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Suicide and Religions

Updated on April 26, 2016

A thought with an ex-friend

Ex-friend because I sit in his own shame and feel none.

In religions why would a man suicide himself on a wooden Cross for his mother and a whore in the one book? I told him the religion fell that day. Not that he paid for it in the minds of all that thought they knew him. Well it is another aspect of life, for the quiet library. Someone will really question the others that this goes to and hopefully they are well suited for the mind's eye and questioning of life. I would imagine like Thebes and the Library at Alexandria they are suited. My Heaven, thinkers and analyses of theses and theories from all God's being. Had they known they were not alone, they would have thought differently about "I got you."

Anyways many others were not of the liking either, I spoke to trees today about the silent meditation of another lonely Heaven. I told them, it was meant to be together and we will keep it like this until that little devil learns, or escapes again. Either way, someone will notice. We, I think were all of the energy in spheres, and radius. That we never in life were of like minds is different now.

I told a friend this "Everyone had the right to their own beliefs." Sounds like chaos? Ever think what the physical world was like? The same. Having said that I would ask this; What is the origin of each worlds here?

Strange since we all live in our own spheres of influence and worlds that we believed in. Another blessing that we were all sorted in life, like it or not, the Universe was in chaos, and someone had to bring it to order here. Think about where you are?

Is it a place? A time? Or is it your projections of learned desires, lusts, and educated minds in search of meaning? I am a thinking, creator, destroyer to make new things and therefore I am watchful and study the worlds around me. What is your world if you have many more to cycle through to the point you find your own ends?

Think that we are journeyed in our lives, then journeyed in the books we walk in our own collected lives. Librarians know what that means. Collections of works, and lives of knowledge. Many different bibles to make the other great book whole, and it took all in all their halls to tell the story. Ever wonder if you are telling the story in a hall other than your robed home or if we are robed in the halls we belong in? It is many that would wonder if their were heavens other than our present?

Wise man to ask and then to search in your library and heart.


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