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Suboxone Withdrawal – What You Need To Know

Updated on December 6, 2016

Suboxone withdrawal is the newest development in opiate addiction. The problem stems from prolonged use of Buprenorphine HCl, the largest active ingredient in Suboxone. Buprenorphine HCl is a partial-agonist opioid, which means it is also an opiate itself.

Long-term use of Suboxone is not a detoxification treatment but rather an opioid substitution program. Suboxone has a second active ingredient, Naloxone that is an antagonist at the mu opiate receptor. Together Buprenorphine and Naloxone show great promise for treating opiate dependence in a safe and effective manner. However, long-term use of Suboxone runs a relatively high risk for developing Buprenorphine dependence. If long-term Suboxone use is abruptly discontinued then Suboxone withdrawal syndrome can be just as debilitating as any other opiate withdrawal including; Heroin, Morphine, Vicodin, Methadone, Nucynta and Oxycontin.

The withdrawal symptoms for all opiates are very similar with one exception. The longer the half-life of the opiate the longer the withdrawal symptoms may last. A cold turkey withdrawal from Suboxone can be very painful and uncomfortable. Suboxone withdrawal symptoms from prolonged use typically peaks within the first few days, but is typically milder in severity than what is experienced with full agonist opiate withdrawal.

That being said the symptoms of Suboxone withdrawal lasts much longer then full agonist opioid withdrawl, and it can last for a number of weeks with varying effects that can include:

  • Depression
  • Mood swings
  • Aches and pains in the muscles
  • Sever Anxiety
  • Diarrhea
  • Fever
  • Headaches
  • Loss of appetite
  • Dehydration
  • Nausea
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Runny nose
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Insomnia
  • Cold chills
  • Sweating

Suboxone has been proven successful for the treatment of opioid dependence, and it can be administered from a Doctors office. However, a physician that wishes to treat opiate addicts with Suboxone or Subutex must be certified and granted an “X” number from the Drug Enforcement Administration in addition to their narcotic license.

Suboxone addiction is the fastest growing form of opiate dependence. Many treatment centers have seen a substantial increase in admissions for people having difficulty discontinuing their Suboxone medication regimen. Faced with another addiction, addicts who were doing well and staying sober from street drugs such as heroin, nor abusing prescription medications, find themselves in danger of relapse.

Many users want to discontinue opiate consumption completely but don’t want to deal with the unbearable withdrawal symptoms that come when doing this. As mentioned above, it is common knowledge that Suboxone withdrawal can linger around for months, which is why it’s suggested that you slowly taper of the drug.

If working with your doctor is not producing the results you desire (missed jumping off dates, too slow of a taper), or you don’t want to spend thousands on an inpatient program then you want to re-evaluate your detox plan, which can include a detoxification program using natural supplements.

One such opiate withdrawal supplement to help alleviate symptoms of opiate abuse is called CalmSupport. The $59.99 opiate withdrawal nutritional supplement contains a unique blend of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and herbs. These herbal remedies and micronutrients help you detox from opiates including Suboxone more comfortably by reducing the severity of the Suboxone withdrawal symptoms.

Remember, Suboxone is also an opiate, and has the potential to be as addictive as any other opiate. Ultimately, the end goal of addiction treatment is a successful detox and to accelerate the natural recovery process, not detoxing and then relapsing.


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    • profile image

      Brandie 2 years ago

      I've been taking 2 8mg strips for over 9 yrs. went from the pills to the the strips. I was on other drugs, all of them pretty much. With out suboxin I know id be dead or in prison. But coming off this is harder for me then methadone or heroin. I'm having nose bleeds, horrible dreams, all I do is sit and cry for no reason at all. I went from 2 8mg strips to 1/2 a strip in 2 weeks. My dr advised me not to but I'm 31. It's time to get off the meds. I haven't done a pill in over 9 yrs but I think about it every single day. I guess that's part of being an addict. I hope and pray for anyone out there going threw the struggle. It's been over 2 weeks. I'm still sick and hurting. But I think/hope/pray I can do it. Good luck guys.

    • liladybugz26 profile image

      Rachael M Ryhn 3 years ago from Cambridge, MN

      I was on Suboxone after a nasty opioid addiction for five years. For five years I was sober, and two weeks ago I started rapid Suboxone withdrawal (insurance reasons). The withdrawal from this is much more long-lasting than kicking the real deal by far, and sadly, the years of feeling no desire for opiates while on Suboxone quickly came to an end.

      After five years of Suboxone sobriety I am back at square one. After days of no sleep, diarrhea, restless legs and intense muscle aches I threw in the towel. What started only four days ago as relief from agony, has once again become a chase for the high.

      People that have never experienced opiate dependency simply can't comprehend it. And no Polly, it is not always a "choice to use drugs". My "choice" came from a doctors prescription pad, and multiple surgeries on my neck and back. After taking 240 mg of oxy a day for years it escalates to the next level, and your brain thinks you need it for survival.

      I have an assessment next week to get funding to once again get back on Suboxone. The scary thing is, I think I will forever be a slave to it, or fall back into the abyss.

    • profile image

      joanna 3 years ago

      good luck everyone, I have been on subs off an on for 8 yrs I quit a few times no problem but I been on them constiantly for 3 yrs, at first they helped a lot made me feel great but after a yr I slowly turned into a zombie no motivation, didn't want anything to do with my friends or family just wanted to lay around in bed all the time it got to the point were taking the subs didn't make me feel better anymore, so I decided to quit this time around was nothing like the first few times I quit its the hardest thing I ever had to do I was on 2 weeks clean from subs an I cleaned me room found a sub ended up giving in after 3 days of deciding to weather or not to do it an I ended up doing a tiny piece an felt so much better so much better than when i was on 2 2mg a day so the last few day I been weaning off that one sub an I have all kinda energy feel pretty good, im ashamed that I gave in them two weeks were hard but I started getting back my self an my feelings I felt llike the whole time I was on subs I been numb to my feelings an being off them you get back in touch with your real self again, subs are ok for a short turm detox but Don't let them take control of your life try to only be on them for a few days if you can, you don't want to be on them for the rest of your life, there is something called Iboga it is post to reset all your recepters its makes you trip a lil bit but you only have to do it once an ppl say it helps you getin touch with your sole its a plant that grows in west Africa ppl use it for all kinda things to quit smoking it cures assma "ADHD but mostly ppl use it to get off subs or herion I hear nothing but good things it sounds too good to be true an its not cheap but im going to try to come up with the money I want my life back I want to feel again I want to be the best mother I can be life is just too short to feel like shit every day, hang in there guys an if you just got put on subs get off them asap before its too late good luck!

    • profile image

      auntypo 3 years ago

      Just finished from 12mg per day. Came down at 2mg a month to 0.4mg. Felt rough for a few weeks. Dreading withdrawal. Stayn positive tho. Gotta do this. Can't sleep yawns sneezes sore legs. Hope its better real soon. Don't give up on it. Gotta be done. Good luck u all.x

    • profile image

      Angel 4 years ago

      I've been on Suboxone almost 2 years...and my new insurance company just denied my suboxone because it is not "medically necessary". Unreal, the withdraw symptoms are horrible and you can have suicidal thoughts and relapse on top of the rest of the withdraw symptoms. Can't afford to pay out of pocket, I'm scared. Just wanted to vent and be somewhere that other people know what I'm going through.

    • profile image

      gooeydew 4 years ago

      I'm 51 been an addict for 14 years. Started with heroin. Then oxy's. Jumped off ,cold turkey at 360 mgs. Didn't sleep for 12 days. Clean for a month,then relapsed. Went to 360 mgs within a short period of time . I switched to suboxone (16-24) mgs a day for months. Went cold turkey. Didn't sleep for 15 days. So on and on we go. Presently going through another round of withdrawals. Much lower jump,2 mgs suboxone . I'm so tired of living in the dark. I want to be happy. Like I used to be. Withdrawals not as bad as previous ones. Pray for all of us.The world needs us back. Love.

    • profile image

      Sherry 4 years ago

      Yes I have nausea a lot.i was on oxy, for 5 years,I got very sick, nausea and vomiting and stomach pain. Constipated to the point of no bm's for over 2 weeks.i started subs.8mgs 3x daily for 9 days,went to 4mg 3x a dAy.was very sick,then I went to 4mg two x a day and 2 night.I still don't feel well,I hate this drug.i'm going to go to 4mg,in the am.and the aft.a nd at night.i started on subs.on thanksgiving day .i was in the er.3hrs.later with a full blown bowel impaction.this was so horrible.they said that the sub, shocked my body.

    • profile image

      Stepsister 4 years ago

      I am on day 13 off of Subs. I was on them for 7 months before tapering down and "jumping off" as people seem to call it. I began taking Subs after being addicted to oxycodone for 2 years. I have honestly not felt many withdrawal symptoms, besides insomnia (but take Ativan) to help sleep. However, the BIGGEST symptom that I have is nausea, which started at about day 4 and has not let up. I've vomited a few times, but the nausea persists all day. It is not unbearable, just uncomfortable. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced nausea as a main withdrawal symptom?

    • profile image

      lori 4 years ago

      day seven feel a tiny bit better got a long way yet still feel like crap no energy trying to walk on treadmill 2times today5 min each takes a lot to do that but people say stop feeling sorry for yourself and get up and do something no work for 5 days got 1 day left called my sub doc its sunday so hope he calls mon. this sucks hiding away from the world with your skin crawling and just want to sleep but can't will never do this again .

      been on sub for 2 years can't aford it 500.amonth until reach my deductible

    • profile image

      Sly Fox 4 years ago

      I been off and on subs for about 4 months. 2 or 3 days of dope and 2 days of subs with a 3 day in between breaks on most runs. I'm ready to face the music. What am I in for.

    • profile image

      SS 4 years ago

      I've been on suboxone over 4 years. I was addicted to pain pills and herion less then 2 years. I was on 8mg strip cutting up11 tiny strips. Doc put me on 2mg strips-1mg a day. I feel terrible!! Not sure how I was taking so little if an 8mg strip to 2-1mg & feel the way I do. I'm scared...but WANT OFF!

    • profile image

      alive 4 years ago

      ...been barely taking just a tiny piece,every day 1 strip last me almost 7 days........I god my lord by my side and,been taking little piese for months,,,,im also working out,as crazy as it sound sweated out ....the good side to this is im off work for a I can deal with it ...prayed for me,ill prayed also for everyone,so we can have a normal life....godbless............sanax will help with sleep but I recommend not to taking every day,u don't want to be depending on that either.....but every 2 days 3days I recommend some one got off this way in 2weeks tops......the rest is mental I sugets bible and a lot of prayer and faith..........

    • profile image

      Dying 5 years ago

      Hello. I'm on day 3 and I think I'm dying been reading all these posts hoping the withdrawls won't last as long as some. I was on then for 3 months. Biggest mistake of my life. I don't know how I can get through this. Encouragement? Words of wisdom?

    • profile image

      LL 5 years ago

      I get so sick of these addiction specialists claiming that once you quit opiates cold turkey that you will only feel the withdrawal symptoms for 1 week, maybe 2 & then it just magically gets better/go away. This is complete BS & obviously they have never been thru withdrawal & their lack of knowledge is a key to possibly why so many of their opiate patients relapse &/or never get clean. I had only abused opiates for 3-4 years total. I started out with a legitimate script for Vic 10's and ended with (at the time I went into/sought trmt) taking 1-2 Oxycontin 80 mg pill(s) (snorted) a day. This -for an opiate addict- is not that much/severe (ITO: both the time I spent abusing the drugs & the amount that I was taking & the method that I used to abuse [ae: snorting, not shooting] helped too) & I experienced withdrawal symptoms up to a little over one whole month & had it been for the fact that I wasn't in a trmt center & really wanted to free myself of the nasty handcuffs known as opiate abuse, I would have most certainly relapsed & never got clean. The reason that I say a month is because I was in an inpatient trmt ctr for a a little over a month asking for Sub maintenance as a tool needed for my sobriety. I had this floozy of a drug counselor who kept giving me the skeptical eye/look when I would request this followed up by her stupid & ignorant response of "Why do you want to do that? You've made it this long. & It's been over a week you shouldn't feel anything." I had to request for the available option of receiving suboxone trmt maybe a half dozen times -which is just ridiculous- before I started finally receiving the trmt I needed; all because of a (ever so popular in the drug trmt world) naïve & gullible strictly educated-via-text drug counselor who had no experience with the issue at hand, and was going by some garbage she had read in a text that claims so over the claims of a real life addict who is stating otherwise & had the physical symptoms showing (daily yawning, irritability, insomnia, nausea, excessive sweating) to prove the claims. I know that addiction, and it's withdrawal effects/length, are different person to person & this fact is the whole point; stating that an addict will get better and the withdrawal symptoms will go away/be manageable after a week is boxing every addict into the same generic box with all having the same life experiences with opiates & the same physical/mental makeup & is nothing short of patently false & just plain ludicrous. I tend to think that most opiate addicts are more like me when it comes to withdrawal and the time it lasts/takes. Otherwise, if it only took a week to magically get better (to the point where the side effects of withdrawal where very manageable) we would not have so many relapsing as well as untreatable/life-long addicts. Instead, I believe the truth somewhere closer to the fact that I read somewhere that stated that the withdrawal symptoms for opiate abuse/dependence last half the time as the opiate addiction was. So for example, in my case I used/abused for 4 yrs so it would take me 2 yrs to completely 100% feel better and not have any negative withdrawal symptoms. Had I not eventually made it into Suboxone maintenance trmt after that 30-40 days when I was suffering at that dreaded rehab ctr who know's how long I would have suffered with the withdrawal symptoms. Well I know what would have happened; I eventually would have walked out of that trmt ctr & got high to put a stop to it. The withdrawal symptoms DO do one thing that they claim and that is they tend to get better after a week. But "better" means a different thing to different ppl as well. I was better but that only meant that the initial very intense side effects that I experienced in the 1st 3-4 days of detoxing/withdrawal were slightly less intense & it must be stated that yeah, they did get better.... But better is much different than manageable or tolerable. Every time "better" is inferred by these addiction specialists & dr.'s, they are presenting it to mean manageable/tolerable & this couldn't be further than the truth for most of their opiate-addicted patients. Also, the morons out there that claim to be addiction specialists should not have a license to practice in this area if they are against suboxone &/or methadone maintenance trmt (ae *coughs* ahem, Dr. Drew *coughs*). Because when I went into trmt I was the only one with such a short period of drug abuse & the amount that I abused was much less than any other opiate addict there. I am on the least severe end of the spectrum when it comes to length/amt abused and they say that the longer/bigger that either of these get, the harder it is to get clean [ae: the more impossible it becomes to be able to get through withdrawal]). I needed Suboxone maintenance trmt. I mean I truly needed it. If, after 30 days -one whole friggin month- I was still feeling terrible, I can't imagine what someone who had abused more and for longer than I would feel during this time during withdrawal. I was literally about to go insane after suffering for so long & seriously if I had not started receiving Suboxone when I did I wouldn't have lasted a week longer & I would have ended up leaving the trmt ctr, relapsed/continued my addiction, & would probably end up dead at a age too young; and I wanted sobriety BADLY. But I'm/we're supposed to feel better? -And- Maintenance meds are only substituting one addiction for another? Okay, well then Dr. Drew & all the buffoons like him need to explain why me being more coherent, me not having to worry about OD'ing/dying from using, me having working electricity, food on the table, a car, a roof over my head, paid bills, extra spending cash, me being able to apply for college courses because my time is not spent obsessing over who/what/when I would get my next dose of opiates just to be able to function each day, me having much better health (both mentally & physically), me having a family that is proud -instead of ashamed of/constantly worried about me, me having a healthy relationship with my friends & family, me not nodding off every 5 minutes, me not having to worry about being arrested/having legal consequences, and on and on is EQUAL TO or JUST AS BAD AS the exact opposite (and negative) of all that I just mentioned, which would surely come with me being entrenched in my old illicit & ill-gotten opiate addiction. I'd love to hear their genius answer to this because for the life of me I sure as he77 cannot/have not been able to figure it out. It is extremely irresponsible of them -esp those that are in the public eye & have both the reach and the ability to effect/persuade the thinking & beliefs of millions of ppl- to proclaim such nonsense so nonchalantly. In doing so, it could be logically surmised that they are technically -albeit passively- murdering who knows how many sick addicts out there. They should know better; and since they don't, they should not be able to practice in addiction trmt until they become better -educated & change their ignorant/unwise stance.

    • profile image

      phoneix54 6 years ago

      Hello all. I am 3 yrs clean and am starting to feel the crap I used to. This is very hard. Sometimes I wish I woulda stayed on it bc it stabilized my moods. Good luck all. :/

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      Cold Turkey that shit.... I am on day 14 of 4mg suboxone for 1.5 years...Fucking suckseven now but I hear the light at the end of the tunnel is day 30 for longterm sub users...Im stuck on 4m ativan a day till I taper too and that is shitty too... was on 8mg sub after using OC and then dope 1.5 years ago. The best way off the sub is simply to tell your boss your sick and get a note for a week...I took 2 weeks cuz it was freakin shitty....My first full night of sleep was last night...and that was 7 hours....Its a tough thing to do but sitting at home with the support of your true family/friends on phone can do it...pushups!!! crunches!!! take 5 baths a fucking day!!!! Restless legs tablets....Kombucha!!!!! Zola ACai Drings are the best tooo....and of course the 3 things that kept my sanity through this whole thing....Hot Tea/Chicken Soup constantly..constant blowjobs from my girl in the middle of the night..(kills restless legs for sure...haha) and last but not least...Immodium!!!...oh and chew on pieces of ginger for the stomach...These things are the remedies that I came up with in my journey through this detox...The hardest one of my life...Very emotional...When you feel like crying DO NOT ATTEMPT TO NOT CRY....These are raw emotions and need releasing EVERY time they show up...That's why taking 2 weeks was great for me....I am still a mess from this but not breaking down at work cuz I took the time to let it out as much as possible....There is hope for everyone in this and relief is all relative. Pick your comfy habits and give yourself a chance at life...A chance to fucking feel again...I Still feel like shit at day 14 but I also feel a richer man for I have slayed a fucking dragon in my life that needed fighting everyday!!! That's a lot of built up angst, anger, fear, depression etc on the daily!!!! Some people taper...25 weeks of being sick and detoxing during a taper seems to be way more taxing than just weening down to something manageable like 4mg and just stopping....You can all do it and I hope you do cuz Suboxone made it difficult for me to live my life in manyways...I became sick from it...couldn't eat,shit, piss without trying hard and that aint life to me...Be free...Do what you love...Move on from this shit....I went and bought a surfboard day 12 to get back in the water as I used to do often...From 3 days a week surfing to 3 years no surfing....Live and Love...Everyone will notice how amazing you really fucking are folks!!!! PEACE!!!!

    • profile image

      anon 6 years ago

      I highly recommend not jumping from 8 mg a day. It really really really sucks and day 5 has got to be the worst so far.

    • profile image

      amanda 6 years ago

      I have been on suboxone for about 8 months now and 1 8mg pill will last me about 4-6 days,i recently went to jail and i was without for 9 days.The withdrawals weren't that bad so I thought I am done with this forever.Wrong day 15 it hit me like a ton of bricks,I could not believe that after all this time it was getting worse,the Dr. finally prescribed me chlonadine and it helped very little.Unfortunately after 18 days I went back on them and I research constantly on ways to quit them and I still come up empty handed on anything that really helps me with my blood pressure.The withdrawals from this small amount are much worse than the ones i suffered from 15 30mg oxycodone a day.I can't make sense out of it.Those withdrawals were really bad for about 5 days and then i had some ups and down days,about 20 days later i was free from it all,until suboxone.when i first started on the subs i remember all the great things i said about them and how they had saved my life and even got a few of my friends to go,i regret every minute of it now and i don't recommend them to anyone,but that's just my personal opinion so no one go off on me,lol.If i could go back again and do it all over I would taper my use for narcotics and never touch suboxone.My story may have been confusing but i have quit drugs 2 separate times,once i was addicted for pure pleasure and the other was for medical reasons,just to clarify my story.Good luck to all

    • profile image

      mike 6 years ago

      Hi Guys, great to find this discussion, and to everybody above I wish you all the best with the strength you are showing in getting off this soul destroying drug. Ive been on Subs for 3 years now, and its day 5 off for me, so Im there with you, show strength, don't let this drug be your master forever.

      I hope this isn't boring but I need to tell my story in the hope someone can relate, as its not a story I can tell any of my friends or family.

      My start down this road started 5 years ago, at the ripe age of 37 and after a life of normal recreation drug use, eg pot, social drinking, nothing bad, I meet a girl, moved in, in a relationship and after a few months together, not knowing the signs of heroin use, eg pinned eyes, itching, and the rest, one day found out about her addiction after seeing her nodding on a really strong dose and worked it out. in fact she had been in and out of treatments for 15 years, so a long term problem, she seemed to somehow manage it and hold down a full time job, I think at this time she had it under control as could only afford to use 1 day a week.

      Initially I was shocked and angry, we even broke up but couldn't let go, and one day for a crazy reason I said let me try some just to understand what it is that is so amazing about it. Im not a stupid person and of cause know the dangers of addiction, but I was sure I would never be the sort of person to do needles and the rest of it all. Just 1 try

      I Od'd instantly on my first shot, she administered the dose for me up and I woke up 10 mins later white as a ghost, in a daze, it was like a dream but was so intense it was to much. Ive never felt that feeling since, it wasn't that fun, a bit scary in fact.

      After that I didn't use again for weeks, but you guys prob know how it goes, nothing to do one day, I didn't get instantly addicted, maybe could do it again just to see.

      I had moved out and had my own place, but we were still seeing each other regularly, so she would come over after work and we would score and 1 day a week became 2, then 3, then every day.

      I was in a high paying management position and she was also working, so both functional 'addicts'. The problem with heroin is, especially if you are in a relationship, its the most amazing thing in the world.

      We had a thing were after work we would sit at my place and she would shoot me up (as I still hated needles), I would watch a gold clock on the wall, within 5 - 20 secs that taste and that warm rush, everything is okay, nothing mattered, we feel deeply into this 'drug love' with each other.

      after a few months I was sending every cent on dope, couldn't wait to leave work and started to get dope sick during the day at work, I knew that was the sign that this adventure needed to some to an end. So off to see the doctor, and an introduction to subutex

      really it is an amazing drug, as it instantly stopped the cravings to use, but only on a physical level, mentally I still injoyed using and the feeling of love i shared with this girl.

      SO then it was just a balance of dosing on subutex and using for 6 more months, but I knew this had to stop, I was always spending all my money on using and especially using subutex needed more and more to get that high again.

      so 2 years ago I moved, left her and that life behind, or so I thought, I swapped to suboxone on the instance of my doctor, 8 mg, felt like a nice buffer and I could get my life together. I moved to a city on the other side of the country, I had friends here and so thought I could just get back to life pre using.

      well to cut a long story sort, Ive been trying to get off subs for 2 years now, every time I would get down to a low dose or try to jump off, I would end up driving into the city and finding some street junkie ( no judgement, I could be there if didn't have a good family) to score off, a super risky thing to do as I would get ripped off, didn't know what I was using, sometimes it would work, but mostly it was shit.I would always share with who evey I scored off, just to help my shoot up ( still hate needles)

      So back to the subs, 8 mg, its the dose were everything is okay, but the payoff is a total lack of drive to do anything, no sex drive, no real drive in life, basically a life with no real 'desire'. I would sleep a lot, lost interest in drinking completely or socializing or doing much at all.

      Also anxiety, feeling trapped on a drug I couldn't get off, that is sucking my soul.

      So now its the time, come down to my folks place ( who are overseas) and another city, were I don't know were to score, and determined to get off subs once and for all.

      This is the thing folks, I don't know if its me or timing, but I took my last 4mg strip thursday last week, and now its tuesday, so basically 5 days, and really other then feeling tense, sneezing, having trouble sleeping, and the thing that I most didn't expect, no energy at all, I mean I can barely get off the couch or do anything, its not that bad.

      Its always been the anxiety of the agony Ive read about with opioid withdrawal that has been the major factor to failing to get off this drug till now, but if this is the worst of it, then its a mental issue more then physical maybe? I think need some advice.

      I willl say I am taking 3x 10 mg Valium and a drug that lowers blood pressure, I thing this helps and would recommend it. although I feel dizzy and weak all day.

      right now Im feeling the best I have in the last 5 days, but maybe Im just fooling myself as does 4mg take 3 -4 days to leave the system which means day 5 is really day 1? so now the pain starts, or is 5 days since a dose of 4mg the worst of it?

      one thing I would say is I definatly agree with what anynomous said 5 days ago, "HAPPINESS IS OFTEN THE RESULT OF BEING TOO BUSY TO BE MISERABLE"

      So if can get through this am going to start going back to the gym, exercise, its the best way to kick start the endorphins and happy chemicals that have been hijacked fro so long.

      Anyway that turned into a novel, but its good to know not going through this alone, its such a mental thing, and I do thing the anxiety of what happen getting of could be worst then the actual physical symptoms?

      So to the other people on here, all the best, stick with it, share your story, ask for help, your not alone :)

    • profile image

      Caleb 6 years ago

      Hey there Jack, I only wish you the best of luck man, I'm right there DEEP in the trenches with you. There are a lot of horror stories floating around about detoxing off this stuff, mine included lol, but you shouldn't be too terrified. What was your jump off amount? Depending on that as well as duration of use is what will generally determine the the intensity and duration of withdrawals. PAWS might be unpredictable on and off for months though, that's just a fact i have to accept and live through. Because I am absolutely DETERMINED to stay clean this time...I felt worse high all the time just coasting through life, being a total worm parasite and burden to everyone that truly lovED and carED for me. That's the thing though, and this may sound kinda like generic advice lol but you have to decide, once and for all, to get off and really want to stay clean...I know all too well how hard it is to stay positive and active, but for me it's really what it takes to maintain some semblance of sanity and inner equilibrium in my spirit lol. I'm now officially 6 days COMPLETELY sober, and YES I do feel horrible, but I'm proud to say I'm opiate free for the first time in close to 10 years! Its helping me to stay busy and keep my mind occupied or otherwise I know my worries and fears etc will completely psyche me out and make this SLOW process so much worse...crying and rotting in bed just wishing for the day to end. That's why even with 1 1/2 hrs sleep in the past 2 days I still force myself to walk a mile every day across town and back, even though its really hard to get motivated when I feel so bad, but the exercise helps release natural endorphins that makes me feel temporarily better organically and it helps me to sleep...the first 3 nights I slept at least 6 hrs a night because I was literally knocked out tired because I forced myself to walk. Sorry about ranting guys, it's been very therepeutic for me to talk about it with people who truly understand what Im going through. Hopefully we can support each other and help each other loosen the grip of this orange demon on our brains and lifes! Try to stay positive everyone "Laugh now, cry later" lol. And to all a goodnight...P34C3 \m/

    • profile image

      jack 6 years ago

      I'm starting my taper off today and I'm scared out of my mine. It's nice to know that there are others that I can relate to. All of the comments have been helpful to read.

    • profile image

      Caleb 6 years ago

      Hello to all...I'm am getting through day 5 it's been up and down. I've been able to sleep until last night night #4. By the grace of god I fell asleep but of course I woke up 1 1/2 hrs later completely exhausted mentally but so physically anxious with rls and whatknot I wanted to literally TEAR out of my skin like one of those chestburster things from the Alien movies lol. That was at 4 or 5 am and it is now almost 3 pm. I feel like sobriety turns me bi-polar or minute positive about things and laughing but literally broke down crying the next lol. I was on sub for 6 years or so and got used to being so numb all the time that I never felt these true emotions idk if it's the detox, sobriety, or my mental health at this point. Anyway i'm hangin in there until this shit storm passes and I'll go from there as far as treating my underlying depression or other disorders that led me to opiates in the first place. I'm doing this detox with nothing btw...just coffee in moderation and cigs. Barely keeping food down I know I have to eat soon bc I'll feel slightly better, but the act of cooking and everything itself is such a damn CHORE lol. I hope everyone is doing well and I wish you all the best of luck remember we're in this together guys...P34C3 \m/

    • profile image

      susan 6 years ago

      I have been clean again for the 2nd time and I know how hard it can be and it is very hard and unless you have gone through it or you are going through it, then you don't understand. for all of you keep your head up and Iam praying for each one of you.If I can do it I know you'all can God Bless it well get better.

    • profile image

      Caleb 6 years ago

      Almost to the end of day has been the worse so far but it is encouraging to know I'm not alone in this struggle...keep up the good work guys P34C3 \m/

    • profile image

      g unit 6 years ago

      oh yea,, (203) 524 6446 tex me or email me i rather u guys tex me its easier. and i will tell anyone who wants to know how i feel maybe we can get though it together. May 19 2012 Day 1

      we will be free by June!

    • profile image

      g unit 6 years ago

      damn kenny, u must feel like shit right now since its day 5 for you now. good luck man. really good luck. and Bigred.....ur rash is not from subs its from you. get it check out man. i am goin to jump off 4mg NOW! fuck this shit. ill see u on the other side guys. hell n back

    • profile image

      Jodi 6 years ago

      Hi, my name is Jodi and I've been on suboxone for three years I was taking six to eight milligrams everyday for a year. My dad recently passed away and I didn't

    • profile image

      Anonymous 6 years ago

      I was originally addicted to heroin since I was a teenager. Been on Bup for 4yrs started at 16mg and tried to quit cold turkey off just 2mg/day a few times. Each time the withdrawels would kick my ass and wouldn't really get started until the 3rd day. I stopped trying and mostly used this time to go to school, get a job, generally function like a normal person without always running the streets. The most important thing for my health especially my MENTAL HEALTH was that I started excercising and running. This is very important because every time I kicked heroin and relapsed it was not because I couldn't get through the physical pain but weeks of depression can wear down your spirit and you go back to your drug to escape how you feel. The reason I probly started using drugs in the first place.

      Anyway once you get into a more positive lifestyle you tend not to think about it so much "HAPPINESS IS OFTEN THE RESULT OF BEING TOO BUSY TO BE MISERABLE" (Best fortune cookie I've read lately). I stepped down from 16mg, to 12mg, to 8mg , to 4mg, then finally 2mg. Cutting down to 1mg I was defintely irritable but I could go to work and stuff. Took a week to fully adjust. There is something about going below 2mg/day because honostly I was able to get high of heroin the same day I took the bup, and the noxalone had successfully blocked the high at all doses of 2mg and above when I had a few relapses in the past while trying to come off. I took 1mg for a month and my Dr. said I could start stretching to every other day. I know from experience that even 1mg is too much to go cold turkey. So I continued to step down to .5mg/day for a few weeks. The first 2-5 days there was some physical withdraw but its very minor and I was completely adjusted after a week once again with the 6th and 7th days feeling much more like my self. Same as tapering from 2mg to 1mg.

      Now the harder part is going every other day (taking .5mg every 48hrs.). The first cycle you wont wanna to go work maybe even the second cycle as well, so make sure you do it on a day off. Basically my rule is that if you can get through the first 3 cycles you should be fine, but realistically you should probly go every other day for a month. I did it for only 2 weeks before I went to skipping 2 days (.5mg every 72hrs). Once again you may feel some withdrawel the 2nd day of not taking it. After 2 weeks of this I decided to jump. Mostly because the bup was knocking me out where I was nodding off in class and while driving on just .5mg!!! It reminded me of my self nodding off on heroin which is obvious to everyone else and embarrasing since you look like an addict. The days I took my .5mg dose if I didn't keep moving I would sleep all day. This is day 11 of being clean and I'm am absolutely amazed at how easy this has been. The only real symptoms are general fatigue feeling (which you don't even notice if you are busy) and some insomnia, which is already decreasing but still there. I've been very hungry as well but I'm kinda always hungry because of running and weights and I'm most likely lucky to have a fast metabolism which might have decreased the half life of the bup. Now I just go to NA meetings but I'm thinking of asking my Dr. about outpatient drug counseling since I know there's a lot more than being addicted, but rather why am I addicted, the underlying mental causes that make a person self medicate I guess.

    • profile image

      Bigred100 6 years ago

      Hello, I am going through sub withdraw right now as I speak, but something weird is happening I'm getting this terrible rash that it way more itchy then Mosquito bites all over my body, can it be the withdraws doing this to me or could it be something else? Thanks guys for any comments or Any suggestions!! ?

    • profile image

      Hoffa 6 years ago

      I was on 3 to 5 a day 2mg now 3 a day and then 2 a day they best way slowly cut it down and be strong life is waiting for you get off from this medication my friends you will feel LOVE.

    • profile image

      Kenny12554 6 years ago from Beaumont, Texas

      I'm starting my journey OFF Suboxone TODAY as day 1. I've been on it for 4 years and just sick of having a drug dictate everything in my life! Hell this is just as bad as when I was hung up on Vicodin...if not worse. My doc told me I might be on Suboxone for life but I just don't want to do that. Pray for me please!

    • profile image

      MJ 6 years ago

      I was on Suboxone for over 5 years I weaned myself to 2mg daily & jumped straight off it My doctor said just see how long you can go without having a tablet & if you can't handle it just have half a tablet. I stopped & I haven't had another one I have handed my remaining tablets into my Doctor along with the next script he wrote this was in a period of 7 days. I did however compensate with Valium during the 7 days. I am at day 14 now & am still feeling heavy side effects such as lethargy, yarning runny eyes sneezing & my anxiety is thru the roof but I am determined to do this I know it will take time maybe another 2 weeks but we can do it if we have positive people around us If I can get to week 3 then any one can do this believe in yourself truly. I know how hard it is but it will not kill you. Belief in you

    • profile image

      jeannie 6 years ago

      I was on 3 8mg strips per day for a year . Tappered down to 2 mg a day in 3 weeks. This is awful , I'm so drained and can't sleep . very emotional and I was up all night last night with restlest legs. It's all I can do to make it to work. Thank God , I only work part time and boss is supportive. I can hardly function, thought bout going back to the Dr. but I believe I will have to go through this again . There is no soft easy way..Think I just have to suck it up and go through it . Any thoughts on this???This is day 6.How long will this go on??

    • profile image

      Ash 6 years ago

      I am on day 3. I must say the withdrawals arnt that bad compared to oxys. Don't get me wrong they still suck. My rls has calmed down a lot but I still have the chills. I take a lot of hot baths it really helps and at night I have been taking Tylenol pm. I am hoping that day 4 I won't have the chills anymore I really hate them!!!! To everyone out there I am quitting because I just found out I am pregnant and if I can do this pregnant you can do it just keep you mind busy.

    • profile image

      Oh really 6 years ago

      I am on day four without subs. My ex and I started taking them four years ago to help get us off oxys. We never took a large dose, never more than 4 mg per day. My biggest problems were always the cold sweats and insomnia. Plus, I feel so drained. I have an active life and I've been so scared that I will never get it back. When will my energy come back? When will the insomnia go away? I am not feeling terrible, just a little hopeless.

    • profile image

      Adam 6 years ago

      Im on day 5 of being off suboxone and im very surprised that its been this easy i was prescribed clonidine and it's a life saver the only prob i have is sleeping for more than 2 hours at a time without waking up. I was on suboxone for 10 month and jumped off at 4mg 5 days ago and it has been the easiest time ever compared to the 2 times i tried to stop b4 those times i was bedridden puking my guts out. i believe that u should only quit any addictive substance unless YOUR ready cause if your not u will prob relapse im never going back no matter what happens. Good Luck all if u need to talk im here

    • profile image

      d'sky 6 years ago

      indifference tell me how are you i am 3 weeks behind you and your approach just calculated i am now taking 1.33mg per day, 8mg cut 6 ways i did ok today is it going to get worse? please tell

    • profile image

      clayton 6 years ago

      I have only been on subs for about 4 months. I started by taking 2 strips a day for a month. Then i cut it down to one strip for two months. The last month ive been cutting the strips in half. I would really like to jump, what do you guys think? I should also note that i was very addicted to 40mg oc for about 7 years.

    • profile image

      Gk 6 years ago

      I noticed the negativity on most these forums myself. I have detoxed from sub in the past and although they are long and grueling they are pheasable. My mistake was thinking I could take an opiate to ease some of the discomfort from the sub withdrawl after 2 weeks of being clean. So here I am again 4 months later trying to ease of the subs again. Although i am on day one iknow there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it's not easy but hang in there. there is no magical way that will make it disappear the best thing to do is keep your mind focused on how wonderful life will be when you do rid this disease and get your life back.

    • profile image

      indifference 6 years ago

      I am on day four. I'm trying to stay away from the forums because some of them are SO depressing but found some of you guys to be really helpful. I read one earlier today where someone said "I don't think I will ever be as happy as I was before" LOL. encouraging words.

      I have been taking suboxone for 5 years after being addicted to oxycontin & eventually heroin. I told myself that I wanted to stay on suboxone forever, but I've felt for years that while it has allowed me to get my act together in a big way, I've had to lie to everyone around me. You can't exactly walk into your work and say "Hi, I'm "****" and I am a heroin addict currently maintaining my addiction with suboxone maintenance". LOL. doesn't really fly. So, here I am, day two, contemplating all the mistakes I made at an age when I was too young to know better, wondering how I landed myself here. I've found that it's been very helpful to be active, to crack jokes about it as much as I can, and remember that people have done it succcessfully thousands of times before me. I've been rediculously emotional, but that's typical. I decided I wanted to quit smoking yesterday, crinkled up a pack and stomped it on the ground. Three hours later I realized that this probably wasn't such a great idea, LOL. My thought there was "if I have to go through this hell to get clean, damn all if lung cancer is going to kill me after this". It was a nice thought, but highly unrealistic and pretty stupid! I've been through all this previously five years ago, but never lasted long. All the things people told me then that I ignored, I am trying to listen to now. I've been taking three scalding hot showers a day, walking, writing, listening to music, crying, laughing.

      I took 8mg a day for three years, 4 mg a day for 6months, 2mg a day for 6months, and for the last year have been taking about 1mg a day. For the last month I have been eating DUST trying to take such a small amount, I know that this was helpful because every time I would lower my dose, I would feel like crap for a few days then would level off. I think now a lot of it is in my head, but that is what WE do that makes us screw up so I don't discount the power of the mind. I stopped seeing my Dr. about six months ago. Unfortunetly, many doctors who are licensed to treat addiciton with suboxone maintenance are nothing more than legal drug dealers, and will keep you on it for life, so I had to make the decision to separate myself from his guidance. I hope a week from now I am through the worst of it, and that you all are too. Thanks all for giving good advice, its nice to know I'm not entirely alone.

    • profile image

      greenii 6 years ago

      To make a long story as short as possible, I was on pain killers for 5 years for chronic pain. When I was about 9 weeks pregnant with my 4th child, my family doctor, who had been prescribing me methadone for pain, decided I was too much of a liability and fired me. After 11 days of hellish methadone withdrawal, I met a wonderful doctor who started me on Suboxone. After 4 years on 24mgs/sub a day, my doctor passed away & I was forced to see a new doctor who will not prescribe Suboxone for, here I am, after being on subs for 5 years, in full-blown sub withdrawal.

      I was put on a slow taper. Over a matter of months, I went from 24mgs/day down to 2mgs/day. The doctor wanted me to take 2mgs/day for 2 weeks and then a 2mg tab every other day for 2 weeks and then stop.

      After doing a lot of research, I decided to extend my taper a little longer and to go a little lower before jumping. I went all the way down to .5mg/day & planned on doing that every other day for a week or 2 & then quitting. It didn't work that way, though. The first time I went to skip days, I just decided to stop altogether. So, my jumping dose was .5/day.

      I'm a single mom of 4 & I'm in school full time. I'm on day 5 of sub withdrawals. While they're definitely no fun, they're doable....& if I can say that, anyone can!

      I highly recommend Withdrawal-ease! I've actually been taking it for months in anticipation of this. I also suggest Baclofen. It's a muscle relaxer that my family doctor's had me on for about 2 years. I didn't know it until I started this process & tried to find out why I'm not in the hell most people complain about, but Baclofen has helped many people get through opiate & alcohol withdrawal.

      I hope someone finds this helpful! & to everyone out there suffering through withdrawals, my thoughts are with you!!

    • profile image

      Jesse 6 years ago

      If anyody has any information on how to start to detox off of these orange devils please let me know. ive been starting to taper myself down from 2 ... 8mg tablets a day... to one and a half 8mg tabs a day, down to one a day.


    • profile image

      Edward 6 years ago

      I have been taking suboxone for about 4 months. My doctor prescribed me 2 8mg strips per day. He wanted me to take that much for at least 6 months. For the past 2 months I have been tapering down and wish I would have sooner. For the past month I was down to about a sliver of a strip. towards the end it really was about 5% of my prescribed dosage. From what I've read you should only take suboxone for more than 2 weeks unless you are threatened by death or jail. Wisdom I wish I would have had from the get go. The withdrawals from this drug can last much longer than opiates if you take high doses for extended periods of time. So it is VERY IMPORTANT to taper down as low as you can go before you stop! My withdrawals have been bearable, but on the miserable side. I'm just about to day 5 and today I took a walk and lightly jogged for a bit of it. Excersize is the key once you can bear it. Listen to everyone who recommends hydrating, vitamins, eating small meals and IMMODIUM AD. I went 3 days without immodium and am sorry I did. I also wish I would have bought the herbal remedies to help with the process. I've read good things about them and talked to a close friend who recommended it. (i really wish i would have gotten the herbal remmidies before I started this.) Anyway, all in all it has been bearable. Stay positive, it won't last forever. unfortunately it might feel like it for the first few days.

    • profile image

      Lauren 6 years ago

      I am on day 5 of Suboxone withdrawal and am feeling better everyday. I tapered down my dose for 1 month, where I split one pill into 4 pieces. This I think made the difference for me. I am still not able to sleep through the night yet but it is getting better. My body aches and my legs are very restless when I'm trying to sleep but I am trying to stay positive. I just want to let people know that it is possible if you taper down. I was on Suboxone for the last 2 yrs and pain pills for 4 yrs before that. I hope this helps people and stay positive.

    • profile image

      Rachel 6 years ago

      I've been on suboxone for 3 years....I have been detoxing for 14 days and I still feel horrible. My muscles are so tense and I can't eat or sleep ... how much longer I can't take much more

    • profile image

      guest 6 years ago

      Ive used suboxone many times. The key is to only use it for a few days and stop. There are mostly no wd symptoms.

    • profile image

      Meeka 6 years ago

      hey everyone..oh my do i feel your worry. for starters, you did not wean low enough, And your Dr might have said you wont feel a thing but has he ever been on it???? The key to getting off subs is the slowest tapper ever. i jumped off at .5 and i am on day 10. Now this might sound crazy and if you don't think you could handle it because of addiction reasons then don't but my Dr put me on Tylenol#3s 3 x a day for 2 weeks and then i will knock one off every three days 2 to 6 i did feel some anxiety but that soon lifted and very tired , no energy and this is all normal and completely manageable,trust me and i still get a vague feeling in the legs but im feeling better and better each day. i was so afraid to get off because of every thing but its not that bad honestly wean ur self down to .5 , i can help with more info....thanks all

    • profile image

      MoniqueJoy 6 years ago

      second day of jumping off of a 2mg twice a day program. It was really bad when I first got up and the irritability was the worst. My daughter said it seemed almost like I was relapsing since opiates after a couple years on them made me really irritable.

      I was only on suboxone for a couple months and quit against doctors orders. Well not really against. Just didn't go back to treatment center I was getting them from because job is first priority now. so tapered myself from 8mg twice a day to 2mg and then jumped off.

      Like ctbarr, anyone who managed to get off of suboxone successfully please contact me.

      These web pages are full of people in the midst of withdrawal. I need to hear a couple success stories to know I can do it.

    • profile image

      valbarr 6 years ago

      ANYONE with ANY KIND of experience getting off subs SUCCESSFULLY please contact me at


      Sick & Tired

    • profile image

      valbarr 6 years ago

      Im attempting to get off sub/bup now after 4 years. My DR had encouraged me to remain on for Im stuck on it.

      I know that RLS can be relieved by a variety of remedies. JS...did you just jump off of that dose? And what exactly happened when you did? This stuff sounds just as difficult as Methadone detox.

    • profile image

      jpnirish 6 years ago

      I'm on day nine without suboxone. I think I can handle everything except the restless legs. I was taking half a2mg pill three times a day for a month. My doctor said I wouldn't even notice the jump.

      Any idea how much loungers this will take. Am I on the down side yet.



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