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Stuck-in-a-rut Meets Motivation to Defeat Lazy

Updated on March 17, 2013
The passing sunshine on a winter day helps motivate us to smile.
The passing sunshine on a winter day helps motivate us to smile. | Source

Lazy can think up all kinds of excuses.

Stuck-in-a-rut and no boost to get you motivated can wreck havoc with your lifestyle. I know this way too well. I let my house get pretty dirty before I get in gear to do something about it. There are things I’d be more contented doing than cleaning house. There are times I’m tired or I hurt from other demands I have like working a full time job away from home. I’m getting older and I suffer from stiffness after standing or sitting too long of periods at a time. So it is very easy to tell myself it can wait until tomorrow way too often. Lazy can think up all kinds of excuses, but so can its cousin Stuck-in-a-rut.

Motivation is needed to get in gear.

Stuck-in-a-rut somehow sounds so much better than Lazy. The space between the two can be a very thin line. Motivation can make a world of difference. Find motivation by any source possible just to get you in gear once more. The last cleaning spree I did was motivated by an argument with my spouse. I won’t go into detail or state which of us was wrong, but whatever happened it got me mad enough to tare through this house like my pants were on fire. I needed the boost and he needed to give me space to get things done. Heaven forbid him to actually help any other way. I really only needed him to take a hike and he did. We both felt better afterwards and he came home to a cleaner house.

Stuck-in-a-rut interrupts our goals.

Stuck-in-a-rut often interrupts other things we want to focus on like our hobbies and career goals. This is especially true if your hobby or career goal involves writing. Over the years I have had many Stuck-in-the-rut moments when it came to practicing my lifelong ambition. I love to write. I have studied writing. I have wrote tons of stuff. Some got published on-line and some small stuff found its way to paper publications, but nothing worth hardly mentioning and royalties were nearly zero. Worth hardly mentioning or not I gave it my best foot forward. I got exposure. I got feedback. This is motivation to keep me writing. Poetry, articles and fan fiction stories pretty well cover my on-line contributions. I have started more than one novel and maybe one day soon I’ll be motivated to finish my best effort. Hopefully Stuck-in-a-rut will stay away long enough for me to do this special project.

Blue skies help motivate me.
Blue skies help motivate me. | Source

I solve one problem and gain another, motivation is needed.

Six months ago I quit smoking and yes I still am not smoking, but the write-don’t-eat routine which enabled me to take pounds off before is not working as well now. I put on twenty pounds this last six months. I’m Stuck-in-a-rut when it comes to exercise and diet. I know what I need to do to solve this problem, but the motivation is lacking. You see when I ditched the cigarettes I started snacking again and I know my choices could have made a difference if only I used my own advise. We should pay attention to our own instincts more often. Now, I am on a regiment to eat healthier and shed the weight back off. Winter months often help dig our ruts deeper, so I hope the promise of warmer weather will be enough to help motivate me to get up and go.

When dreams tell us we're Stuck-in-a-rut.

I had a weird dream last night. I had my pick-up truck stuck in a ditch. I woke up before breaking free and I instantly understood what this dream means to me. Stuck-in-a-rut! If I’m dreaming about it, it’s time to do something to get out of this rut. Motivation is the key. We have the power to talk ourselves into getting the motivation we need. At least, I think so.


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    • Diana Lee profile image

      Diana L Pierce 5 years ago from Potter County, Pa.

      Thank you, Vickiw. Some self motivation takes longer than others, but I keep telling myself if I want it bad enough I can do it. Winter does put dreary moments there to tease us for sure.

      Thank you, torrilynn. If I can motivate myself to do things like quit smoking I think anyone can. I appreciate the vote and the share.

    • torrilynn profile image

      torrilynn 5 years ago

      hi Diana,

      thanks for this article

      I've always been the procrastinator and was never motivated

      I do think that I should and can do something motivate myself

      instead of looking for others for motivation great tips

      Voted up and shared

    • profile image

      Vickiw 5 years ago

      I wish you good luck with your efforts to become unstuck again! Hope you will soon soar with the eagles, having overcome the lethargy. Want an excuse? Blame it on the short, dark days of winter. I always do!