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Super Speedy Diets to Lose Weight Fast

Updated on April 11, 2009

Super Speedy Diets to Lose Weight Fast

Diets are difficult and seem to work at a turtle’s pace. When you need
to lose weight fast, then slow and steady just won’t cut it. Being the rabbit and living on carrot sticks won’t work either. Instead eating five or six times a day is the best thing to do. The key is to eat three small meals and a couple of snacks choosing from healthy choices. Consider it a "eat almost as much as you want" diet.

According to two studies released by the Annals of Internal Medicine,
the Adkins diet is one of the best diets to lose weight fast. This diet focuses on high proteins rather than the low fat approach of some diets. If you love meat this is the diet for you.The Adkins diet is used as an ongoing dieting method.

However another popular fast weight loss diet, the
Cabbage Soup diet is designed to use for only one week. The idea is to eat a certain kind of prepared cabbage soup for just that week. This soup made from a certain recipe is very low calorie, but during that week it keeps you full and jump starts the weight loss .After that first week switch to another diet method to continue losing weight quickly.

Other popular fast weight loss diets that work include Slim fast which replaces two meals with a diet shake, all organic foods diet, and just plain reducing your calories. In fact according to New England Journal of Medicine study reducing calories is the most important diet and other diets should include this concept as part of their process.

Regardless of what actual diet you choose to lose weight fast, remember to drink water. Water is like a free weight loss drink available as needed. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day helps the bodies process of metabolizing fat. It also keeps you from eating as much if you drink it before meals. Plain water is perfect but if plain water isn’t appealing try slightly flavored waters.

Now that you’ve chosen a diet and are getting the proper H2o fix don’t forget exercise. Yes there is that dreaded word but the fact is exercise combined with fast weight loss diets boosts the weight loss even faster. It’s also not as bad as it sounds if you know the secret, which is choosing something you enjoy! Don’t torture yourself through crunches and pushups if that’s not your thing. Dance or play a sport, anything that is fun for you. Walking is a great way to exercise. In fact it’s the number one exercise for weight loss and it’s free!

There are many options to lose weight fast. Finding one that fits your life and your personality is the foundation to starting and successfully continuing your weight loss journey.


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