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Stress Reducing fun life lessons

Updated on April 22, 2012

The little things in life

So often we get caught up in the stress and movement of each day that we forget to notice the adventures we have everyday and the lessons they can teach us. Our thoughts are usually on the "what ifs" and our to do lists, leaving little room from the time we wake up to the time we go back to bed to appreciate or even notice life happening around us. For all the negitive we have no choice but to deal with there is a world of positive that we fail to notice. In the end though its the positive things we remember and the negative things that have a habit of slipping off into the darkness. You can choose to let the world get to you and be the decrepit old building worn down by time and effort of standing. Or you can laugh about falling down and having to lean on some pretty palm trees.

This blog is intended to remind those who forgot to smile. To teach those who don't know how, and hopefully bring a little positive energy back into the lives of anyone who happens to stumble upon it. I want the world to make more memories. With so much commotion, noise, and dead lines, its nice to get a chuckle once a day. Shoot! I'll settle for a sideways smerk or to help someone procrastinate on stress. Laughter is the best medicine and life is for the living.

All the better for introductions but now on to my true intentions...

For the sake of writers block heres a sweet story that happened sometime ago and for some reason came up in conversation today.

When your first stepping into your adult life and moving out its usually trial and error and a few roomates. My first such endeavor was much that way. Now that I'm a little older I can't for the life of me remember petty arguments but I do remember pizza sundays.

One such sunday it was my turn to get the pizza so being the nice girl I am I volunteered one of my roomates to go with me. Partially for the company but mostly because it was snowing and I didn't want to have to push my own car out of a snow bank should I happen to slip off the road. On our way to the food we got into a conversation about our relationships which then became the theme of the night and a very memorable lesson.

When we pulled up to the pizza shop an old couple was walking along the side walk. The old man had his walker and his wifes arm was tucked under his elbow. They kept a slow pace and the snow was falling slowly around them making for a very heart warming scene from the car.

"That is what I want someday" I told my roomate adding to the conversation we had just been having. No sooner had it come out of my mouth the wife slipped on a patch of ice and fell hard on her bottom. She instantly started laughing but we still scrambled to get out of the car to help when her husband looked over his shoulder started laughing. He picked up the pace (as much as you can with a walker) and yelled back "More pizza for me". That was the moment that I realized that yes, that was exactly what I wanted someday.


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