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Strengthen Tooth Enamel Through Re-Mineralization

Updated on February 22, 2010

Enamel Re-Mineralization

Enamel Layer
Enamel Layer

Re-Mineralizing Enamel

In order to get the teeth enamel to re-mineralize there are lots of factors going on which makes the topic quite complex.

Dentists will tell you that enamel can't actually regrow. The enamel itself if dead, and is created by special cells when the tooth is formed. However, your enamel is like your nails. Although they are dead cells, external factors such as sunshine (Vitamin D) and diet can make your nails grow quicker and thicker.

Tooth enamel is composed of 96% mineral content and is the strongest substance in the human body. It's great for chewing and impact, but the high mineral content can be leeched out of the enamel through poor diet and acidic environments.  Once it is lost the enamel it does not re-grow.

Enamel can be strengthened by a process called remineralization - which is basically adding minerals to the enamel matrix through the saliva. Enamel is weakened by de-mineralization - which is the stripping of minerals from the enamel. Your enamel is in a state of constant flux between the two states of mineralization and de-mineralization.  When the acids begin to dissolve mineral more quickly than your saliva can replace it you get a cavity.

To avoid ever getting cavities you need to stop the process or at least slow down the de-mineralization process and increase the re-mineralization process.

It get tricky, because if you don't get both right, it's like filling up a leaky bucket. It just won't work.

What you need to do is avoid the foods and processes that de-mineralize the teeth, and increase the foods and processes that re-mineralize the teeth.

Anyone wishing to re-mineralize their teeth needs to ensure that their teeth are really clean and can remineralize.

Best to look for natural toothpastes without gylcerin, or use tooth soaps, or baking soda. You also need to encourage saliva production and keep the mouth moist - oil pulling is great at keeping the mouth clean and really working out the salivary glands.

Once you have the teeth clean and ready to re-mineralize from the saliva, you need to ensure you diet is rich in the minerals you need, and that no foods or acids are blocking the mineral absorption process.

Add foods that are high in Vitamin K2, Vitamin C and Vitamin D, to your diet. Make sure you have at least a little sea salt. Supplement with Krill or cod liver oil. Cereals and grains should be sprouted or soaked to avoid Phytic acid which blocks mineral absorption. Traditional stocks made the old fashioned way from fish and bone marrow are excellent.

Finally, make sure you remove all the soda's and processed foods from diet. Add as much raw foods as you can, and you will start to feel your teeth becoming less sensitive as you strengthen the enamel layer.

It's not the easiest process to understand or do, but once you get it right, you won't have a cavity again.


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    • profile image

      mark 4 years ago

      "Add foods that are high in Vitamin K2, Vitamin C and Vitamin D"

      Vit C is acidic, which contradicts the preceding statement. There are no foods 'high' in Vit D, indeed the human body has evolved to synthesis Vit D from sunlight in order to supplement it's scarcity in foodstuff.

    • profile image

      Arnoldo Guynes 4 years ago

      [quote]8192 characters left.[/quote]

      Thanks! Plenty of data!. You explained that adequately.

    • profile image

      chriozvsip 4 years ago

      Heya i am for the primary time here. I found this board and I to find It really useful & it helped me out much. I hope to offer one thing again and help others such as you aided me.

    • profile image

      Futamarka 4 years ago

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    • profile image

      emigommaliash 4 years ago

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    • profile image

      Old chompy 5 years ago

      Here's what I learned today:

      1. Calcium and phosphate are the ingredients of tooth enamel

      2. Flouride good for teeth, bad for body

      3. Enamel can regrow, albeit slowly, and not in the presence of a crappy diet

      4. Brush your goddamn teeth with calcium and phosphate powders, and avoid using abrasive substances

      5. Floss, drink plenty of water, and keep your mouth generally clean and moist

      6. Clean your mouth after you eat.

    • profile image

      nang 5 years ago

      how did u regrow your enamel???i wanna regrow my enamel too.i get sensitive teeth these days and i am losing the enamel

    • profile image

      enamel-regrower 5 years ago

      Fortunately, derrdian is wrong. Enamel can regrow as mine is re-growing. The answer is out there.

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      Brushing with baking soda is a terrible idea if you are dealing with enamel wear. The baking soda is abrasive; it scrapes more enamel away!

    • mike6181 profile image

      mike6181 7 years ago

      Thanks, comes in handy to know what's behind the mystery! ;-)

    • profile image

      Dan 7 years ago

      Very useful article, helped me very much. Thankyou.

    • profile image

      Cleopatra 7 years ago

      Thanks for this article it was very helpful = )