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Love Sugar Free Candy

Updated on May 24, 2017
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Living on Oahu in Hawaii enjoying life. A Senior Citizen with published e-booksk articles, and a copy writer.

Irresistible Candy

Yummy irresistible candies.
Yummy irresistible candies. | Source
Sugar free candies available in store and online.
Sugar free candies available in store and online. | Source

My favorite candy is chocolate covered malt balls-now you can get them with sugar free chocolates and less sugar malted balls! What's your favorite sugar free c sugar free chocolate covered candies. 8 gr of sugar. Chocolates are sugar free and malted balls have no sugar added. sugar free chocolate covered candies. 8 gr of sugar. Chocolates are sugar free and malted balls have no sugar added. | Source

Sugar Free Candies Can Be Found Easily

Today we have a big selection of sugar free candies to enjoy. I am so pleasantly surprised at the selection of sugar free candies today. I love chocolate covered malt balls Hershey Whoppers. I bought them all my life and enjoyed it immensely, until I got older. To my delight there were some sites with my favorite chocolate covered malt balls that has sugar free chocolate and reduced sugar in the malt balls! Best of all there's a huge selection of other sugar free candies to choose from too!!! On Oahu where I live I found sugar free candies in stores, supermarkets and shopping centers.

Sugarfina is at Ala Moana Shopping Center. One day watching The View Whoopie's favorite sugar free candy shop Sugarfina was spotlighted. I had to find out if Sugarfina was here in Hawaii. To my delight, Sugarfina is right here at Ala Moana Shopping Center! Sugarfina had sugar free chocolate covered malt balls!

Now we have our choices when we go shopping for regular candies and sugar free candies. The sugar free candies I've tasted taste mostly like regular candies. Regular candies tastes great. Sugar free candies comes very close to regular candies, so you can enjoy less sugar intake with sugar free candies.

Sugar free candies has nutrition info-here is the nutrition numbers for my chocolate covered malt balls I bought.

Nutrition Facts
Calories 170
Calories from Fat81
% Daily Value *
Fat 9 g14%
Saturated fat 5 g25%
Carbohydrates 28 g9%
Sugar 8 g
Fiber 1 g4%
Protein 2 g4%
Cholesterol 0 mg
Sodium 45 mg2%
* The Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet, so your values may change depending on your calorie needs. The values here may not be 100% accurate because the recipes have not been professionally evaluated nor have they been evaluated by the U.S. FDA.

Sugar In The Nutrition Table

When buying sugar free candies it's good to know if it's totally sugar free. When you are counting your sugar intake and need to know the nutritional value of what you consume a quick check of the product nutritional table will show you important information you need to know. This sugar free chocolate covered malt ball has sugar free chocolate and reduced sugar in the malt balls.

When you buy in store most labels have nutritional values. Sometimes products don't have the nutritional values and you've got to hope it's not too much sugar. I love labels that have nutritional values so you know exactly what the sugar and other valuable information needed before you buy your product. If the online stores don't have a nutritional value available it's good to ask the customer service for the information so you'll be sure to know the numbers for your health.

Hawaii Has 3 Candy Manufacturers For Sugar Free Candies

If you live on the mainland, you can find many candy manufacturer shops with sugar free candies. Candy manufacturers on the mainland has in aisle after aisle with huge selection of sugar free candies to choose from! We don't have that many selection of sugar free candies here in Hawaii on Oahu. We have 3 candy manufacturers on Oahu with sugar free candies at this time. At Ala Moana Shopping Center, Big Island Chocolates has a shop that manufactures sugar free chocolate covered mac nuts in either dark chocolate or milk chocolate. See's Candy Shops locally carry sugar free candies too. Kailua Candy Company has sugar free chocolate covered mac nut cluster.

Big Island Chocolates began in 1977 by Allan and wife Irma Ikawa on the Big Island of Hawaii. Here is there contact information from their site: :

For personal assistance, please feel free to contact us 7 days a week 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. HST.

1-800-935-5510 (U.S. & Canada)

1-808-935-8890 (Outside the U.S.)

Flagship Factory Gift Shop Location
585 Hinano St.
Hilo, HI. 96720

The Kailua Candy Shop bSee's Candy Shop has 6 locations so far on Oahu. See's candy shop first began in 1919 in Pasadena, CA with Mary See's original recipe. Her son Charles and Mary began to create candies that today we all love. It was the dream of Mary's son Charles See to have a chain of candy stores. In 1921 Charles See founded the first See Candy shop in Los Angeles, CA. Today Charles See's son Laurance A. See carries on the tradition and quality of Mary and Charles See. I know See's Candy Shop does manufacture candies, but not sure if they manufacture on Oahu. See's Candy Shop has sugar free candies at their shops on Oahu. From locations of See's Candy Shop on Oahu: (Some stores have limited supply, please call to see if they have sugar free candies per shop.)

1. See's Candies1450 Ala Moana BlvdAla Moana Shopping CenterHonolulu, HI 96814Ph: (808) 955-28241.6 mi
2. See's Candies4211 Waialae AveHonolulu, HI 96816Ph: (808) 737-95924.7 mi
3. NEX Exchange4725 Bougainville DrBldg 631Honolulu, HI 96818Ph: (808) 423-33445.9 mi

4. See's Candies98-1005 Moanalua RdAiea, HI 96701Ph: (808) 488-45117.7 mi
5. MCX ExchangeBuilding 1404Kaneohe Bay, HI 96863Ph: (808) 254-389010.7 m

6. See's Candies91590 Farrington HighwayKapolei Shopping CenterKapolei, HI 96707Ph: (808) 693-998614.9 mi

egan in 1977 on the Big Island the southern most island of the Hawaiian Island chain. Jack and Ginney Smoot first began Kailua Candy Shop making hand made candies. Now Kailua Candy Shop is owned and operated by their second generation family Robin and Cathy Smoot. From their site:

Order Online, by Mail or Fax. We're Always Open!

Toll Free: 1-800-622-2462 In Hawaii: 808-329-2522 Fax: 1-808-329-8721

Corner of Kamanu Street and Kauholo Street between Home Depot and Costco in the Koloko Industrial Area.

Or email

See's Candy shop at Ala Moana Shopping Center.
See's Candy shop at Ala Moana Shopping Center. | Source

Sugar Free Candies at See's Candy Shop

As I braced my fingers on the keyboard hoping to find my sugar free chocolate covered malt balls at See's Candy shop I clicked away at the alphabet in high hopes. As the page opened my hopes were diminished as I read the selection though good had no sugar free chocolate covered malt balls.

Maybe in the future they might have my chocolate covered malt balls. Today though it was not meant to be to find on Oahu at See's Candy shop my favorite candy. Let's hope for the future that quality sugar free chocolate covered malt balls be created at See's Candy shop.

See's Candy shop has 6 different kinds of sugar free candies. The prices range from $9.50 - $39.75. First there is the 8 oz. of sugar free milk bars or dark chocolate bars that's a pack of 4 bars of chocolates, going for $9.50. Next an 8 oz. box of sugar free peanut brittle priced at $11.35. If you like nuts, See's has sugar free dark walnuts a 10.5 oz. box, that goes for $17.75. Or there is sugar free dark almonds in a 10.5 oz. box for $17.75 too. See's has a sugar free combo pack costing $39.75 for a pound and 8 oz. of sugar free candies. See's sugar free candy prices are as of Jan. 13, 2016.

Some of Sees Candy Shop Sugar Free Candies

See's Candy shop's sugar free peanut brittle.
See's Candy shop's sugar free peanut brittle. | Source
Sugar free walnut candy at Sees.
Sugar free walnut candy at Sees. | Source
Sees sugar free milk chocolate bars.
Sees sugar free milk chocolate bars. | Source
Sees sugar free dark chocolate bars.
Sees sugar free dark chocolate bars. | Source
Sees sugar free dark chocolates.
Sees sugar free dark chocolates. | Source
Sees sugar free Valentine trio.
Sees sugar free Valentine trio. | Source

Sugarfina at Ala Moana Shopping Center Has Sugar Free Candies

Sugarfina at Ala Moana Shopping Center.
Sugarfina at Ala Moana Shopping Center. | Source

Favorite Sugar Free Candies

What's your favorite sugar free candy?

Today There Are Many Sites and Stores That Has Sugar Free Candies

Sugar free candies can be found at most stores anywhere you go shopping. From Walgreens, CVS, many supermarkets and online stores too, carry sugar free candies. Locally I've seen Russell Stover, Werther's and Hershey's brands at most stores where I go and shop. (I've requested that Hershey's make sugar free chocolate and less sugar malted balls, Whoppers. Let's keep our fingers crossed that Hershey's will make sugar free Whoppers, soon.)

Some sites I've come across for sugar free candies that you can buy online are:

* and has lots of choices of sugar free choices with a little research you'll find many brands and prices at both sites.


* has free shipping for US.

* has flat shipping rate or 9.95 now.

* this site is BBB accredited and Norton shopping guaranteed. This site is also a google trusted site.

* nut May has free shipping on orders over $59 but some restrictions apply. Google reviews.

* does wholesale and retail shipments. Google reviews too.

* has cakes, candies in tins great for gift giving! 100% Satisfaction guarantee or money back or replacement!

* has free shipping-see details. Bulk buying.

* for retro sugar free candies-google reviews.

There is a lot more sites from the east to west coast that sell sugar free and regular candies. Good to check about them before you buy online. Happy and fun shopping for sugar free candies. Some sites have sugar free pastries too! If these sites are not what you're looking for, a quick search with any search engine for sugar free candies will yield a lot of sites.

© 2017 Krissttina Isobe

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