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Strange Movements During Meditation

Updated on August 21, 2014
What are movements during meditation?
What are movements during meditation?

Movements in Beginning Meditation

You've just starting meditating occasionally or regularly. You have even started to enjoy the practice and find that you feel calm afterwards. One day, however, you notice during meditation that you are moving. Maybe you are swaying back and forth, or shaking your head, or you feel like you are being pulled in one direction. Maybe this is happening to your whole body or even just a part of your body.

You're distracted from your meditation, wondering what is going on. Then you feel guilty for thinking. What is going on, you can't help but wonder.

Your body is releasing energy and the movement occurs when it reaches blocked energy in your body. The spontaneous movement is sometimes called kriyas.

Releasing Tension in Meditation

During meditation, your mind and your body relax. As you relax, your muscles may start to do little twitches and shifts as they let go. This may be the cause of some of your twitching, especially if your movements are small and localized.

As a result of releasing tension during meditation, you may find that you feel looser and more limber after sitting.

Undoing Energetic Blocks in Meditation

As you meditate, energy flows through your body. When the energy moving through your body encounters a place where you have stuck or blocked energy, it pulses to try to get around this energetic block. As a result, you feel movement in your body. The twisting that you feel represents the dissolving of energetic blocks within your body. You may find that you have a greater range of motion after sitting in meditation and undoing energetic blocks.

Spontaneous Kriyas During Meditation

Larger, whole-limb or whole-body movements are termed kriyas. Practitioners of kundalini yoga believe that kriyas represent the rising of kundalini energy within the body. More experienced meditators might find that they assume yoga poses or asanas during meditation. Read an account of spontaneous kriyas to see whether the description resonates with what is happening to you.

Here's another firsthand account of movement while meditating to get a different experience.

So if you find yourself moving while meditating, try not to worry about it. All of that worrying and thinking can undermine your meditation. Relax and try to unwind and let go of tension in your mind and in your body!


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