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Stroke of Tragedy

Updated on October 17, 2016

It was the sweet breeze of summer, a supposed promise of forever

She was as sweet as the summer was; she was a promise of something better

She was heaven’s gift, or at least, she was supposed to be

But somehow, life had a different plan on her and how she turns out

She grew and realized what life offers, she did not know she was up for disaster

That her life was nothing, but was set to ruin and be the worst of its kind

She met with family, she met with those whom she was supposed to trust

Those who were supposed to protect and guide her

It was supposed to be a home that gives her the identity she needs to survive life

Everything was perfect in her eyes, but innocence left her too early….

Shattered within, she did not know what happened

She chose to keep everything behind the deepest graves of her past

She was too young, she wanted to live her life; at least somewhat following a dream

Or at least pretending to have a dream; she tried to survive every twist of time

Then amidst all the turmoil, her heart survives and learns to love

She failed several times, but has found one that she thought would fill the void in her heart

Life has not been easy… but then she thankfully believe that she finally found the end of her miseries

That one person who she could trust, one that would fulfil her dream of having a better family

Then one night, at her most vulnerable point; a time of despair and weakness

She was motionless, she was in pain, she was tired and unable

He took his chance, he took it his way, he did not hesitate

He shattered her; and somehow, the past caught up with her that night,

All ready to ruin whatever wall she might have built in years to avoid its come back

She woke up from a nightmare; a thought that started playing in her head;

A scene that repeats itself, reminding her that she was nothing

The trust she placed on the people who she thought would protect her was all wasted

Everyone expects her to forgive; everyone expects her to forget

Needless to say, would she?

The memory that continues haunting her is used against her as if she’s a wasteful being

She begins to believe that she is indeed nothing but waste, nothing but nothing

She tries to survive more, but what for?

The only reason she gets up in the morning is because there are others

The few individuals who have not left her yet, because they have not yet realized her nothingness

She feels empty and devastated,

She feels marred and divided into pieces that are too small to put together

And while she fights for those whom she loves,

there are those who are never set to be tired

just to see her become helpless and powerless

What else has she got? What more reason has she in her place?

What more realization does she need to understand that she was set to embrace the stroke of tragedy

Where else shall she go from here when no one understands?

Or at least the one who should pay for it all walks on freely and untainted?

How would she survive the pressure?

… the turmoil all happening in her head when the one she trusted was the one

who has broken her defences

Where shall she turn to when her faith and her hope are being carelessly shattered

..and continuously beaten into pieces?

When she shows how weak she has become, she will be judged

….but then again, hasn’t she been judged all her life for becoming the victim?

So what is it still there to be fighting for? What is it still there to avoid

When the stroke of tragedy has already done its part in ruining her

and making her realize what her life really is for?


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