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Successful People Versus Unsuccessful People

Updated on August 21, 2016

Success comes from actions and habits. That's the underlying difference between a successful person and an unsuccessful one.

1. Successful people embrace change; Unsuccessful people stay the same.

Successful people stay ahead of the times by being the first to adopt changes. The world is constantly changing and in this new era of inter-connectivity and technology always being at our fingertips, successful people need to adapt to change. Instead of fearing change they embrace it and get at the forefront of change.

Unsuccessful people have a wait and see attitude. They need to see other people succeed before they will even try. Which often leads them to miss out on opportunities.

2. Successful people aren't afraid of failure; Unsuccessful people blame others

Successful people take full responsibility for their failures. They experience their ups and downs throughout their lives and careers, however, they always take responsibility for their failures. They aren't afraid to try.

Unsuccessful people blame others and will use every excuse they can to not take the blame. The difference between a successful and unsuccessful person, is a successful person has failed more times than an unsuccessful person has even tried.

3. Successful people are always learning; Unsuccessful don't

Successful people learn whenever they can, to stay ahead of the times and to stay at the forefront. They grow themselves professionally and personally always, to stay ahead of the competition.

Unsuccessful people stagnate, they only learn when forced to and are complacent.

4. Successful people set goals and plan; Unsuccessful people never set goals and plan

Successful people always set goals and develop plans. They are constantly aiming to improve and use goals to set reachable objectives in order to improve and grow.

Unsuccessful people never set goals or plans. This leads them to stay at a constant which makes them end up falling further and further behind successful people.

5. Successful people help others; Unsuccessful people hope people fail

Successful people lead others and are always helping those around them. When working with others they wish to see people succeed and give people their due credit. This leads to them building connections with tons of people.

Unsuccessful people secretly hope for others failures, criticize instead of compliment, and hold grudges.

6. Successful people keep a journal; Unsuccessful people don't

Successful people keep journals and take notes. This is so they can review later and keep track of goals and plans. They stay on top of things through notes. Journals help keep their ideas in one place.

Unsuccessful people don't keep journals or take notes They believe they can keep track of everything in their head. This leads to forgetting information which makes them late for appointments, forget deadlines, and forget important ideas or pieces of information.

© 2016 Marlon


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    • Deborah Demander profile image

      Deborah Demander 15 months ago from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD

      These are several quality attributes of successful people.

      Thanks for writing.