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Stress at It's Worst and Best

Updated on September 8, 2018

Stress or Stress

To me, stress is forces from pressures or challenges in life from situations that cause mental and physical changes. Stress is also a part of speaking to make a strong emphasis. I cannot stress this point enough. “I FEEL THE STRESS FROM WRITING THIS PAPER”. I think that stress affects everything that is living in the whole universe.

One example to support my opinion about stress as a part of speech is about five years ago I was driving on the freeway with my friend in my truck and it was running out of gas. So, I pulled off the freeway on the off ramp in an attempt to get to a gas station so I could buy some gas. I did not make it in time to the gas station and my truck ran out of gas on the off ramp. I got out of my truck to see if I had enough gas in my gas can in the back of my truck to get my truck started and to get me to the gas station so that I could buy more gas. After I got out of my truck, my friend got out of the truck too and was standing in the street. I saw cars exiting the freeway and driving toward my friend and I did not want her to get hit by a car, so I stressed to her by yelling “get out of the street and back in the truck!”.

Another example of how stress is a part of speech is when I saw my roommate mixing bleach and ammonia together to clean the floor in our room. I told him not to mix bleach and ammonia together because it is very dangerous combination of chemicals and can be hazardous to the health of the people in the room breathing in the fumes. When I told him do not mix ammonia and bleach I did not yell at him but I stressed the words do not mix ammonia and bleach by repeating it a few times. I repeated it very slowly so that he could understand what I was saying. After I told him that I showed him an article about the dangers of mixing ammonia and bleach together.

I do think that there is also stress that is a force from pressures or challenges in life from situations that cause mental and physical changes. An example of the stress that is in the world by situations is about three years ago when I was in San Jose, California walking down the street and a stranger told me to give him my backpack. I told him no then I turned around and the man cut me on my forehead with a knife. I felt all kinds of stress from being attacked when I did not do anything to deserve to be attacked by that man.

After the man cut me on my forehead I was immediately aware that I was in a bad situation. I had a gash on my head that was spilling out a lot of blood and I had to think fast and protect myself from any other possible wounds that this man could inflict upon me. I also had to get to the hospital to get stitches to stop the bleeding so that I can heal. This event was very mentally and physically stressful in that I was experiencing stress from the situation of dealing with protecting myself as well as getting to a hospital to get stitches on my flesh wound so that I would not bleed to death.

Another example of stress that I experienced before is taking a test in class. The reason that I experience stress before I take a test in class is because I am being mentally challenged in a way that will reveal if I am capable of moving on to the next phase in order to accomplish the goal of knowing the information that I am being tested on so that I can have the tools necessary for success in the future. The knowledge is one of the tools that are needed in order to be successful in accomplishing my goals.

Another example of this stress is when I need to be somewhere at a specific time and I am faced with obstacles that hinder me from being able to get to my destination on time. For instance, about a month ago I was on my way to church and I needed to be there at 10:30am in order to be on time. I left the place at which I was living at about 9:15am because it usually takes about 50 minutes to an hour to get to the church by bus from where I live. The reason that I experienced stress from a challenge is because when I got on the bus, the bus driver had to bypass its usual route and take a detour because there was a marathon happening on the street on which the bus usually drives. I had no idea beforehand that the bus was going to take a detour or that the detour was going to take me over two and a half miles away from the bus stop at which I needed to get off in order in be at the church on time.

By the time I got off the bus, I had about 15 minutes to get to the church in order not to be late. I was faced with a challenge to find another bus or walk and run. To me, this was a stressful situation.


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