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Subliminal Weight Loss by Thinking Thin

Updated on July 1, 2011

Subliminal weight loss is a new way to fight the over-weight epidemic, to maintain the results you get through whatever way, and keep lean forever by thinking thin.

The program is composed of CDs to create a state of commitment to what makes people maintain their desired weight, so that they are well motivated to hang around with behaviors needed for weight loss like diet and exercise, and as a result they keep the weight they want permanently.

How Subliminal Weight Loss Works

The CDs convey subliminal messages to the subconscious mind, and to make the conscious mind avert filtering them, there are music/nature sounds that makes these messages decoded and stored by the subconscious mind.

They are tools that reprogram your subconscious mind for a successful track of weight loss. The good news is that once you acquired this mindset, you will master your body weight for good.

Subliminal messaging is designed to let you quit your old limiting beliefs about weight loss, healthy foods and exercise, and acquire the habits, intuition and mindset of those slim and healthy people.

Effect of Hypnosis Subliminal

To recognize the effect of hypnosis on one's behavior, I will tell you the story of a friend of mine.

He is a Urologist working in a hospital that is about 20 Kilometers far from his home. He used to go to his work every day using his own car. He told me that after 15 years of this routine, once he was going to visit his mother in her home on the weekend, then after walking away about 4 Kilometers he discovered that he was on his way to the hospital, then he turned back to the other way.

This is the typical effect of hypnosis. His conscious mind is not let to think if he will go to work or not, moreover he does not use his conscious mind at these moments of taking the decision, rather the subconscious mind is dictating what to be done at this time, to execute an inevitable task as viewed by both minds.

You know what? he should have been discovered that he is in the wrong way, when his subconscious mind was arranging the jobs of the day and found them vacant, then the conscious mind discovered that it is the weekend day.

How to Acquire Subliminal Weight Loss Habits

Do we need 15 years to acquire new habits?.. not necessarily. If we manage to escape the monitoring of the conscious mind and filtering what it does not like much, we can introduce any message into the subconscious mind and store it there.

To get the best technique to get a thinking thin mindset, you should listen to a popular weight loss coach, because this prepare you mind for an important message. You should also participate in a relaxing hypnosis session to create balance from a restful state.


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