they make one wrong move.

      Well, let's stop feeling sorry for them, we've got a world to take over, right? And when we do, let's be fair how we divide it between us. I promise not to be greedy. Actually, you can have everything except Hawaii. Deal? - Be well, Paula.

    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 2 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Val.....Your fascinating hub has guided me to realize that I do not (and probably never have) even attempted to analyze myself, actions, thoughts, motives, etc. Hmmmm what does it say about me that I've never felt the need to dig deeply into who & what I am and why.??

      IMHO, I believe that I know myself extremely well.....completely. I can easily and effortlessly understand what I would say or do in a particular situation, without question or hesitation. Is this within the realm of your hub or am I way off base?

      I've been keenly aware since a very young age that my "intuition" is off the charts, (for lack of a better description). Not only is it my awareness, but throughout my life I have shocked a number of people close to me with my accurateness of a person or an event.

      No, I'm not referring to the psychic world. I do not get "messages" nor would I even step into that arena. It is all within me, my feelings, vibrations, combined with a knack of reading faces and body language.

      Well, I've said enough. I do love your writing. Intend to delve into more of your work. You MAKE SENSE to me and as a realist, I need to know more. Peace, Paula

    • ValKaras profile image

      Vladimir Karas 2 years ago from Canada

      When you analyze, and you happen to agree, then you merely experienced an intellectual treat. You may say to yourself "That's good", and go on with your mental routine. When you intuit something, it resonates deeply with your nature, stays with you, empowers a part of you, without your being able to exactly put a finger on it. It's like mentally ingesting a tiny vitamin that makes you feel a little different than you were a moment ago, but you don't know why, and you don't care why. If we talked chemistry, then intuited good material would be like a catalyst turning us into our better isotope. It's an inner dance of our soul with its shadow - something that you can't touch, but it's there and it resembles you. I hope this answers your question. Be well, Allen.

    • Aliswell profile image

      Aliswell 2 years ago from Iowa

      Wow, Another One hits my inner logic of logicalness!! But, the question is...because this makes sense to me, have I over analyzed the message or have I "Allowed" myself to simply intuit it??

      I shall continue to read your Hubs and absorb!