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Sub Sports Sub Armour Dual Compression Tights Review. Can They Help Recovery?

Updated on September 17, 2013

Sub Sports Compression Tights and Compression Shorts

Sub Sports Compression Tights and Compression Shorts In White and Black
Sub Sports Compression Tights and Compression Shorts In White and Black | Source

Compression Clothing is becoming increasingly common for sports use

This article will review Sub Sports Dual Compression Tights which are currently available through Amazon

This review will assess their performance based on the key performance factors which are selling points for compression clothing and it's increasing popularity

  • Fashion and appearance
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Reduced muscle oscillation
  • Increased propriception
  • Increased Muscle Power Output
  • Thermoregulation
  • Value for money

My purchase of Sub Sports compression tights

Having booked a trekking holiday (despite not considering myself as a walker) I decided I would consider some compression tights as an option which might help my recovery after a hard day's walking.

As a very active person- my background is as a road cyclist and therefore an item of clothing that can assist in my recover post training will always be considered as a useful tool for my cycling performance.

Due to the thermoregulatory properties of compression tights I also saw them as a potential substitute for the long longs I often use while downhill skiing.

I toyed with the idea of spending a significant amount of money on a pair of Skins compression tights which retail for around £50-70 gbp ($80-100 usd) although I deemed this to be expensive and felt it would be worthwhile to trial a more economical option prior to using a high end product.

What do you currently think about Compression Clothing?

Do you believe compression wear could improve your performance and recovery?

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Fashion and appearance of the Sub Sports compression leggings under tights

These leggings are designed as an undergarment and I personally bought them flor that purpose. They feature contrast stiching down the legs and around the croych area and therefore I feel that these are not ideally styled to wear as outwear like some compression tights like those produced by Skins and 2XU.

Increased blood circulation from the Sub Sports Compression tights

I have mainly used these compression leggings after sporting activity. I find that they are most effective post exercise. I have alternated wearing the tights post workout and find I have a higher degree of muscle soreness when I haven't used my Sub Sports compression tights. You can feel the compression effect and therefore I believe this leads to increased blood circulation.

Despite having used the tights in the gym I haven't really found any performance benefits during exercise. Increased endurance capability of my muscles will have likely have been due to decreased muscle oscillation. Neither have I noticed any increases in peak power output.

Thermoregulatory effect of the Sub Sports compression tights

The Clima-tech fabric from which the leggings are produced is claimed to keep th athlete cool when it's hot and warm when it's not.

In use these compression tights are very good at wicking moisture away from the skin to keep the body cool. This makes them exceptionally good as a performance base layer. The fabric does not feel as cool to the touch as regular lycra and does indeed offer a degree of warmth in cooler conditions. I wouldn't consider using them on their own in temperatures below 10 degrees celsius. As a base layer the tights provide additional warmth underneath salopettes for skiing and winter pursuits underneath specific trousers.

Could Sub Sports Compression tights help you?

For the price of £19.99 I have found these compression tights to be great value for money. They feel a much more expensive product and I have recommended their use to other athletes I know and train amongst. I am not sold on their real time performance benefits from my personal experience however as a tool for recovery or as a thermoregulatory wicking base layer I cannot fault them.

I like the tights enough to be considering the purchase of one of the long sleeve compression tops for use over the winter as a base layer for cycling, walking and other outdoor pursuits.

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3.1 out of 5 stars from 20 ratings of Sub Sports Compression Wear

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