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Success factors and the happy life in 3 easy steps

Updated on October 17, 2011

Success factors and the happy life in 3 easy steps

The attainment of happiness is something you will be pursuing for the length of your life along with trying to grasp all the personal success factors. It is without a doubt something that we all try to achieve on a daily basis, for instance success in and happiness in our work, relationships and well-being. But that attainment of happiness seems like an alien achievement to all people.

I was told by one of my friends that the only way for one to know what happiness actually is he must first be unhappy--the extremely miserable. I understand what he means--you won't know light without knowing dark. However, I have my own interpretation on the attainment of happiness.

I know there is no science of success and happiness, but I broke down all my thoughts on the attainment of happiness and how to be successful in 3 simple steps:

  • Find something that you love to do and be the best at it! -- So if you are on the journey of trying to get happy then I really recommend that you find happiness/success within something that you already enjoy. I say this because if you already enjoy what you are doing then you will be able to go at that specific task for longer periods of time and still feel great doing it. If by chance you become successful because of your passionate path then it would be considered a bonus.
  • Enjoy the motions of attaining happiness and success in life -- If you happen to become successful in a little goal that you had in place, congratulate yourself! If you have a chance to celebrate your little victories you will notice that your level of happiness will grow. The reason for this is basically, celebrating your victories is a blast! It makes you feel good. When you feel good, you are closer to happiness. And when you are happy you are considered successful.
  • Failure is you best friend! -- For all those people out there that come off as successful and extremely happy know their fair share of failure. But the thing is, they know how to embrace failure and covert it into power. Remember failure is just a way of showing you to go down a different path to personal success. So make sure you embrace failure which is one of the keys to success and happiness.

These were my 3 easy steps to getting happier and becoming more successful. I hope they work for you. Bye!


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