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Suffering from Nightly Hot Flashes? Try the Brookstone Bed Fan with Wireless Remote for a Cooler Nights Sleep

Updated on March 16, 2020

Hormonal imbalances during perimenopause and menopause often result in hot flashes and sweating. When these hot flashes occur at night, sleep patterns are interrupted. When sleep is interrupted over a long period of time, a whole myriad of things are affected. Fuzzy thinking, irritability and weight gain to name a few. Not good. We need our sleep.

I started experiencing hot flashes during the night about a year ago and the lack of sleep was making me downright miserable. I would wake up and kick the covers off during a hot flash, but as soon as I started to fall asleep again I would get a chill so I would pull the covers back on, only to get another hot flash just minutes later. This crazy pattern would occur over several hours during the course of the night, every night, for months. I changed my diet, took soy supplements and other herbs and also increased my exercise, which all seemed to help during the day but did nothing to eliminate the hot flashes at night.

As an attempt to cool myself down at night, I kept cool washcloths nearby but they didn’t stay cool enough and I also worried they would get my nightstand wet. I also tried a small fan faced in my direction, but didn’t like the air blowing in my face. It seemed like I was just destined to suffer interrupted sleep. But after one particularly rough night my husband did some research for me and he came across the Brookstone Bed Fan. After reading the raving reviews, he promptly ordered one for me. And I am delighted to say that it worked! I still wake up in the middle of the night, but I no longer stay awake for hours.

Fan between mattress and footboard
Fan between mattress and footboard

The fan sits at the side or end of the bed (no air blowing in your face) clearing your mattress and tucked in between the top and bottom sheet creating a circulating air flow over your body. It is lightweight at 4.8 pounds and has an adjustable height of 26 to 38 inches to accommodate different mattress widths. The fan has adjustable notches along the side to hold the height in place. The width is 11.75” and the diameter is 7.5” so it will even fit between most footboards and mattresses, which is how I have it set up with my bed. The bed fan that my husband bought for me came with a wireless remote with a claimed operating range of 20 ft. I keep the remote close by on my nightstand which is about 6 feet from the fan. To adjust the fan, you simply twist the top of the remote to increase or decrease the fans intensity. I keep the remote on my nightstand so I can easily turn it on, adjust the intensity of the air, or turn it off without too much of an interruption.

The fan is meant to be used with a lightweight sheet or blanket so the air can flow easily underneath the covering. I alternate between using just a top sheet or a lightweight down comforter, which the air flow easily lifts so I get the benefit of feeling the cooling air around my body. I like to keep my shoulders covered when sleeping, and with a low to medium airflow setting the top of the blanket or sheet will remain down while the bottom of it will be billowed up off your body. I leave the fan off until I get that first hot flash. Then instead of kicking off the sheet or blanket, I simply reach over and use the remote to turn the fan on and then drift back off to sleep. The first night I used the fan I lifted up the top of the sheet to feel the airflow at my neck and I was amazed at how hot the initial air coming out from under the sheet was. This was caused by the fan dispelling the heat from my body. Within seconds I felt the cool air all around me. The sound of the fan creates a white noise, which also helps me to sleep better. The sound is not too loud, even on the high setting.

I was worried that the fan would be too obvious when the bed was made, but with its sleek design and a sheet or blanket draped over it you only see a little bump which can be easily covered up with a folded blanket if it bothered you. It doesn't bother me so I don’t try to hide it.

The fan is electric with an AC/DC adapter power supply so you need to have an outlet nearby or use an extension cord. I use an extension cord that runs under the bed. It also has an automatic shutoff after 10 hours. The remote uses 2 AA batteries that are not included.

You can buy this fan directly from Brookstone for $99 or order it from Amazon for about the same price or a little cheaper. My husband purchased it from Amazon for $89 about 6 months ago and I feel that it was money well spent. Sleep cool. Sleep better. Stay sane.


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