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Summer; the time of rest. Winter; the time of stress.

Updated on September 4, 2015

Summer is known to be a time of being exhilarated and carefree; attending amusing and exciting places . Ever wonder why this is so? Why is there less tension and anxiety compared to the winter time? Speaking of winter, everyone can definitely relate to the chilly and at times hazardous weathers it brings. Not to mention the financial stress and pressure from our children during Christmas. Point being, Winter is with out a doubt to be the most stressful time of the year. Yet not many people know that the environment and the amount of sleep we get determines our emotion state. And with Summer leaving us and winter drawing near we better prepare for that bad case of the winter blues. Or do we really have to? Yes, we most certainty can't change the weather around us, but is there a way manipulate our habits to prevent the winter blues.

Summer the season of sensation

Like stated recently Summer time brings out the energetic side out of us. How come? Well, liveliness inst the only thing that summer brings; we also receive warmer and sunnier weathers. Believe it or not these warmer weathers play a huge role in our state of mind emotionally. You see, light rays from the sun can cause many chemical reactions in our brains thus giving us feelings of happiness and excitement. During this reaction we tend to produce a chemical called serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that helps determine our thoughts, feelings and social behaviors. Its also known to be a feel good hormone when balanced. Therefore, sunny days and blue skies will help keep an efficient level of serotonin. But why do we feel so exhilarated? Its because the sunlight also slightly decreases a sleep hormone called melatatoin causing certain sensations and excitement. Also summer is a time of healthy bonding with family and friends or even just getting some "me time" due to not being as busy. Active vacations, going out and making unforgettable memories have a role in maintaining a positive mental state. For one, laughing and having a good time increases levels of endorphins; the body’s natural feel-good chemicals putting you in a better state of mind. It also relieves physical tension and boost your immune system. So its true, laughter is the best medicine! Because summer time allows us to have the opportunity to obtain extra sleep, we are more at ease and ready to tackle the day! This is due to your brain being able to get a breather from constantly working that previous day. Lastly, One of the most important perks of summer time is having the time and good whether to exercise. Yes, exercising helps you to lose weight and helps to fight off sickness and diseases. But its not only good for you physically, its good for you mentally. For one, exercise is proved to brighten your mood due to it stimulating various brain chemicals thus leaving you feeling thrilled. Physical fitness regularly also can give you high self esteem making you more confident with your body. So these are the main reasons on why summer can help your mental state.


Woeful winters

Now we get to knitty gritty; the cause of the woeful winter blues. Again, like previously stated; winter can be stressful due to weather, financial problems, the urge to make your children happy on Christmas or just to get them to stop worrying you about that toy they just can't stop talking about. Its also due to being busy most of the time causing lack of sleep and little to no family or personal time. Previously we just read about how all of these things help to keep a person's emotion's relaxed and happy. However due to the lack of all of these attributes in the winter, our feel good hormones such as serotonin and endorphins start to decrease causing us to feel anxiety and depressed. And since in the winter season we obtain little to non rays from the sun our bodies produce more melatonin. Therefore, causing us to become sleepier and less motivated. Weather affecting a persons mood in a negative way is known as 'seasonal affective disorder' or 'SAD'. This condition can also be known as the horrible 'winter blues'. weather affects mood is in what is known as 'seasonal affective disorder' – abbreviated rather appropriately to 'SAD'. Yikes! It really does seem like winter is just a big package of grief and lowering of excitement. Well, Merry Christmas to us. Your probably saying to yourself, "Stress?! Anxiety?! SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDER?!? Winter causes all of this?! I have NO chance!" Hold your horses reader; there is a way to help prevent all of these problems.

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How to say goodbye to the winter blues

The answers to our drastic solution are...simple. Obviously we cant change our weather to increase the sun's rays, but instead we can manipulate our own habits to create a happier and less stressful winter. Vitamin D; which we receive from the sun's rays is a good way to obtain the chemical reactions you need to stimulate your brain. A deficiency in Vitamin D can cause depression and anxiety. So taking supplements or eating healthy foods (Fish, eggs, mushrooms and cow milk) that include this Vitamin will help keep a good and balanced mental state. Sleep is also a very important factor; for one, if you your lacking your z's it can cause not only depression, but it slows the brains role in thinking and learning and it makes you forgetful. So to prevent this, make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep and to go to bed at an early time. Another thing that causes stress is not being able to spend time with family, hang out with friends or to just even get some downtime due to the obsessive load of work and lack of time. "How is that even solvable?" your saying again "I don't have the time to do any of these things!" And my solution is to..MAKE TIME! You deserve it! Sounds cliche, but its true! Due to your brain constantly performing tasks when working, it wears down. And trust me you'll feel it when it does. Literally! You see, when you feel worn down and over-worked it can cause stress, depression, fatigue,and you can even lessen bonds with family and friends due not being able to spend time with them. So take a day off to just relax and/or bond with your loved ones. You deserve it and they do too. Speaking of making time, you must definitely make time to exercise. As mentioned before, exercise has been proven to brighten your mood due to it stimulating various brain chemicals. When getting the proper physical fitness it can lead to having high self esteem making you not only more confident not only with your body but in your abilities to complete certain tasks; physical and/or mental. The winter blues is no match for us if we make sure we have healthy habits that we follow religiously.

To sum it up...

Get your Vitamin D

Eat healthy

Get 8 hours of sleep and go to bed early

Make time for with family and friends

Get a Breather; take sometime out for yourself.

Exercise regularly

Follow these rules religiously!

Conclusion and cited work (research)

Summer is an awesome season for all of us. We have way more time to go out, have fun and relax. It's also great because it keeps us perky due to its warm weather caused by the exposure of sun waves giving us a daily dose of Vitamin D. However, due to summer leaving and winter drawing near we brace ourselves for the winter blues or SAD. Yet, we don't have to brace anything. We just have to make sure we practice healthy habits daily preventing stress, anxiety and depression. But by doing this it gives us more bonding time and relaxation.As a result, we can make this upcoming winter just as enjoyable as this summer was.



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