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Stretching Warmup Exercises for Dance, Gymnastics, Trampoline and Kids Fitness

Updated on July 10, 2012

5 Warmup Exercises for Strengthening and Conditioning

Warmup exercises before activities like gymnastics, trampoline, dance, tumbling, ballet, skating and other ritness activities and sports are necessary to precondition the body to the upcoming activity and also to cool down again afterwards. Stretching and warmup exercises can prevent injury and lead to a more satisfactory activity or workout.

One warmup exercise focusses on the shoulders. The shoulder warmup exercise involves placing the right arm across the chest and putting some resistance on it with the other arm for a comfortable stretch. Hold stretches for about 30 seconds when warming up and 1 min. if cooling down after the activity. The Fit For A Feast video in this hub shows how the stretch is done.

Exercise Stretching Stretches like Splits

Splits and Kids Fitness, Stretching
Splits and Kids Fitness, Stretching | Source

Hip and Front Leg Stretches

Stretching hips and the quads is very important prior to trampoline and other exercise.  Simple stretches can be done in stages.  Holding stretches for at least 30 seconds yields more benefits. Stretching for 5-10 seconds does little to actually stretch the muscle or warm muscles up for exercise.  Many people realize they need to warmup prior to exercise, but after the activity has ended, it is equally important to stretch again for a cool down routine.

Stretches and Warmup Exercises

Upper Body and Back Stretches

Back and Side Stretches

 Warming up back and side muscles is very important prior to rigorous physical activity. Simple exercises such as just putting your arms out to the side and twisting left to right can adequately prepare the back and side muscles for the upcoming activity.  The routing can be done for about a minute when warming up and another minute when cooling down after the activity.  Alternatively, you can also swing the arms left and right as you attempt to touch your toes.  Each of these exercises stretches a different part of the back.

Unlike exercises for the back that alleviate back pain which are more stationary exercises that involve lying down flat and pulling knees toward the back or other floor exercise, these back and side stretches that prepare for physical activity also get the blood flowing at the same time.

Hip Hop Dance Lesson Workshop


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  • OakvilleBusiness profile image

    OakvilleBusiness 5 years ago from Oakville, Ontario

    Just added upper body and back exercises that are great for any level. Some can even be done at a desk! (but not recommended) Best to take 15-20 minutes daily to stretch - especially before dance or other physical activity.

  • OakvilleBusiness profile image

    OakvilleBusiness 5 years ago from Oakville, Ontario

    This is a warmup and some stretches. There are also plenty of dance lessons to choose from on their website. The dance performances are mixed in with the lessons, so if you are looking for lessons, look for videos with "lesson" or "tutorial" in the title.

  • profile image

    6 years ago

    great warmup plan