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Stress Management and Self-Care for Women

Updated on April 27, 2017

Are you stressed ?

How to know if you are suffering from stress and in need to get out of it ? Here are few symptoms that may lead to it :

  • You always feel sick

If you feel nauseous all the time then may be it’s time you take it seriously. Stress causes extra adrenaline to be released in the body which leads to imbalanced digestive system.

  • Lack of Energy / Lethargy

Lethargy or Tiredness is very common in people these days. It is mainly caused by psychological and social issues, including stress.

  • Insomnia

Worries can keep you awake all night. Issues, traumatic events or anxiety can lead to sleepless nights as your mind keep on thinking about it. This hyper arousal leads to insomnia and may result in depression.

  • Depression

The feeling of burned out or the feeling of being over whelmed, these all are because of depression. Well, long sleepless nights and being stressed all the time may sure lead you there. What were you thinking, eh ?

  • Chronic sicknesses

So, if you are not going to get rid of the constant stressful life situations, then get ready for the slow damages that it may cause to your body like Gastrointestinal problems, chest pain, headaches, frequent cold or infections, tense muscles.

  • Isolation

Do you feel annoyed most of the time by the people around you and want to have some privacy on your own, like running into your room and lie down on bed and do nothing. Hate to have long phone calls, really don’t know what to talk about ? You love isolation then. You need help.

Feeling of isolation, depression due to stress

How to Offload Stress ?

That’s a great question actually ! Once you start thinking this way, you are at a right path. Here are few points that may help in offloading stress :

  • Try to Relax.

You should try Yoga, it’s really a Stress-Buster. It will help you to deal with your fatigue as well and will you will lose weight for sure.

  • Talk to someone close to you.

Yes, one thing you need to do is get it out of your system. Talk to someone who understands you better . Get their suggestions and work out on your problems.

  • Workout

Exercise daily, even for a minute, that’s fine. Physical activity pumps up your endorphins and your mind feels good. You will feel energetic whole day and it will decrease the risk of illness and infections.

  • Start writing

This is my favorite part. If you like to be alone, then don’t just do nothing; instead do something better like start writing journals or even blogging. Many people don’t get free alone time for themselves, if you got it then utilize it in a way you should be proud of. This will help you distract your mind of stress and you will love yourself. Trust me !


  • Listen to music

Make a playlist of your favorite sound tracks and listen to it more often. Playing music has a positive effect on your brain and body. It reduces cortisol (stress hormone) and makes you relax.

  • Eat healthy

Over eating or eating bad may create some serious health issues, and being sick always lead to stress. Try to eat healthy; this will boost up your metabolism. Having right nutrients in your food will keep the hormones balanced in the body.

  • Be Happy

Ladies.. try to be happy all the time. Bring positive energy in you. Your close ones may feel the same about you. Make more friends and enjoy your life !

Last, but Not the Least...

If you follow these above points, you will know you have made a right decision; you will feel the stress leaving your body, your mind and your life ! As they say "What worries you, masters you".. So don't let it happen to you.

Stay Happy and Stress-Free !!


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    • profile image

      Ankita 7 months ago

      Reading this helped me reduce stress already

    • profile image

      Deepak Gyan Soni 7 months ago

      Great work...

      Keep it up... God bless you..