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Stryker Hip Recall Lawyers Fighting Entrenched Medical Manufacturers

Updated on January 12, 2013

What did they know and when did they know it?

Ms. Spooner, One of Many

The litigation question of the times is this understatement; 'what did they know and when did they know it?' In April of 2012 Stryker issued a Voluntary recall of their Rejuvinate and ABG II hip implant systems in Canada. Curiously, they waited three months to take the same action in the United States.

Does this mean that the company felt that their Canadian customers for some reason merited more concern and attention than their American counterparts?

Such questions are all but academic to Ms. Tracy Spooner of Arkansas. Who, with the aid of a Stryker Hip Recall Lawyer filed a November 2012 lawsuit against the Stryker Corporation for their failure to advise her of the health dangers that lead to the recall before her September 2012 operation to install the Rejuvinate implant an implant that was already under voluntary recall when her operation was being planned.

Not only that. Also in April of 2012, doctors were issued an 'Urgent Field Safety Notice' by the manufacturer. Ms. Spooner was subjected to great pain and suffering that could have and should have been averted by the above product recalls and notices.

Patient Care or Stryker Damage Control?

Stryker is advising their customers to call their third party 'Patient Care' number. The dedicated phone line for the Stryker Rejuvinate and ABG II recall claims is administered by Broadspire Services Incorporated. Avoid the so-called 'Stryker Patient Care line' 1-888-317-0200, at least until you have consulted with a Stryker Hip Recall Lawyer.

Those seeking to file any claims related to the Stryker Rejuvinate and ABG II hip implant systems recall should instead call a Stryker Hip Recall Lawyer. Let your Stryker Hip Recall Lawyer handle your claim. It is the best way to protect your rights and to ensure that you receive a fair settlement.

Broadsprire Services works for Stryker and as such, will seek every opportunity to limit the amount that you are awarded for any claim against them. Don't fall for it! Hire a Stryker Hip Recall Lawyer immediately to ensure that you don't inadvertently sign your legal rights away for due compensation.

Pain and Suffering

Well-meaning medical professionals have installed thousands of these toxic medical implants into patients supposedly undergoing routine operations. These unfortunate victims were rewarded for their trust in their doctors and in Stryker Corporation with:

  • hip dislocation
  • hip replacement failure
  • painful revision surgeries
  • metal ion poisoning
  • femur fracture
  • difficulty walking
  • fretting and corrosion
  • negative tissue reactions
  • pain and swelling
  • pseudo tumors

Obama's Fault

Stryker Corporation recently announced that they were eliminating hundreds of jobs due to the upcoming costs anticipated from ObamaCare's medical device tax. No mention was made how they also anticipated a nearly $400 million cost for fallout from their hip implant recall.

They can write it off with a fourth quarter charge of 35 cents per share. For those suffering from the catastrophic results of a Stryker Rejuvinate and ABG II hip implant system, turning the page won't be so easy.

Hold Stryker Accountable

Stryker Corporation should be held accountable for the great damage done to the interests of possibly thousands of patients who, hoping for a better quality of life, have instead been thrust into a cycle of painful medical treatments and daunting legal challenges.

Here is a company that is ostensibly involved in the noble pursuit of assisting the medical profession by manufacturing life enhancing devices. Instead Stryker has turned the lives of its customers upside down. The suffering caused by the failings of large corporations is well known.

If you or someone in your family have been victimized by the adverse effects of either the Rejuvinate or the ABG II hip implant system, don't go it alone!

The Stryker Hip Recall Lawyer

The damage done by these products that are being recalled has given rise to a whole new category of attorneys; the Stryker Hip Recall Lawyer. Don't try to reinvent the wheel by tackling this nightmare on your own.

Medical implant cases, like the field of medicine itself, are a complex of many different fields and disciplines. A Stryker Hip Recall Lawyer has already been investigating the conditions and issues surrounding these recalls. Team up with one to begin getting your life back on track.

Free Case Evaluation

Please take advantage of the free case evaluation offered by your local Stryker Hip Recall Lawyer.


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