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Strongman Exercises to Build Super Strength

Updated on November 13, 2010

Bench presses, squats, lunges, shoulder presses, all these are great exercises for building strength. But to really bring some variety to your training sessions along with some incredible strength gains, consider including some strongman style exercises.

I am sure you have all seen strongman events to TV. Massive guys flipping tyres and lifting logs.

These exercises require the use of multiple muscle groups making them fantastic for building muscle and burning calories and fat. They require the use of the lower and upper body in tandem, something that cannot be said of exercises like the bench press or bicep curl.

They are also functional, meaning that they build real strength that simulates activities you need to carry out in the real world. They simulate lifting and carrying, pushing and dragging heavy things. Although there is nothing wrong with bicep curls or crunches, they are not functional.

Try to incorporate some of the exercises below in your workouts.

Farmers Walk

The Farmers Walk requires carrying a pair of heavy dumbbells over a set distance. This is awesome training for grip strength and fantastic on the core. To improve strength, increase the load and the distance that you walk.

Car Pushing/Pulling

This one maybe awkward to perform but is a great strength builder. As its name suggests, the idea is to push your car down the street. You could also buy a harness and pull it back.

Sled Dragging

A better alternative to car pushing and pulling is sled dragging. Buy or build a simple sled, tie a strong rope to the end, fill the sled with heavy items such as weight plates and then drag it a set distance.

You can also use a harness to pull it. I prefer to drag as it is major work for your back muscles and biceps.

Heavy Bag Tosses

Grab a heavy bag or similar punch bag and toss it in the air to then catch it again. As you toss it try spinning it a little.

If you don’t own a heavy bag you can buy weight bags for exercises like these. Or you could make your own. Fill a strong leather bag with sad and there you have it. Use different size bags for different size weights.

Rope Climbing

Tie a rope to a tree and climb it. Simple and effective. Similar in functionality to the sled dragging and fantastic for building strong back muscles, biceps and your core strength.

Tyre Flipping

Lay the tyre on the floor, squat down, get your hands under the tyre and then drive up through your legs, hips and chest to flip the tyre.

If you need a tyre, try going to the local tyre dealership and taking an old one of their hands.

A similar exercise performed in gyms is the hip swing.

Sledgehammer Swings

Grab a sledgehammer lift it above your head and drive it into the tyre. Another fantastic overall body workout.

I hope you find these exercise useful and try incorporating them into your existing workouts. The results are very impressive and it will spice up your old, boring routines.

Let me know how you get on.


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    • almurray profile image

      Alan Murray 7 years ago from Ipswich, United Kingdom

      ha ha I like it. Thanks happyexplorer.

    • happyexplorer profile image

      happyexplorer 7 years ago from Mostly USA, sometimes elsewhere

      Interesting! I'm pretty sure I'll never push a car, but I do something similar to the farmer's walk, carrying luggage instead of dumbbells. (-: