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A Wellness Checkup Gone Wrong

Updated on July 11, 2015

Less crying, more loving ways for dealing with illness with my children

Facing the judgement of a new doctor...

The new doctor walked in and the first remark out of her mouth was, "How come his file is so empty?" I was taken back by this question. We were there having a routine annual check up and my son had woken up with a cough that morning. When she checked his temperature, she said he had a fever of 100.4. Other doctors from that same clinic had told me in the past that they did not consider anything under 101 to be a fever, so I was again caught by surprise. I tried to explain to her how I was treating my children's illnesses at home using alternative treatments that worked well for us. However, this did not seem to impress her, as she quickly went through the examine and then wrote out a prescription for Zithromax 200/5cc that he was to take a 3/4 tsp of the first day and then 1/2 tsp once a day for 4 days. I then asked her if it was possible for it to be a virus. To this she responded that it was possible and that there was no way to know so we were going to treat it as if it were a bacterial infection. To say the least, I did not feel comfortable with her decision and I told her that I would take the prescription, however I would not get it filled and use it until I first treated his condition with my own treatments. And to this she replied that she wanted me to bring him back in the following day for someone to listen to his lungs.

You can't change some people's opinions, even if you give them proof!

After she left, I was blessed to have the therapeutic grade essential oils I needed to apply to my son's feet and chest. I applied the the oil blend to the bottom of his feet, over his lung acupressure points and another Oil blend to his back and chest. I knew these were the recommended oils from researching what oils worked for pneumonia when a friend of mine was struggling with it, just about 2 days before. So then I waited about 10 minutes and went to find the doctor again, and asked her to recheck his lungs, hoping she would trust that I would take care of him as he needed it and wouldn't have to bring him back the following day. I felt like I was under a microscope, even though I knew in my heart that I never ignore my children's needs.

When she checked him, she listened for several minutes, and with a smile and some unbelief, she said, I don't hear anything. Excited, I told her that I knew they would work. Not convinced that it would last, she said she wanted me to come back the following day anyway.

I was running low on one of my blends, so I used Eucalyptus Globulus and Peppermint Oils in it's place. I also started giving him an antihistamine by mouth to help with the mucus I heard when he breathed.

When I came back the following day, I was seen by the assisting nurse. His fever was 100.2 and his wheezing was completely gone, however there was a light crackle in his lower lung area. She said that she wanted me to come back on Monday and have him seen again.

By this time I was really upset and felt like they were targeting me. When I asked her about it she simply said that they often asked the mothers to bring back their children to check out their lungs if there was a problem. I decided to schedule the appointment with the doctor I most trusted and find out what the real problem was.

Here's the chart I used to locate the acupressure point on my son's body and treat it with the recommended oil.  I love this book by Dr. Mein, called Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils.
Here's the chart I used to locate the acupressure point on my son's body and treat it with the recommended oil. I love this book by Dr. Mein, called Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils.

Finally some real answers!

I love my regular doctor. I explained the situation I was struggling with and he was straight forward with me. He told me what red flags were raised by my empty chart and also explained why I needed to stop the antihistamine. My mother understanding is that with a cold you will want to dry up the snot, but with pneumonia you need to leave it alone because it has no where to exist in the lungs. There still was some lower crackles in my son's lungs, however the fever was completely gone. After my previous visit, I decided to address the acupressure point of the lungs for my son with the recommended oil blend found in Dr. Mein's book. I have found that when you address any illness in small children, that it is best to apply the treatment often, by applying the oil after every cough or sign of feeling uncomfortable as it helps to whip the problem quickly. After applying the oil to the point, I ended up buying a stethoscope so that I could listen to his lungs myself and note the progress.

It wasn't until the doctor explained about the antihistamine, that I was finally able to clear his lungs completely. I applied other oils as well and will be happy to share what else I did, should anyone be interested. His lungs cleared completely 2 days later and I took him back to the doctor to have it documented in his chart so that it showed my progress and success in treating his pneumonia without taking an antibiotic and having to deal with the difficult side effects. And if the condition had been viral, the antibiotic would not have been able to clear it up anyway! I felt strongly in my mother's heart that the oils could do the job regardless if it was bacterial or viral. And although this experience cost me $75 in co-pays, it was worth every cent! Along with clearing up the situation, I feel it brought my son and I closer together. I loved how the oils help me to connect with my children in such a nurturing way. It truly did relieve his suffering, and reduced his tears completely. After all, childhood only lasts but so long, but your love and the impression it makes will go on for generations.

What a reward to look forward to!


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    • ruoiled profile image

      Linda Cordero-Iglesia 2 years ago from On Etsy as Ruoiled, in Purdys, NY

      When babies are so young it is so hard to know what to do and if this was my baby I would try stopping dairy in my diet if I was nursing or put her on a non dairy based formula. My little guy, my 7th baby had wheezing as well as an extreme diaper rash that lasted 8 weeks until I finally looked up his blood type diet and only ate what they recommended. In 3 days he was a different baby. I even stopped using certain oils internally until he was a year old. Also energy massages where you focus on a certain energy point in her body and massage it while speaking positive thoughts that correlates with that specific point. You can find these charts in a book called Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essentials Oils by Dr. Carolyn L. Mein. Her website is If you need any additional help, pease feel free to contact me on my website at, I am always grateful to share with other mothers how to keep their children well.

    • profile image

      Mary 4 years ago

      However, in my previous post I did not mention that she does not have pneumonia & no fever. She is 1 month old & doctor prescribed a nebulizer treatment & azithromycin... But not sure to give it. I would like to use natural remedies. Any suggestions to get rid if crackles?

    • profile image

      Mary 4 years ago

      My daughter also has crackles but I want to know what I can do for it to go away. Can u please recommend something?