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Strategy to Deal with Difficult Situations

Updated on August 22, 2015

Human life and challenges

Human life is full of challenges. During the course of life we come across various problems and difficult situations. The difficult situations may be like death of a dear one, failure in business, loss of job, serious illness or other such events. Problems or difficulties in life are inevitable and part of everyone’s life. They are necessary in order to transform us into a better and stronger human being. We can not achieve success by taking easy paths and ignoring the difficult situations rather we can taste success by overcoming the challenges. We should try to find the positive aspect of every situation and never give up the situation. People who believe that they have the ability to tackle the difficulty will approach these situations calmly and in a positive manner (Snyder, Lopez). Every problem should be dealt in a positive way through perseverance, patience, concentration and confidence.

Problems in human life
Problems in human life

My Strategy to deal with such problems

I personally believe that problems are signals that some changes are required. Problems are not positive or negative, they are neutral events. It is up to us, how to perceive them. My process to deal with such situation involves controlling my emotions and grasping the situation and context. I try to find the positive aspect in the problem and listen to my inner guidance system by honoring my insight, intuition and experience. I find out as much information as I can whether that means talking to other people who have been through such situations or on the internet to find resources to help me to get through the situation. I find a peaceful outlet such as taking deep breaths, a long walk, listening to favorite music. I commit a description of the problem to writing and list down the possible solutions. Then I brainstorm the various options one by one and their consequences. I select a most suitable solution and jot down the step by step strategy that I want to follow. I wholeheartedly implement the solution that I select. The most important factor during dealing with such a situation is that one should not lose patience and not allow stress to overpower. One should try to relax and I have found that meditation is one of the most powerful techniques to achieve relaxation. It is not tied to any religious belief. It changes brain waves and alters the response to stress in the mind, emotions and body. Laughter is also a good internal medicine. It relieves the muscles and causes blood to flow to the heart and brain. By following above mentioned ways, one gets adapt to the situation well, feel charged and bounce back to the situation.

Positive approach
Positive approach

I have come across many difficult situations in my life and after overcoming them I have found that they do not look like difficulties rather they pave the path to success. There are loads of opportunities ahead of difficulties. This reminds me the words of Napoleon Hill that every adversity, every failure, every setback, every heartache and every problem carries with it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit. Therefore every negative experience there is the opportunity for growth, wisdom, improvement, change or awareness.


Secret of problem solving

Robert Harold Schuller reveals that even in most discouraging situations, one can maintain high level of achievement, satisfaction and happiness. The secret lies in a timeliness set of specific and practical problem-solving and goal-achieving strategy. He has shown how to build a positive self-image, no matter what the problem is, whether it is poor health, loneliness, unemployment, fear or anything else that blocks the success, one can turn one’s negative into positive. No matter how tough times get, one has the potential to achieve the best of life. Remaining true to one’s own self is the first step towards problem solving. One always need strong moral, philosophical and theoretical foundation for one’s every action. One does not just get the sweet out of life without the bitter.


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