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Sunbed Sessions, sunbed tubes, best sunbeds

Updated on August 31, 2010

Sunbeds have become so popular, that you can rent a vertical, horizontal or a canopy sunbed for your home by the week. Renting sunbeds can provide you with that all year round sexy tan, giving your body the colour of the traditional Greek Maradonis and ensuring that fit, relaxed and well looking image that you get as if you have just been on a tropical holiday. Renting a sunbed has never been more easy, and buying a sunbed has never been more cheap than they are at the moment. What ever you decide to do, whether to rent a sunbed long term, or to buy a sunbed outright, you can guarantee yourself a glowing tan within a short period of time. But which is the best sunbed type, the vertical sunbed, or the horizontal sunbed? and would it be better to use a rental sunbed or buy your own?

Sunbed sessions in a sunbed parlour or tanning salon, can prove to be expensive, if you and your partner intend to use their sunbeds two or three times a week each. So maybe you should consider buying your own sunbed if this is the case, or rent a sunbed for a period of time, so you can use the sunbed at your discretion and in the comfort of your own home.

Sunbeds have two main types of tanning tubes, the fast tan tubes for a sunbed are 160 watts per tube, whereas the standard tubes for sunbeds are only 100 watts. The difference is that with a fast tan sunbed, you are in there for a shorter time than if the tubes were normal 100 watt tubes, most of what is on offer from sunbed rental companies, are the fast tan tubes, as these seem to be more popular with busy clients.


Standard sunbeds, either with fast tan or regular tubes, usually come with sixteen or eighteen tanning tubes, a built in fan which helps you from overheating, and very importantly, a timer. A sunbed timer is extremely important for all sunbeds, as when you are inside one, you can lose track of time or even fall asleep on the vertical sunbeds, so these timers are very important, always follow manufacturers recommendations on sunbed usage.

Home Tanning

There are many different types of home tanning equipment, from any different companies, and most can be hired from as little as $50 for four weeks, for a full, upright walk-in sunbed.

Vertical Sunbed Unit

These take up little floor space and allow an all round tan without the sweat sticking to you.

Horizontal Sunbed Unit

These are the full sunbeds for laying down whilst tanning, with usually 16 tubes, eight on each the top and bottom

Canopy Sunbed Unit

Twists and turns on its own stand, can be used as a half vertical or half horizontal sunbed unit. Can be moved about easily and can be placed over the bed for tanning in comfort.

Facial Tanning Unit

Small and compact, used for facial tanning only, easily stored away, smaller cheaper tanning tubes.

 Important Information

When using any home sunbed or tanning equipment, please follow all guidelines. Sunbeds can seriously burn your skin if misused, always wear the goggles provided.

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