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Stress During Pregnancy Linked to Asthma and Allergies

Updated on July 27, 2009

One More Thing Daddy Has To Do

Harvard Medical School released a report Sunday, 05/19/08, of their findings linking asthma and allergies to infants of mothers who were stressed during pregnancy. It seems that this is the latest in a number of studies linking the health of a pregnant women to the health of their child. As a mom I started to wonder if the stress I felt during my pregnancies lead to the allergies in my children. However, I remembered that I have allergies and so does my husband, then my fears started to fade.

This is often the thought pattern of a mom when something may be wrong with our children. "Did I do something wrong? I could have eaten better. I wonder if this happen because I drank alot before I knew I was expecting." The list goes on and on, however we can't help our feelings and we should look to other factors besides ourselves that could have created problems. Yes, there are other factors besides ourselves and looking elsewhere can help ease the stress we are feeling about are part.

Stress related illness in children can be significantly reduced by the man in your life. He can help alleviate the stress you are feeling during and after pregnancy. I believe this is a man's role that has been assumed by the grandmother-to-be. Nothing takes the place of having your mother's support throughout this exciting time because they fully understand every part of the process but more importantly men have a physically positive affect on the expectant mothers body and therefore their well being. For example,eight touches a day from a woman's husband reduces the heart rate of a female as well as countless other benefits. (The link provided is just one study!)

The lower tones of the man's voice is not only sexy to women but I believe it to be soothing to the baby and the mom-to-be.  Our society (in which we women contribute to) tends to place a lot of blame on mothers without offering a lot of ways on how to aid them. Be the "good enough mother" we are told, after being berated about all the abnormalies our children have do to their time In Utero or our parenting skills. How about a little more promotion on the effects on children by a overloaded ladies who are told that they must be superwomen?

Programs that promote mommie groups and women with toddlers and infants help women have healthy, less stressful pregnancies. However there should be more education for future dads in this arena. No matter the economic status or number of children, dads should have groups that not only educate them on helping with baby duties and delivery but in areas that tend to be more taxing on the mother-child relationship.

We have come along way, however the family is under more pressure than ever. Still societal efforts are focused on studying the problems within families instead of giving equal study to healthy families to educate others on what works.

Men are a vital part of the conception, gestation and birth of a baby. Each process should actively engage them. When we take care to include dad in every aspect, we'll reap happy heathy children (and families too).

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