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Success in 3 Words: Follow Your Excitement!

Updated on December 15, 2013

Following your excitement to create the success or life you want can be one of the most funnest things you could ever do in your life. Because doing what you love to do can really be as rewarding as it comes. So, what do you love to do? Is there a specific hobby that you like? What interests you? Can you turn your interest into a money making idea or career that you can prosper from?

Most people who are abundant in life are actually following their highest excitement about it because they love what they do and go after it no matter what. It can be a particular career path or actually creating a business from scratch. There are so many things that you can do in life and its better to do something that you like to do than not. Right? I would rather focus on the positive things that I can do and do well, than focus on the negative things that I really don't want to do.

This should be the case for everybody. Settling to do what you don't want to do can be a drain on your life. Doing what you most likely want to do can change your life for the better. I know of no better way to live a life like that!

When you start living up to your highest excitement, one thing will lead to another and another and so forth. It is like a thread that is continuously connected to lead you into that path of where you want to be. If you like books and like to read, do that and it may lead you to a path of writing in the near future and then could lead to something else. The choice is yours on how you want to go about it. I'm just giving you an example. What is yours?

If you want to go into business or start a new idea or invention, you really have to dig down deep and ask yourself what you are most interested in? What brings out the passion and excitement for what you want and love out of life? It is the ones that love what they do that are most successful at it because when others give up, they will stick to it no matter what. Ever heard of that before? Well, it is so true that it comes right from the heart. You have to love what you do so bad that you would do anything to see your interests and excitement grow and prosper.

The most successfully people have certain disciplines about them that are never found in the average person. They know when to save and invest money and are fully aware how the most little things in life count. What do I mean by this? There will always be seemingly little or "so called" insignificant things that you can do each and every day.

The more you do something that can bring a positive impact in your life each day, you will then see how this will all add up, or "compound" as you would say. This compounding effect of many little things in your daily lives will eventually make a significant difference at a much later date. You may not see the results right now at first, but in time, you will see that all you have done to get to a certain point, which consisted of so many "little things" in the past is now something quite big and significant.

These so called little things or "little disciplines" can significant;y add up to something bigger than you ever even anticipated at first. So, what are some of the things that you can do to excite you and place you in a more positive road? One of the things that you can do is do what you love most. I mean it!

Some of my personal excitement in life are reading and writing. I believe in the power of words and its effect on people. Learning is always a continous process of the most famous Japanese word. Otherwise known as Kaizen. The constant and never ending improvement of oneself. This is what it made Japan so technologically successful.

What is your greatest excitement? Knowing what that is for you and doing that every day will lead you into much greater things that you have yet to imagine. There has never been a better time to start working on what you love best, than right now. The more you wait only allows more time to do things that you really don't want to do.

From now on, why not focus on doing things that excite the heck out of you and see how much this can make a significant difference in your lives. It doesn't matter if its a particular hobby, interest or career path. Anything that you think can excite you entirely and keep you in that state each and every day and will bring the most positive effects, situations and scenarios your way. Are you ready to receive what the universe is willing to give you? The more you open up to what you want to get out of life as far as your highest excitement goes, the merrier and happier you will become. Because your doing what you love do to.

This idea was introduced to me in some of my daily disciplines of reading and so far I find that writing is one of the greatest things that I can do to express my thoughts and ideas into the screen or on paper. People want to know what other people are thinking and what better way to achieve that through writing.

And if you are reading this right now, you know what I am saying. When you first start to change your negative thoughts into positive ones, you then change your state of mind and being. Changing your mind set towards the positive direction and applying intent and effort into what excites you the most out of life will help you become more aware of other possibilities that did not even first exist.

So, now you know what to do. And if you know what to do then start doing it today and for the rest of your days. Follow your excitement to the ends of the earth if you have to. What have you got to lose? Why focus on negative things when you can place all of your focus on the positive ones from now on, starting today.

Today is the day that you can start to ask yourself the question. Is change possible? Is there room for a new me? And the answer that you will find is most likely yes. Don't ever expect the world to change or even try to change the world. When you start changing, then your world changes. Because what has changed in you is a new perspective and a state of mind that was not present before.

I have applied these methods for myself and have already seen significant improvements in the overall things that I do in life. You can do that too when you follow your excitement to whatever it leads you to. One thing will lead to another and so on and so forth. Situations and scenarios will come up in your life that are congruent to the excitement that you have about it. A new awareness, people, ideas and interest will also start to manifest when you realize that following your excitement was the best idea that you could have ever made for yourself.

So.....Follow Your Excitement!!!

Check out the inspirational video below to get a better understanding of how important and impacting it is to truly follow your excitement in life, from here on out.

What is Your Highest Excitement?

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