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Strategies For Weight Loss Success

Updated on March 19, 2010

About Myself

I was always fit my whole life until my first pregnancy. I so badly wanted to have a fit pregnancy, however I had quit smoking and had unbelievable cravings for bread and peanut better. Those two combined together allowed me to gain 100pds over my pregnancy. If I did not stay active who knows how much more I would of gained, that's a scary thought. Gaining that much weight was very up setting for me, but the good thing is that it sparked a passion for health and fitness. I have currently lost 60 pounds and have 40 more to lose. Over the past two years I have learned quite a bit about losing weight and have a passion for helping others achieve their weight loss goals. In this Hub I will share with you some strategies that have helped get me started on my journey and kept me motivated through the hard times.  So here they are. Enjoy!

Weight Loss Strategies

1. Find Your Why: I feel the most important tip I can give you is to think about your reason or reasons for losing weight. From my experience I have learned that if you do not have a why that will make you cry, it is hard to get through the tough times. I personally have many "why's". They all remind me to keep going. To not give up when the going get's tough. When you figure out your reason or reason's write them down and place them all over your house and even at your work or in your vehicle. That way you can be constantly reminded of why you are starting this new chapter in your life.

2. Set Goals: Goal setting is also very important. You should have a long term goal. That would be when you want to weight a certain weight. Be realistic though. A normal weight loss should be around 10 pounds or less a month. Think about how much you want to lose and then and add about how many months that will take you. Short term goals could be made daily, weekly or monthly. An example of daily could be that you are not going to eat three hours before bed time. A weekly goal could be to have exercised at the least three times that week. Monthly could be a weight loss target. Write down all your goals and place them were you can review frequently.

3. Choose a program: Research different programs that you may want to try. Find programs that you think will be fun, that give great results and also have some kind of support offered. To get the best results and overall better appearance you will want a program that offers exercise and a nutritional program. You must remember that this could be the next year of your life so you want to make sure that you will be able to follow it to the end. It is best to chose eating plans that offer a variety of foods and do not limit you to a couple of foods a day. What I mean is, please do not start a soup diet or drinking meal replacement drinks all day. You will get tired of them and give up. I have done both and got no where. For the past couple of years I did many different exercise programs. I did get a little bored after a while, so I just changed them every so many months. To get rid of the last 40 pounds I am currently doing P90X. P90X is 90 days of extreme physical fitness. My suggestions would be when it comes to choosing an exercise program is, make sure that it interest's you, it looks like fun, and it fit's into your daily schedule. It is always a good idea to show or tell your doctor about what you want to do, to make sure that it is a good choice for your body. The internet is a great place to research programs. Also you could talk to your friends and family and see what worked for them, if they have lost weight before.

4. Health Journal: Having a journal is great strategy to help you see what you eat daily and how you felt that day. Daily write down what you ate, how much you ate and what the emotion was. Only write down the emotion if you know that you over ate or ate junk food. If you find that you are eating junk or overeating you may be an emotional eater. I am an emotional eater and am currently getting help for that issue. Different emotions drive me to over eat or eat something that I know is not good for my body. If you find that you could be an emotional eater getting help for that will really increase your chances of really losing weight and keeping it off. Also have an exercise section and write down what you did that day. If you lifted weights, jot down how much weight you used and if you did some form of cardio, put down your time duration. It is really motivating to see how much you improve weekly.

5. Find Support: Let your friends and family know that you are going to make some lifestyle changes. Let them know what your reason's are and if they can be there to support you. It is always good to have someone available to tell you not to give into a craving that you may be having or even to get out an exercise when you don't feel like it. There are also many fitness forums online that can help you make "buddies" that are also losing weight. That has helped me quite a bit during the last two years.

6. Stay Positive: Keep a positive attitude during your weight loss journey. Be proud of yourself every time you make a good choice. Take one day at a time, one hour at a time or even on minute at a time. Don't give up if you binged one day or were lazy. Just start off fresh the next day and learn from what happened. You can do it! You will get there, just keep you head up and keep trying. When you get there you will have a new body, new health and feel a huge sense of accomplishment. Remember you are not perfect and you will fall down. Just get back up and that awesome day will come when you can look in the mirror and say "I DID IT!"


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