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Super Citrimax – How It Can Help You Lose Weight

Updated on January 1, 2011

Super Citrimax Helps You Lose More Weight Than Diet and Exercise Alone.  First off, I’m not a big fan of miracle diet pills making outrageous weight loss claims, essentially promising huge results with little effort. However, I am a big fan of finding safe, healthy ways to support and maintain weight loss. That’s why every time a new “miracle weight loss product” comes out on the market, I’m interested in learning if there is any truth to the manufacturer’s claims. Not surprisingly, most products I’ve researched are nothing more than over-inflated vitamins, common stimulants dressed up in the latest diet hype or outright scams. However, this time, I believe Super Citrimax may be an honest weight loss aid. Not a miracle pill that’s going to do all the work for you, but a supplement that supports your weight loss efforts, helping you to lose more weight than diet and exercise alone.

What is Super Citrimax? Citrimax, or hydroxycitric acid (HCA for short), has become a standard ingredient in many popular weight loss products. Derived from the rind of the Indian Garcinia Cambogia fruit, hydroxycitric acid is used primarily as a "carb blocker" in such products.

Super Citrimax is a patented version of HCA. It is preferable to regular HCA since the patented version binds the minerals potassium and calcium to the substance, making it more soluble and more easily absorbed by the body. It also contains 20% more HCA than other versions on the market. Basically, Super Citrimax is the strongest form of HCA now available to dieters.

Photo Credit - Renjith Krishnan
Photo Credit - Renjith Krishnan | Source

How Does is it Work? Super Citrimax blocks the conversion of carbohydrates into fat by inhibiting an enzyme called ATP-Citrate Lyase. It promotes storing excess energy from unused carbohydrates as glycogen rather than fat. This then signals the brain to turn off all hunger signals. As a result, it suppresses appetite as well.

Clinical Studies Show Super Citrimax Helps You Lose Weight. The results from clinical studies are nothing short of surprising – that Super Citrimax is not just another fad ingredient, but an effective weight loss aid. Both Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington, D.C., and Andhra University in Visakhapatnam, India, completed extensive research on this ingredient. Not only does Super Citrimax increase fat oxidation ("fat burning") and suppress the appetite, but it may also help lower bad cholesterol levels while pushing up the good cholesterol. In addition, it increases serotonin levels in the brain, a neurotransmitter that helps improve moods, as well as decrease hunger and improve sleep. This especially benefits emotional dieters who succumb to fatty or sugary foods when they are feeling particularly overwhelmed, depressed and emotional.

Realistic Results. Now, when you look closer at the studies, you see that the results aren’t outrageous such as 30 lbs lost in 30 days, but realistic and attainable. In the Georgetown study, participants lost an average of 5.4% in bodyweight and BMI decreased by 5.2% over the course of 8 weeks. They were also restricted to 2,000 calories per day and walked 30 minutes per day, 5 days per week.

A two hundred pound man would have lost 10.8 lbs., or 1.35 lbs. per week. Although that's well within the realms of what you can expect to accomplish on your own with a rigorous training program and a restrictive diet, it is encouraging to see such weight loss on a very moderate diet and exercise program. Considering the increase in body weight lost in comparison with the control group (who only took a placebo), I believe this indicates the Super Citrimax does in fact aid in helping to lose weight.

Super Citrimax certainly doesn’t do all the work for you. You need to implement a healthy eating plan and consistent exercise, but I believe it can help you in your weight loss journey and achieve your goals sooner than with just diet and exercise alone. After all, when you’re losing weight, can you ever have too much help?

Photo Credit -  jscreationzs
Photo Credit - jscreationzs | Source

Does Super Citrimax Affect the Nervous System – Will it Make Me Jittery? This is some of the best news of all. One of the reasons I have used so few diet aids in the past is because so many of them are hyped up stimulants. I’m fairly sensitive to most stimulants --- they make me feel jittery, heart beats frantically and makes it difficult for me to sleep at night. So, I’m not interested in any diet aids whose chief ingredient is a stimulant, whether it’s ephedra, caffeine (I prefer my caffeine in the form of coffee and tea) or one of their cousins.

That’s one of the reasons I’m so excited to try Super Citrimax. It isn’t a stimulant and doesn’t affect the nervous system at all. There are no jitters, frantic heart beat or difficulty falling asleep. Furthermore, it’s natural grown, comes from fruit and has a long history of effectiveness, which makes it difficult to point out any significant drawbacks.

How Much Should I Take? The recommended dosage is 500 mgs of Hydroxycitric Acid 30-60 minutes before every meal on a daily basis. Maximum weight loss results are achieved with a dose of 900 mgs three times daily (the Georgetown study used 2800 mg per day). Remember that is mgs of HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid), not merely mgs of Garcinia Cambogia Extract.

The amounts and ratios of the Garcinia Combogia Extract and Hydroxycitric Acid vary among manufactures, so check the labels before buying. For example, the NOW version specifies that each capsule contains 750 mgs of Garcinia Cambogia Extract, which contains 450 mgs of Hydroxycitric Acid. For more information on the correct dosage follow the directions on the bottle.

Photo Credit - Filomena Scalise
Photo Credit - Filomena Scalise | Source

My Personal Experience with Super Citrimax. As part of my personal weight loss journey, Operation Skinny, I will be using Super Citrimax in conjunction with a nutritious diet and consistent exercise program. For further details on my starting stats and how I plan to accomplish this, please see Plan of Attack and The Beginning. I will be posting my results here as well as in my other hubs so you can see for yourself my results with Super Citrimax. If I experience no noticeable benefits, I will say so as well.

Where Can I get Super Citrimax and How Much Does it Cost? This is some of the best news of all and why I'm willing to take a chance on Super Citrimax. Super Citrimax is a common ingredient in many weight loss products such as Slim 10, PatenTrim and Thermodrenix. In fact, it is often the main ingredient. However, whereas such weight loss “miracle pills” based on their highly specialized blends can cost you $70, $80, and $90+, you can buy Super Citrimax directly for much less (less than $15 per bottle). You can buy Super Citrimax through reputable merchants such as Amazon and so you don’t have to worry about any shady business practices or retailers over charging or re-charging you for unordered products in the future. For such a small investment price, I’m willing to give it a try in my diet and exercise program.

Photo Credit for First Photo (Red and Blue Pills) - Richard Dunstan


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Did it work? I bought one was your experience? Thnx

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I just bought some super citrimax pills hope they work!!!

    • Lindsey79 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from CA

      I generally agree with you, whydoit, that quick fixes are rarely ever quick or fix anything. That's one of the reasons I was pleasantly surprised on reading the studies done on Super Citrimax -- because the fixes weren't huge or quick. I think there's working hard and working smart -- and you'll ultimately get the best results when you combine the two. I think Super Citrimax may be something that lets me take the hard work I'm putting in with diet and exercise and simply making it a little more effective (i.e. working smart). Given the studies I've read and the low price of investment, I'm willing to give it a try to see if there is any additional benefit. I'll let you know what I find in my personal experience.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      This seems like a bad idea. Stick to reduce calories in and increase calories burned. Quick fixes are never really ever quick and never fix anything.


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