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Sun Power

Updated on September 8, 2009

Sun of God

There is energy to be gotten from the sun. Every morning I connect with the sun and light from the window in my bedroom that faces the east. I watch it rise steady gaining strength to enlighten my body with its power and nurture. It beams rainbow prisms from my eyes as I squint them to look directly at it.

Affects On Me

The warm light heals my mind, soul and body. I'm motivated to think on God's presence, breath exhaling and inhaling slowly with focus, search for my soul to unite with the Spirit, exercise my limbs, and get up to work the will of God. I feel He welcomes me every morning with the kiss of sun power.

Making a connection with the early sun touch enables and empowers me to give my best. There's someone bigger than me watching and guiding my every step. I have to acknowledge Him as the creator and motivator of my life in order to give Him credit for the affects the sun has on me.

Your Challenge

I challenge you to look to the sun and experience it's God-given power. Smile and see the rainbows in the film that covers your eyes, and slowly look at your arms which will also reflect speckled bright colors. You'll be transcended into the beauty of His presence. You'll be motivated and inspired to wake-up to His will. You'll want to do it again and again and again.


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