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Subliminal Video Helps You Raise Your Self Esteem And Feel Good Throughout The Day

Updated on October 13, 2016

Subliminal Video Technology Works

Scientists have been using subliminal video cues for decades now to produce real unconscious changes in their subjects.

Changes such as:

  • Raising self esteem
  • Changing purchasing decisions
  • Influencing reactions to certain stimuli (for example, they could make subjects either instantly like or dislike a person who's picture they showed)
  • Making people more patriotic and racist
  • Making people more receptive of others
  • and the list goes on

But... you have to know exactly what you're doing if you want to get results.

And this is where all the research comes in handy...

The Subliminally Enhanced Video You're About To Watch Will Scientifically Raise Your Self Esteem And Make You Feel Good

The scientists were able to raise the unsuspecting subject's self esteem in about thirty seconds.

The subjects first filled out a standardized test to establish their implicit (unconscious) self esteem level.

They were then divided into a test group, who were asked to look at the screen and do some tasks while unbeknownst to them, they were actually exposed to subliminal primes, and a second, control group, that received the same tasks only without subliminal messages.

After the exposure to the primes, both groups were asked to do certain tasks that were intentionally designed to be very hard and frustrating.

The test group turned out to be much more resistant to failure, was more persistent and spent a lot more time on the tasks at hand than the control group that gave up much faster.

Furthermore, both groups were asked to take the standardized self esteem test again after the exposure and the test group was found to have significantly higher self esteem after exposure than the control group that saw no change in self esteem before and after the experiment.

I took all the details of this work and many others like it and distilled them in the video below.

Important: Be Aware Of Your Reactions During The Day After You've Watched The Video

To really notice the positive results of the video, I suggest you try to notice your unconscious reactions to your experiences during the day, especially during the first hour after watching the video.

Compare the reactions to the ones you've had before in similar situations and you will see that you've really raised your self esteem quite a lot.

Why is this important?

The subjects in the experiment described above were asked if they felt any different after the exposure to the video and if they saw anything out of the ordinary and they all said "No".

None of the participants felt any different than before the exposure, yet their reactions to their environment and their behaviour changed very significantly.

Although the video below will also make you feel good through some psychological triggers and certain subliminal stimuli, the effect on your self esteem could go unnoticed if you don't pay attention to your reactions in the hours after the exposure to the video.

Subliminal Video To Raise Your Self Esteem And Make You Feel Good. I Suggest You Watch In The "Full Screen Mode"

Bonus Feature: This Video Also Raises Your IQ For About 15 minutes!

At some point in the video you'll hear a specific tune.

This particular piece was found to prime the brain for better spatial imagery manipulation and the subjects subjected to this tune were better at spatial tasks problem solving.

Before having to solve the tasks, the participants were asked to sit with their eyes closed and listen while they were played this tune. You'll hear which one it is in the video.

Being exposed to this particular tune raised the participants' IQ by about 15 points for 10-15 minutes.

There were several such studies done and seems like the predictability and tempo of this tune primes the part of the brain that's responsible for spatial reasoning.

Pretty interesting stuff. Enjoy the video.

Please Let Me Know What Was Your Experience And Share With Your Friends - Let's Make This World A Better Place Together

I value your feedback.

Please let me know in the comments what your experience was. I'd really love to read about your thoughts.

And please share this with your friends and spread the word.

This way I can focus on making more videos like this and make them even better and more effective.


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