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Subliminal Psychology: Persuade Anyone to Do What You Want

Updated on May 23, 2019
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A reader, researcher, and writer on human psychology and social behaviors


Are you curious about how to stealthily infiltrate someone’s mind and get them to do what you want or think how you want without letting them know what you are doing? Sure you are. Subliminal psychology is a fascinating and profound way to gain power over others. Everyone can benefit from knowing it.

Subliminal psychology is simply the method of influencing others using subliminal means. Subliminal means that your subject is not at all aware of what you are doing. He or she does not notice the images, sounds, or other stimuli you use to condition his or her mind. However, the subconscious mind is aware of these things and strongly influenced by them. The subconscious mind will then direct the subject’s thoughts, feelings, and actions, creating a lasting and significant change in his or her life.

Subliminal psychology is actually not as evil as its connotation suggests. Subliminal psychology is simply the technique of influencing someone stealthily. You use images, sounds, and conditioning to get someone to think a certain way or do something that you desire. You don’t have to directly influence anyone. You certainly don’t ever have to get caught. But this does not mean that you have to use subliminal psychology for bad.

Say you are a parent and you want to influence your daughter to stop dating a horrible guy. She won’t listen to you outright. So you can use subliminal methods to convince her to dump this loser. Or say you know that your company is careening toward disaster through a deal but your boss is dead set on it. Use subliminal psychology to convince him to switch gears and spare the company some real trouble.

You can use subliminal psychology in a large variety of settings. When you use subliminal psychology, you can get through to anyone. You can improve your relationships and get people to mind you, even people who feel superior to you. This makes subliminal psychology excellent for relationships with loved ones, romantic relationships, seduction, and parenting. This article will show you how to get inside the heads of your loved ones and make a huge difference in how they act and think about you. No one is too powerful for subliminal psychology to work on.

This psychology can also save you if you are stuck in an abusive situation. It can help you soften and sweeten your abuser so that you can escape the bad situation and protect yourself. Abusers like to have control, so use subliminal psychology to give them the illusion that you are submitting to them and then flee when their guard is down. Subliminal psychology is also something that you can use on yourself. What if you are having trouble losing weight and committing to a healthier lifestyle or shedding bad habits? What if you can’t seem to end a habit, such as gambling or compulsive lying? What if you have a bad memory that you want to forget, or you want to help yourself memorize lists and remember to perform certain tasks? You have the best intentions in your heart, but you’re just not achieving what you want despite your best efforts. When you feel stuck in a version of yourself that you are not happy with, it is time to use subliminal psychology on yourself. You can reach into the depths of your mind and train your subconscious mind to do what you want. Then you will notice very real changes manifesting in yourself and your life. This works so well because the subconscious mind is the only part of your mind that has true power. What goes on in the subconscious mind will manifest in your conscious thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Subliminal psychology is not evil. This article is not going to teach you how to become some evil mastermind, plotting world domination in an underground lair as you rub your hands together, cackling. Instead, it will teach you how to subtly influence others for the better. People hate being influenced, so you will benefit more if you can influence them in secret. Also, the power of subliminal psychology is astounding, so these methods fail proof. You will enjoy immense success with them. Just be sure to use these methods for good because they give you a lot of power that could go awry if you use them for bad. Learn to control your urge for world domination and simply use subliminal psychology to better and further the lives of those you love, as well as yourself. Of course, if you do use these methods for bad, that is at your own risk. You will enjoy success no matter how you apply subliminal psychology to your life and the people that you know. Well, now you know what subliminal psychology is. Are you ready to see major changes in yourself and your relationships? Then read on and become familiar with subliminal psychology today!

The Secrets of Subliminal Psychology

To employ subliminal psychology, you first must learn to understand it extremely well. The basic principle of subliminal psychology is some sort of mental influence or conditioning that passes beneath the limits of normal human perception. This means that a subject will not notice or realize that he or she is being exposed to a subliminal stimulus. However, the stimulus is still present and still acting on his or her brain.

A person’s senses are not necessarily reliable. The brain registers certain perceived senses only when those senses fall into a certain range or spectrum. The brain may also register certain stimulus that is always present but then chooses to ignore it and to give preference to a new stimulus. For example, you can see your nose 24/7. But your brain chooses not to process the image since it is always there. So you are blind to your nose, even though your eyes very much do perceive it. You might be able to give someone a subliminal message using a constant repeating stimulus that the person comes to ignore. The brain still senses it, however, and that enables the stimulus to act on the subconscious.

Something can pass below human perception if it is inaudible and falls above or below the range of human hearing. Using a low tone can make a person feel depressed, even if that tone is too low for the person to actually hear. Using a high tone can heighten someone’s anxiety, despite that tone being inaudible.

It is believed that images in ultraviolet light or other shades on the light spectrum that fall just below or above the range of human sight can influence someone. Just because one’s eyes don’t see the light does not mean that they cannot understand it at some level in the brain. The brain has the ability to perceive things far beyond the scope that our conscious minds perceive. It is believed that we only use ten percent of our brains. So imagine what the other ninety percent is capable of? You might be able to see colors or hear sounds far beyond the human range. You might be able to discern things that are not visible or audible to the naked eye or ear. This is the beauty of subliminal psychology: it penetrates the hidden side of our minds and activates responses we don’t even know we have. But the unknown aspect of subliminal psychology and how the subconscious works can make it a bit of a guessing game.

The scent is a powerful way to condition someone. A person may not know where a scent is coming from. But the scent invokes powerful feelings or memories. A person who has been abused might freak out when she smells the cologne her abuser used to wear. A person may suddenly develop a hankering for Chinese food after you release the scent of takeout in the room. Or he might fly into a defensive mode after being exposed to the scent of the cologne that his high school bully always wore. Scent works so well because it connects immediately to the human brain and appeals to our primal ability to fend for ourselves by interpreting the world around us through scent. We can’t always see or hear things, but we can smell far better than we realize. Our scent ability is incredibly strong, but most of the things we smell don’t ever become apparent to our conscious brains. It is believed that a man can smell when a woman is ovulating, for example, but he will not immediately or consciously understand why he is so drawn to her.

You can also use subliminal hints to influence one’s emotions without bringing up a memory. Memories are powerful emotional tools, but you can still inflict a mood on someone without a memory. Instead, flash an image or play a soft sound that is sure to influence someone’s mood. A person who is terrified of spiders may become terrified for seemingly no reason if you flash a subliminal image of a spider around him or her, for example.

What is Subliminal Psychology Used for?

Subliminal psychology is useful in a variety of capacities. Primarily, it is used for training people to do what you want… without their knowledge. This means that you can use it to persuade people to do what you want, especially if they do not initially want to.

Subliminal psychology is great for children. Children love to be stubborn. As a parent, you probably have learned that if you tell your child not to do something, he or she is bound to do it. But subliminal psychology enables you to tell your child to do something or not to do something, without actually saying it. He or she is less likely to resist if you enter his or her subconscious mind and plant an idea there, as opposed to just telling him or her what to do or what not to do. It is beautiful.

It also works with other stubborn people in your life. It enables you to train family members, co-workers, roommates, and partners to do what you want when you want it. Instead of asking and fighting for what you want, you just make it happen. It works almost like magic.

When you work under someone, you may feel that you have no power over him or her. Indeed, you are not allowed to make demands or order this person around. It can feel this way with bosses, superiors in the military, or controlling individuals in your life. But with subliminal psychology, you can make him or her follow your orders without them even knowing that you ordered him or her around. It will feel like his or her own idea, so he or she will be more open to it.

You may not have much rapport with a total stranger. Someone like a new customer is totally new to you and unfamiliar to you. Since he or she does not have any reason to trust you or like you, he or she may be resistant to doing what you want. He or she may resist buying your brand or doing you a favor. So you can inspire trust and make this person want to buy your product or do you a favor using subliminal techniques. Create a rapport that is not there and make this person want to please you, without him or her knowing why. Subliminal signals can work great for advertising or sales. It can also work great when meeting new people and relating to strangers, earning you more connections and friends.

You can see that subliminal psychology is really useful in many areas of life. Knowing it is a very useful skill. You can make life easier as you bypass the power struggles and effort it takes to get people to like you and to do what you want. People will bow to your will and they won’t know why. They will just magically feel inspired to do something and they won’t realize it is what you want. You benefit in many ways. The best part of it all is that you can avoid lots of failures and the word “no.” Subliminal psychology really does work like magic.

How to Use Subliminal Psychology

Subliminal psychology works by entering someone’s subconscious mind and planting an idea or concept there that can work in your favor. So to use it, you want to give someone a series of undetectable signals or clues. These might be in the form of images, or memories, or word choice. How you speak to someone and how you touch them can also convey ideas and plant ideas in their minds.

Subliminal psychology is very sleight of hand. You are using little tricks to make someone’s thinking change without their awareness. So being obvious or forceful is not what subliminal psychology is about. You will be using tricks like subliminal images and classical conditioning to train people. You will be using words and hidden signals and physical touch. There is no force or verbal work involved.

This entire article will show you how to slide into someone’s subconscious mind without detection.

First Part of Article

This article consists of a series of parts next parts shall be published soon.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Syed Ali Haider


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