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Stress management, the Yoga shanthi way

Updated on January 24, 2017
God particle proves the fact that man is not just the body!
God particle proves the fact that man is not just the body!


Life with its various endeavors results in stress irrespective of age and gender. Alternative medicine is here to stay. Economical, long lasting in fact life changing natural remedies offer you the all time solution to your body, mind, and the whole life! Do not take a part to isolate it with the rest. Every part is complete. So life as a whole is taken into account to over come stress and diseasSes. Yoga and Vedanta offers you the lasting solutions to you.

Feel the difference!

With the increasing comforts of modern man, there seems to be a corresponding increase in the Physical, mental, emotional stress levels as well ! They have an adverse effect on a layman or woman

Demands physical , mental, emotional are the causes. Its like stretching one's body more, no doubt it wears out after certain limits. Over burdened mind with plenty of thoughts mostly arising out of memories cause wavering of the mind. This results in stress. Emotions may be either constructive or destructive. Love, affection, care, helpfulness, thankfulness etc are constructive. Anger, jealousy excessive passion, arrogance, greed, hatred and fear each one of them are responsible for stress on various digrees.

What is the impact on the body?

Well; it affects the body from top to bottom says the research.

What is the impact on the mind?

It becomes psychological problem

How it affects the emotions?

Emotions become obsessions like phobias , obsessive compulsive disorders etc.,

What is the cumulative effect?

Well; there are reports of death due to excessive unbearable stress levels in various parts of the world . For example , death of pop king Michael Jackson!

Physical impact of stress

Adrenaline, testosterone and other hormones excrete excessively and cortisol, thyroxin are secreted by the glands. This is the immediate reaction of the body which depend upon various degrees of stress. Every organ and cell of the body come under the impact due to the damage to the adrenaline glands because of long-term stress. Healthy body, peaceful mind, and inhibitionless intellect. Unlike the medical science, yoga looks at the human being as a whole. When the body and mind are made to work together, that part which is not at ease starts to function well. Yet you did not do anything to that particular part. The byproduct is peace! Sanskrit word for peace is shanthi.

Is there a way, where you can tackle stressful mind through the mind?

Is there a way for you to tackle the body diseases through the body?

Many people say supported by proof through research that diabetes, ashtma, and many other common diseases get cured by practicing yoga and meditation.This is absolutely the byproduct of yoga.

Find answeers within yourself.

Yoga shanthi available on site in Kerala and Tamilnadu, South India.

Join the free Yogabygoogle hangout on each wednesday and saturday 6am and 6pm IST.

This is an introduction to yogashanthi and is free to join.

Please logon to for more info


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