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Subjectness Technique & Quantum Manifesting

Updated on June 26, 2017
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Val is a life-long student of the psycho-philosophy of living, and a devoted practitioner of many techniques enhancing personal evolution.

In the Game of Life, Balls Don't Land at Random---We Have to Send Them Where We Want Them
In the Game of Life, Balls Don't Land at Random---We Have to Send Them Where We Want Them

Too High to the Stars

First of all, a little confession is in order: I am not a champ at any of those many self-improvement techniques that you may find in my articles. Let's compare it to Angelo Dundee, the trainer of that boxing legend Muhammad Ali; who taught his trainee every trick in the book, but couldn't replace him in the ring to face any of his opponents.

In the "ring of life" I won many and lost some---never came out with an impressive belt, and never got carried out on a stretcher either. Let's say I love the "sport of living right", and will forever keep practicing, learning, improving, and applying. And the reason I am not bragging with any of those victories doesn't mean there were none.

We could apply the above to my involvement with "Subjectness", my own little system of ideas, which, if mastered could result with something close to miraculous in the arena of life. As you are about to see, the extreme simplicity of Subjectness doesn't mean it's easy to follow, let alone to master; but even a modest application may bring some impressive results in life.

I have explained its definition in a couple of other articles, but will do it again, this time in its connection with what is popularly called the quantum manifesting. Again, it is not hard to intellectually grasp, but not so easy to get the "feel" of it---mainly because it is all about a pro-active model of mental functioning, while the greatest majority of us are in a re-active mode. So, let's first see why it is so.

Some Mental Exercises Are Simply Too Unnatural
Some Mental Exercises Are Simply Too Unnatural

Emotional Shadow-Boxing

Some time back, I tried to teach my wife one of the pranayamas, or breathing techniques named by someone "Brahman's Fear Killer". It loosens up the diaphragm while in the process massaging that complex network of nerves in solar plexus, sometimes called in the Far East "the second brain".

Long story short, she couldn't do it properly. Then I asked her to try a milder version of it---resembling a silent belly laughter, and she was not very good at that either. The reason for it was her pretty stiff diaphragm, which wouldn't allow something that was not "in her nature" to do.

Even though she is capable of laughing when something is funny, she can't reproduce the motions of laughter so easily. I can give you a perfect example for it. If you ever go emotional and find it hard to fully inhale, try to imitate your yawning, and you will be amazed how your diaphragm suddenly loosens up allowing that full inhalation.

You see, what I am saying? We need something that's familiar to our nervous system as "natural" for us---and it's natural to us to laugh when something is funny, meaning that we have to "re-act", we can't just "act it out". Or we think that we can't---natural or not.

The "feel of subjectness" is exactly like that. As we are using our will power for climbing up a steep, we recognize that gutsy sensation, that energy stemming outwards from our personal space and winning against that other feeling of "no, I can't". But we may have a lot of problem replaying that same sensation while sitting relaxed on a couch.

Well, let's give it a try, for all benefits that may follow. But, first, what, again is this "subjectness" that I am talking about?

Purring of Lion Can Be So Deceiving---Just Like Our Apparent Mousiness
Purring of Lion Can Be So Deceiving---Just Like Our Apparent Mousiness

Subjectness and Objectness

Every living being, from a single-cell amoeba to a whale---including us humans--- has this default pair of primordial sensations in their nature: one of a force stemming outwards of our personal space, and another one of a force invading our personal space. The first gives us a feeling of doers, or subjects---hence the word "subjectness", and with the other we feel like objects of some outside activity or condition---and I called that sensation "objectness".

Please note, the words are not "subjectiveness" and "objectiveness" and they have nothing to do with these two concepts.

We may talk about something like a ratio between these two sensations being different among living species---and among human individuals as well. When we talk about animal kingdom, a lion has more subjectness in his guts than a rabbit; and an ambitions achiever has more of it than a depressed and anxious person.

We, humans have that privilege, due to our gift of conscious intent, to change that ratio in ourselves. We don't have to stay a "mousy" person---in one extreme, and neither do we have to play "fearless lions" in these times when even a skinny teenager may pull a gun on us, and all that courage will not even be mentioned on our tombstone.

So, let's talk about that "reasonable" amount of subjectness that we might wish to develop in that solar plexus energy "chakra". For, a dominant subjectness can mean all the difference in our overall quality of emoting, health, even longevity---not to mention our possible ambition where we need that drive without taxing our nature by pushing ourselves too hard. Namely, the idea is in "being natural" in our pursuit, not killing ourselves trying.

The More We Like Misfortune, the More Fortune Likes Us
The More We Like Misfortune, the More Fortune Likes Us

Doing It to the World

I wish there was a magic instruction how to produce more subjectness---so you'll have to settle for something less than magic. After all, if it was so easy, everybody would overnight turn into an avatar or something.

No matter how we approach to it---it has to mean that we can't count on an outside stimulus, or a challenge, it has to be produced in our nervous system "out of thin air". Remember my wife's inability to produce laughing belly motions without something being funny first? Well, the way to exercise that feeling of willfulness we have to remember what it feels like, and then ask our guts to reproduce it.

It has to feel like "doing it to the world". As you walk, think in terms of your feet doing it to the floor. From moment to moment think of yourself as a doer. Then remember that you are also doing your emoting. They are not just "befalling" you, as they are the results of your choice of momentary thoughts. If you can choose your thoughts, and attitudes, and beliefs, you can choose your emotions.

And now comes the biggest trick---also the weirdest---of them all. Do some "liking". Like everything you feel. I'll tell you why. Like any lousy feeling that's welling up uninvited from your subconscious. Like the weather. Like something that you hated a moment ago.

You see, there is no way out of the grip of objectness---of feeling as an object of outside activities and conditions---as long as we keep hating things. As soon as we slip into that frame of mind, we have shut off the valve of subjectness.

When you like something---your guts claim a victory, an achievement.

When you dislike something---your guts register it as a defeat.

Remember, your guts are a part of your primordial nature, and they don't have any other parameter of qualifying your living environment.

What did I tell you at the beginning---I have no way of instructing you how to like something that you dislike. I can do it, you can too, but it's not "natural", just like shaking your diaphragm into laughter when northing is funny.

Thus far I have not made a decent effort to advertise the benefits of subjectness dominating in our gut ratio, so let me make it very simple now. There is not a single emotion in our repertoire that doesn't have one of these two sensations as their energetic base. Therefore, once that we have more of subjectness, that will automatically mean many of its positive emotional derivatives.

Sunshine Can Never Be Enjoyed More Than from Above the Clouds
Sunshine Can Never Be Enjoyed More Than from Above the Clouds

Not Winning by Chance---but by Choice

It's time now to connect it all to the quantum manifesting. As the quantum theory would have us believe, the field of infinite potentiality is filled with energy waves that need an observer to collapse it into something material. Whether it's your cellular vitality constitution, or a new car, or a soul mate, in the field where everything is connected through "entanglement"---your vibes make it happen, or they don't.

Meaning that nothing in our objectness filled guts will manifest anything but more of the same or similar crap. Scientists are telling us that we live in a "participatory" universe, where we keep co-creating our reality---whether we like it or not. We are the observers, and by observing we change.

When our subjectness filled guts experience our world as friendly, or deserving to be liked, it sends a powerful demand into the "world of the invisible" to manifest everything for us that is of the same vibration.

Remember "liking the unlikable" exercise? The mental act of liking neutralizes inner conflicts, meaning that it removes the energy charge of objectness from our guts. In every single moment of our life we are operating in one of these two modes of functioning---subjectness or objectness.

Even our cells have at their base two modes of functioning---one of growing, healing, revitalizing, and the other of disliking, defending, and fighting. So, the ratio between our cultivated subjectness and objectness is spelling out our true capacity to live.

Life means doing, and subjectness means doing, so the very spark of life in us depends of our gut will to live, to intentionally produce thoughts, feelings, and actions that are life promoting.

When we allow our feelings to "befall" us, we are in the mode of objectness, while admitting that we are the objects of our automatisms, standing at the end of the receiving line passive, waiting, cursing, or cheering when our re-actions allow us.

So, this is to give us a hint about the importance of our intent for our "destiny". No, it's not something written in the stars for us, not something preset for us at our birth. Or it turns out to be exactly that if we don't find that "something" in our gut to change the course of our life the way we want it.

I started this article by talking about champions. Well, together with me, you may never become one, but again, together with me you may fall in love with this sport of being alive---this time not sitting with the audience, but kicking the damn ball where you want it.


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