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Successful People Vs Unsuccessful People

Updated on September 23, 2015
MeredithCummings profile image

I am a Webmaster of 15 years and also a Field Investigator. I recently started started as Author for Hub Pages quite recently.

I can only deem this infographic as perfect example of some of the extra weight we carry around and how it affects us, preventing us from completing common life goals. This infographic clearly illustrates the difference and hopefully will give us all something to think about to consider and incorporate in our daily routine. I don't believe people intentionally are out on a mission to deliberately be unsuccessful in their endeavors and daily life.

Aside from the things that we cannot prevent, life has alot to offer. Lots of times were bogged down by negativity we neglect to see around us and need to be reminded of all the gifts life brings. It appears based on the illustration of this infographic, there is an almost an even balance between the characteristics of successful and unsuccessful people. It's all about striking the right balance!

You simply can't contradict your actions and thoughts and assume a fast-track to a gold metal. A person can't simply mock of pain they have not endured. It's Important to remember the way you treat people shapes how others will view you as a person. You cannot judge and expect not to be judged. Inevitably, in the end it's the circle of life. What you allow is what will continue.

If you want to be interesting stay interested. If you can't stop thinking about it, don't stop working for it. Just because someone desires you does not mean they value you. Don't let your struggle become your identity. Decide that you want it more than you're afraid of it. And more importantly, don't let your past make you bitter, allow it to make you better. Keep moving forward, the only time you should look back is to see just how far you've become.

I firmly believe inspiring others to get what they want is a key factor to being successful. You can apply all the effort in the world, but it will never matter unless you are truly inspired. It's amazing what you can accomplish when there is no competition for credit. Excuses are useless and results are priceless.

You just can't fix yourself by breaking somebody else. Remember, it's hard to beat a person that doesn't give up! Don't get comfortable and don't fear change. Be ready for it! If you tired of starting over most importantly don't give up you will get there!

© 2015 Meredith Lee Cummings


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