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Successful Thinking: The Affect Our Thoughts have on Our Lives

Updated on September 22, 2012

Our beliefs change us...

Do you believe in change? Whilst some of us know the impact our beliefs and self talk have on our lives, the majority doesn't quite grasp how much our beliefs change who we are. For all of you who assume that your beliefs only affect you directly, you are completely wrong, as our thoughts and beliefs all become things, maybe more real than you have ever imagined...

So whether that's a belief that it's compulsory for you not to change, or whether you believe that deep down in your heart you want more for your life, these will all eventually mean something to more people than just yourself. The reason for this is that you tend take action based on your beliefs, so what once was just a simple thought process, now becomes more tangible to the real world...


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So what type beliefs and self talk will help you?

The simple belief that you will succeed in life no-matter-what, is one of the best assets to have with you, and will make a significant change to both the people and situations in your life.

Although whilst that is being said, with each belief you have, a certain amount of action must be taken to making them real. There is absolutely no sense in having positive beliefs, a good mindset and a good list of self talk, if you aren't going to take action in accordance to what you are promoting to yourself.

But then again, most people when they truly believe in something, take automatic action to succeeding as they do what they feel is right... This is a power which many people have pondered over being able to figure out, alas all we know for certain is that once your brain has a direction to go, it'll take it and begin making automatic choices along the way. You just have to trust yourself and have the confidence necessary to follow through!

I could go into an extensive list of all the beliefs and examples of self talk which are good to acquire, however I see that anything which would have a positive outcome for your life you should ultimately believe in. So to truly set yourself up with a good structure of beliefs for your life, you should begin to filter through the beliefs you already have.

Beliefs control your decisions.

The most important thing to take away from this Hub, is that whatever our beliefs are, will greatly decide what type of action we will take. However our beliefs can be changed as we advance through life, but in the mean time please take a moment to jot down all your beliefs. You will find there are some that need to be changed, whilst there are some which need to be more empowered...

To make an accurate decision on which option you should take with your specific belief, you should ask yourself truthfully whether the belief is positive or negative. If the belief is positive, you should be looking to empower this belief, although if y the belief is mainly negative you should consider throwing it out in the trash...

For instance, if the belief is mainly oriented about not being bale to achieve something, or do something that you desire to accomplish you should almost always be looking to chuck it out. Alternatively, if your belief is based around the idea that you might be able to do something, maybe just a little more confidence in your ability is needed.

How To Utilise Positive Self Talk.

A Question which often pops up regarding self talk, is how to actually use it effectively. As simple as the process may be, you might be shocked to discover that you are already using self talk everyday subconsciously! In every decision you may take, opinion you may have or question you might ask, your self talk defines your specific results, and structure. Hence, self talk has a crucial effect on the quality of your life, as well as your confidence levels in terms of how you go about tasks during the day.

So how do we usually use our self talk? Well it's almost like a running commentary of everything that happens to you in your life, however you typically do this automatically without really deciding what you're saying. The trouble with this is that you can easily fall into an automatic habit of being negative, which can greatly hinder you in your quality of life.

The main thing you need to do with your current self talk, is to evaluate it to see if it's worth keeping, and if not, it's time set yourself up with a new structure of self talk which is positive and aiding you with your success... and the main way to do this is to interrupt your pattern of negative thinking and consciously make a more positive assumption. Through repetition of doing this time and time again, eventually you will subconsciously think in a more positive manner, without the need to consciously re-direct yourself.


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    • Tammy Warner profile image

      Tammy Warner 6 years ago from Logansport, Indiana

      Great point that our beliefs affect not only ourselves, but others.

    • Larry Okeke profile image

      Larry Okeke 6 years ago from Enugu, Nigeria

      I've read a bunch of hubs today but learnt nothing. But now i've perused through this, i think i will sign out now, knowing full well that've got a new stunt to pull. Nice hub, man. Concise and succinct- just the way i like it!

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 6 years ago from The Caribbean

      I also agree. Thanks for this motivational message! Voted USEFUL!

    • KirkB profile image

      KirkB 6 years ago from Winnipeg

      I completely agree. Actually I am in the process of reading one of Tony Robbins books. Good stuff. I have also written a couple business related articles that speak directly to negative beliefs and attitudes in the workplace. We appear to share a common perspective on the subject.

    • venki_indiain profile image

      Venkat 6 years ago from Chennai

      Nice hub.. good job