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Stop blood in cuts or wounds instantly

Updated on June 14, 2012


Heal Cuts Instantly with hand

Have you heard about the healing hands of people who claim they are been bless by the holy spirit or something immortal and that they can heal with their hands? how does it sound? like mysterious and out of the ordinary? the question is, do you believe?

Heal Cuts Instantly with hand is I think not so mysterious once you understand the paranormal behind this. Well, i was taught by a friend about this and really try it to one of my kids and it does... i thought there is some mysterious about the process so i decided to research about the paranormal, or about pranic healing and my questioning mind about the authenticity of the claim was answered. Call it paranormal, or whatsoever, one thing is for sure, every livingthings carries a subtle energy in their existence and we are one of earth creature that can call this hidden energy to work for us!

okay, I sound preaching right now, so to make my story short and to give you an actual experience for yourself and prove the power of energy within you, lets put it into practice (of course, don't cut yourself just to try this).

If anyone in your house suffer an injury or a small cut and the blood should be stop at once. Do the following

1. press the center of your palm for a few second, then place your palm above the cut facing it at about 2 inches.

2. close your eyes and visualize a beam of energy light coming out from your palm and direct it to the wound. Visualize a healing light (green in particular) stopping the blood flow and starting to heal the wound and closing the cut.

3. do this for a few minutes, until you feel a tingling sensation coming out from your palm (this is something like a warm ether coming out from the center of your palm)

4. finish it with a visualization of a protective layer of light wrapping the wound

believe it or not, i have tried this many times, and like my friend who feel so amaze about the result... I to was also astonished every time. It works! TRY IT


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