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Substance Abuse And Addiction

Updated on May 20, 2015

Chemical Dependency

Heroin, PCP, marajuana , alcohol, pills, cocaine, crack rock etc, the names are familuar I am sure with everyone. these drugs can be extremily dangerous if abused and mixed with other chemicals and or with percribed medications. experimenting with different drugs in the teen years seems to be the norm. many different issues can arise from taking drugs, from heart attacks , and seizures as well as other serious problems. I remember when I was in high school, in the 1980's, drug use among teenagers were not as bad as today.drinking alcohol was common back then, crack cocaine, emerged in the 1980's and took over! many people got hooked on this powerful addictive drug that rotts the teeth , and destroys ones mind. Drugs do not discriminate! anyone can be effected by addiction. doctors, laywers, etc. over the years, i have heard and seen on the news many talented movie actors, musicians losing there battle with addiction. One talented woman comes to mind with a voice that will forever stay in our minds. The wonderful Whitney Houston. God rest her soul. the sad part about drugs is how easilly accessabile they are to everyone. The pushers who sell this toxic poison are going to continue this lifestyle until death or incarceration. Anyone who is battling addiction knows how difficult it is. I watched a movie with actor Chris Rock, many years ago, he played an addict in the movie battling a crack addiction. watching him in this movie was very life like .the addiction is so powerful after one hit your hooked. the drug continues to calll a person and its a day to day, battle . thankfully there is hope out there through inpatient /outpatient treatment, intesive thearpy groups, etc. chemical addiction is a a mental and physical issue that can be treated, if the individual is willing to get help.


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