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Stress Mitigation

Updated on November 17, 2019
Davie Chen profile image

Davie is a passionate consumer of nonfiction literature and knowledge distributor for the purpose of enhancing people's lives.

How many of you have reminisced your adolescence years and all of a sudden, memories of freedom and liberty of monetary worries have captivated your entire soul? When we look back, the stressful torments back in the days feels so pedantic and puny.

Now, some might say “Hey, you don’t know me. I have gone through a lot and I don’t appreciate anyone to understate my dolorous past.” Yes, you’re right, I don’t know you and as a matter of fact, even a person who knows the most people in the world, doesn’t know so many people.

Our personal experience consists of numerous pieces of fragmented memories and even though the storage of our brains that has almost endless amount of capacity of all kinds of thoughts usually prioritize the unhappy memories on top. That’s why, we need to reorder our thoughts consciously in order to live a happy life.

I’m innately a supremely optimistic person but I still have my moments of feeling the world collapsing under my feet. It happens rarely but when it happens, it strikes like a shock wave.

Luckily I have discovered multiple ways to mollify such occurrences and I’d love to share some of them with you.

Be Well-Rested

I bet you have experienced a feeling consisted of contradictory emotions after a poorly rested night. I’m usually weary, toneless, passive and sluggish yet happy, blank, idle, trembled and excited. Many of my friends are usually exhausted and anxious at the beginning but the vortex of mixed feelings will rush in like a tsunami.

My sleep cycle is a bit weird nowadays in comparison to a generally adapted 7 to 10 hours of uninterruptible sleep. I sleep 2-3 hours after work and another 2-4 hours over night.

I wouldn’t say it’s healthy, but I have somehow managed to maintain my one-man-army lifestyle. As a recap, I work as a project coordinator in a tech firm, study in a university, do paperwork for my parents’ company, produce articles and maintain routines of building my personal brand on social media and reading 2 to 6 books a month. It’s not that insane because your threshold and tolerance get tougher every moment and with a proper planning, my schedule pretty much consists of happy rainbow colors.

Being well-rested provides mere pros and not a bit of cons. The feeling of waking up fresh without alarms vanquishes everything in the world. Okay, there’s one single negative side-effect – my skepticism and circumspection would be downgraded to a level of over-confidence.

In spite of that I used to sleep approximately 7 hours. And honestly, I can’t tell a lot of difference with my current sleep cycle. Nevertheless, I’m aiming at returning to the 7 to 9 hours solely for my internal organs’ sake and it’d be boring if they fail me first before I fail them.

Sustenance and Hydration

There are so many diet trends and it seems like the more the range has expanded the crazier the methods has become. Someone recommends to cease consuming anything after 6 p.m. Another cautions to cut carbohydrates and then comes the individuals who embrace fasting like a lottery price. Honestly, cutting lipid cells need no paranormal science, to whom who prefers to look better with and without clothes - either eat healthier or do a lot sports. A LOT OF SPORTS.

Nevertheless, keeping your stomach semi-full and being hydrated by H2O, your mental health and performance stays on a high level even without the amount of exercises a pro basketball player puts in.

Sustenance without a doubt is representing a huge role of us staying alive but water intake is way more vital than consuming nutritions. You have probably heard of a fact that a human can survive seven days without food but only two without water. Water is the main source of all life. Your cells cannot live without water and you can easily witness the symptoms in the front row if you are dehydrated.

As a matter of fact, do an experiment next time you’re waking up totally exhausted. Consume at least one glass of water and you’ll be amazed how much it refreshes your thoughts in half an hour. Since the first experiment of mine, I have traded morning coffee to a tall glass of water (...wait not that way).

Attaining and maintaining a well-rested and well-fed lifestyle clearly has its perks. Despite the fact that it sounds inherently simple and obvious, it doesn't occur in many cases. Take care of your quality dreams, food and water intake then the quality of the life of yours has insurmountable amount of changes that provide vital components for you to avail in life.

Thank you for reading my article, until next time!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Davie Chen


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