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Cures from, "There is a River," by Thomas Sugrue. The Story of Edgar Cayce

Updated on November 18, 2021

A Young Edgar Cayce


"There is a River," is the biography of Edgar Cayce, the Father of Holistic Medicine and the most documented psychic of modern times. This is the astounding true story of his remarkable prophecies, insights into the soul and medical cures he prescribed while in trance as told by the only writer who knew and investigated him while he lived.

In 1940 William Sloane, of Holt, Rinehart & Winston, NY agreed to consider the manuscript for this book. Sloane's wariness of publication faded after Cayce's clairvoyant diagnosis helped one of the editor's children. Sloane tested the manuscript with his own child.

A member of my (Sloane's) family had been in great and continuing pain. We'd been to all the doctors and dentists in the area and all the tests were negative and the pain was still there. I (Sloane) wrote Cayce and told him my child was in pain and would be at a certain place at such-and-such a time, and enclosed a check for $25. He wrote back that there was an infection in the jaw behind a particular tooth. So I took the child to the dentist and told him to pull the tooth. The dentist refused - he said his professional ethics prevented him from pulling sound teeth. Finally, I told him he would have to pull it. One tooth more or less didn't matter, I said - I couldn't live with the child in such pain. So he pulled the tooth and the infection was there and the pain went away. I was a little shook. I'm the kind of man who believes in X-rays. About this time, a member of my staff who thought I was nuts to get involved with this took even more precautions in writing to Cayce than I did and he sent here back facts about her own body only she could have known. So I published Sugrue's book. p. Xiii.

Comment: It might be possible through telepathy between Cayce and the child to discover the ailment, but that would be acknowledging that telepathy exists. Telepathy did Not occur between Cayce and the dentist, because the dentist was against pulling "sound teeth." Of course the entire story could be a fabrication, but Sloane decided to publish the book based on this incident. Cayce got his information from somewhere we call the, "Afterlife."

Chapter One

Our daughter Aime, was two she caught grippe. After apparently recovering, she became afflicted with convulsions. She would fall down suddenly and her body would stiffen until it was rigid. Her mind stopped developing.

We had all sorts and kinds of doctors. They did her no good and after two years of futile experimentation we took her to Evansville, Indiana to see Dr Linthicum and Dr. Walker. They said it was a type of nervousness and they treated her for months, but she didn't improve. We brought her home, but the convulsions got worse, 20 a day.

One of our local friends told us about Edgar Cayce. He was not in the business of giving readings at this time. My husband asked Cayce to come here and he did he wanted no other remuneration than the railroad ticket. He came with Mr. Al C. Layne, the local man who was at the time conducting the readings and was studying osteopathy.

Mr. Layne put Cayce into a trance. He (Cayce) told us that on the day before she caught grippe she suffered an injury to her spine and the grippe germs had settled in the spine, causing the attacks. He then told exactly where the lesion was and gave instructions for correcting it osteopathic-ally.

He could not possibly have known of the injury to her spine beforehand. I alone knew of it, and had not considered it serious - or even an injury. The lesion was discovered where he described it. Mr. Layne gave Aime a treatment that night. Next day we took another reading. He said the adjustment had Not been properly made.

He told what had been done that was wrong and explained how to do it the right way. Layne tried again that morning. In the afternoon another reading was taken. still the correction had not been made. Layne tried again. The next morning a reading was taken the the treatment was approved.

At the end of the first week Aime's mind began to clear up. She suddenly called the name of a doll of which she had been fond before the attacks occurred. A few days later she called me by name, then she called her father. Her mind picked up just where it had left off three years before, when she was only two. She advanced rapidly then. She soon had a mind of a normal five-year-old. pp. 35-38.

Dr. Musterburg discussed Cayce with Dr. Ketchum. He uses all school of medicine and often for the same case. You would say that he was... quoting from a universal mind.

Dr Ketchum said, In one of the earliest readings I conducted, a preparation was given called "Oil of Smoke." I had never heard of it, nor had any of our local druggists. It was not listed in the pharmaceutical catalogs. We took another reading and asked where it could be found. The name of a drugstore in Louisville was given. I wired there, asking for the preparation. The manager wired back saying he did not have it and had never heard of it.

We took a third reading. This time a shelf in the back of the Louisville drugstore was named. There, behind another preparation - which was named - would be found a bottle of, "Oil of Smoke," so the reading said. I wired the information to the manager of the Louisville store. He wired me back, "Found it." The bottle arrived in a few days. It was old. The label was faded. The company which put it up had gone out of business. But it was just what he said it was, "Oil of Smoke." p. 41.

Comment: Here several doctors are involved and even named. The documentation for the book included interviews with the named doctors. Telepathy does not seem to explain how Cayce knew the location of the bottle of "Oil of Smoke." The druggist did not know of the location of the bottle. Cayce got his information from or through another phase of life we call, the "Afterlife."

Chapter Three

As a child, a ball hit young Cayce on the head. This sent him into convulsions and he was taken home and put to bed. When he was under the covers he became serious. He gave instructions for a poultice, to be put on the back of his head near the base of the brain. He said he would be all right in the morning if the poultice were applied. This was done and when he awoke he remembered nothing of the events of the day, but he was cured. pp. 66-67.

Comment: The above story indicates a latent power from within Cayce. Even as a child he began to manifest his ability. According to Cayce these latent powers come from experiences in past lives.

At High School graduation Cayce was to recite a piece at the closing exercises. Congressman Jim MacKenzie was to attend the graduation. Cayce's father bragged to the congressman that his son could remember anything if he were allowed to sleep on it. MacKenzie gave Edgar his own speech to memorize. Cayce's father decided not to even let Edgar read the speech, but read it to him in his sleep over several nights. At the ceremony Edgar Cayce recited his piece and it took him an hour and a half. The congressman and his father were delighted. pp. 68-69

Comment: This story indicates Cayce had a remarkable memory when given a post-hypnotic suggestion. According to Cayce, we all tap into our unconscious minds while asleep.

Chapter Six

In February of 1900 Edgar Cayce suffered on and off from severe headaches. One morning the pain was particularly bad. He stopped at a doctor's office and asked for a sedative. The doctor gave him a powder and Cayce went back to his hotel and swallowed the dose. When next he was conscious he was at home in Hopkinsville in bed. Two doctors were in the room: Dr. J. B. Jackson and Dr. A. C. Hill. They told Edgar that he had been found in the railroad station wandering around in a daze. Edgar tried to speak, but his voice had dwindled to a faint, painful whisper. They gave him a gargle but it didn't help. Several doctors, including specialists were called in. Each had a different theory. pp. 114-115.

In March of 1901 Cayce consented to using a hypnotist, Mr. Hart. Mr. Layne conducted a reading of Cayce by Cayce with Mr. Hart doing hypnosis. After several tries failed they concluded that Cayce would not take post hypnotic suggestions, but must hypnotize himself.

Mr. Layne conducted another reading and suggested that Edgar see his body and describe the trouble in the throat. He suggested that Edgar speak in a normal tone of voice

In a few minutes Edgar cleared his throat the began to speak in a clear, unafflicted voice, "This body is unable to speak due to a partial paralysis of the inferior muscles of the vocal cords, produced by nerve strain. This is a psychological condition producing a physical effect. This may be removed by increasing the circulation to the affected parts by suggestion while in this unconscious condition."

"The circulation to the affected parts will now increased," Layne said, "and the condition will be removed." They watched his throat. Gradually the upper part of the chest, then the throat, turned pink then to rose, then violent red. After twenty minutes Edgar cleared his throat and said, "It is all right now. The condition is removed. Make the suggestion that the circulation return to normal, and that after the body awaken."

This was done and the red faded back to rose to pink. The skin resumed its normal color. Edgar woke up and spoke normally. pp. 122-123.

Comment: Cayce repeatedly stated in his readings, "Thoughts are things." Here he states, "This is a psychological condition producing a physical effect." The spiritual is focused by the mind into the material.

Chapter Seven

Layne suggested that Cayce try reading other people on a regular basis, but Cayce had his doubts. Layne said to try it on him for his ailing stomach. Cayce agreed and gave a perfect diagnosis and what to do - medicines, a diet and a set of exercises. Edgar looked at what Layne had written down There were names of parts of the body, names of medicines and foods and instructions for exercises.

Cayce said, "I've never heard of most of the names you have here. I've never studied physiology, or biology, or chemistry, or anatomy. I've never even worked in a drugstore."

In a week Layne was so improved that he wanted to begin experiments with other people. Edgar was worried. He might kill somebody. "There's no chance of that," Layne said. "I know enough about medicine to tell whether a thing is dangerous. Besides, medicines that might be poisonous or have narcotics in them require a doctor's prescription: we couldn't get them filled even if prescribed them. So you'll have to give me simple remedies. I'll suggest that. If you name a medicine that I can't get, I'll ask you to name a substitute that is obtainable."

Months passed. Layne officially opened his office, with Edgar as silent partner, doing the diagnosing and refusing to take any money. pp. 124-127.

Comment: Cayce was investigated by numerous doctors during his career and the doctors had no material explanation for how or from where he got his information. According to the Cayce readings the information came from several sources: telepathy, the subconscious mind and a super-consciousness, The Akashic Records.

Telepathy is mind to mind communication.

See article, "My Telepathic Experiences."
See article, "My Telepathic Experiences."

The Journey Begins

Thus began the journey of Edgar Cayce on the diagnosis and treatment of other people's ills. Cayce made about 14,000 reading of which about 12,000 were medical and about 2,000 on past lives and reincarnation. Cayce eventually founded a Study Group, a hospital, and a university.

Peace and Health

Here is a recipe for Peace and Health and it does not matter whether you believe in Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) or not.

1. Learn to control yourself, Not the whole world. Do your part in the world, but know when a situation is out of your control. Raise your hand, open it, palm out to indicate stop. This action keys the mind to think differently. Your stress will be relieved.

2. Accept others as they are and learn to cope. We know only a small fraction of the background of the people around us. For most people, we do not know their upbringing and their live's experiences. Therefore acknowledge our lack of knowledge and learn to love their eternal soul. The gesture for this open, upturned hands. Do this and your stress will be relieved.

3. Learn to Forgive others. Associate your negative feelings with an individual and learn to forgive that person. Remember, we do not know their entire background. Everyone acts as they do for a reason. Forgive them for we do not know why they do what they do. Place your hand over your heart and your stress will be relieved.

4. Block the negative projections of others. Everyone projects their attitudes and opinions onto others. If these projections are negative, block them. Hold up your two index fingers in a cross and your stress will be relieved.

Serenity Prayer

Lord grant me the wisdom to Forgive others and thus relieve Stress within myself.
Lord, let me Accept I know very little about the lives of others and their motivations so to lose my own worries.
Lord, let me see myself as part of One great Society and try to help it grow better with Forgiveness and Acceptance.


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