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Subliminal Dream Attack Was a Complete Failure

Updated on March 28, 2011

Dream Attack Had no Psychological Impact

      Last night, I decided not to sleep with my I-pod music to shut out microwave-based subliminal messaging.  I had this dream that I was guilty of sawing off parking-meters (like Al Pacino in "Donnie Brasco").  I was in a recurring backdrop - a crime-ridden area of some city.  I stowed the "loot" in this room which again is recurrent.  The Police find 2 bodies in the room as well as my fingerprints on the stolen meter. 

     They try and try to get me to admit I had anything to do with the stolen meter or the murders.  I don't budge and maintain my innocence, despite the fact that I am guilty of the lesser crime.  I make believe that I had nothing to do with it in my mind to maintain a state of perfect composure in the "court room".  Everyone starts freaking out and accusing me of the murders.  I get given all the chances to confess about the lesser crime, but I do not budge.  In the end, they find my fingerprints on the stolen property and I get convicted of the murders as well as the misdemeanor.  As I wake up, everyone in the court room is mocking me.

    I awake to the sound of heavy ringing in my ears, feeling that I am still in the dream and that I'm going to be sentenced to only God knows what.  First thing I do is listen to the "Salvation Frequency" and take 2 zoloft and a clonopin (very effective for shaking dream-inspired psychological tailspins).  Then I get up and start getting ready to work-out.  I have to wait for my clothes to dry, so I head up to my room to tell you this story.

     To their credit, they have thrown my worst fears at me.....from which I awoke in a fury for what they had depicted me doing in that dream.  You always do something in the dream that makes you feel "guilty", SELF-HATING and stressed-out.  I know this was a subliminal attack because when I awoke, my ears were ringing at full-tilt.  Just listen for that slow operatic chorus and you will not freak out.  Zoloft/Clonopin are extremely useful for getting the disturbing "dream reality" off of your mind and you into a perfectly normalized mental state.  Many, no doubt have had Psychological breaks with reality because of this "Dream Psychological Warfare".  These days, we cannot afford to lose control of our emotions, especially fear. 

     The thing that matters here is that this is an ILLUSION.  Don't let these Bastards drive you nuts over a dream in which you do things for which you would hate yourself.  It ISN'T REAL, it's a bunch of ka-ka.  The theme usually revolves around you committing some sort of crime and the police finally nailing you for it.   You wake up demoralized because you've supposedly done this awful thing.  You feel afraid because some jerk is artificially stimulating this emotion in you upon waking.  This is how each American citizen is kept in total fear of these "invisible police" who dispense "justice" for "crimes" as insignificant as sex, rebellious thinking, anything our "Kingdom of Fear" feels might disrupt it's perfect little mind-manipulated society.  People know something is wrong, but don't even dare to THINK anything that might not be approved of. 

     Well, IF you cave in to this crap, you are not are a slave to Illusions designed to mess with your mind.  To live in fear is to never really exist.  If all you do/think is what you are told you really exist: NO.  You either stand up to this "invisible psychological bullying" or your degree of mental freedom grows smaller.  Eventually, you mentally-operate within mental parameters so limited that you could be considered some sort of robot.  Either that or you become bed-ridden and mentally-Ill or AT THE VERY WORST: PROGRAMMED.  I'm proud to say that I Love Freedom so much that I will never back down to these "invisible goons".  Furthermore, I spit in their faces and dare them to "Give me The Max".  Otherwise, they own my mind and nobody is going to "own" my mind but me.  I'll keep you posted on my further adventures with these CLOWNS! 


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      7 years ago

      Yeah I have these dreams


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