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Super food green powder can eliminate taking fistfuls of vitamins

Updated on October 17, 2011

More people are suffering from malnourishment than ever before, even though they are actually eating more. The misconception that more food means better nutrition has given rise to a billion dollar supplement industry. The fact that nearly two thirds of Americans take some type of vitamin supplement regularly shows that people already know their diets are lacking in nutrition.

If you are taking vitamin supplements regularly then you need to understand exactly what you are getting and weather your body is actually absorbing the nutrients.

Supplemental nutrition is big business because food is so bad Even the fresh food we get today is not as nutrition as it was even 30 years ago. Many diets consist of highly processed, prepackaged foods that contain fillers, preservatives and artificial chemicals. To get proper nutrition you must eat a diet filled with lots of fresh vegetables, whole grains and whole foods.

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Nutritional supplements are huge moneymakers

You may be taking vitamin or mineral supplements yourself. Nutritional supplements are a 20 billion dollar a year industry. Yes, even as the use of supplements has grown the level of diseases has not dropped. In fact many rates have increased. Does this mean that taking supplements doesn't work?

Not all nutritional supplements are the same. Are you getting your nutrients from whole foods or synthetic tablets? Your body was not designed to gleen it's nutrition from synthesized vitamins, it has a highly complex system that removes and absorbs what it needs form food. In fact many people are not aware that their bodies are not able to use the vitamins they take.

Whole food supplements nourish your body in a holistic way. They contain trace minerals, phytonutrients and other elements that aid in vitamin digestion and absorption. Drinking adequate water also plays a significant part in nutrition. If you don't have enough water in your system your body simply can't absorb the nutrients effectively form the food you eat. Synthesized vitamins are not necessarily used by your body even if you take them regularly.

Your body was made to eat it's nutrition in whole form.

Super foods is a term for super green powders containing Spirulina chlorella kelp and other green vegetables. The primary advantage of using this form of nutritional supplement is that the nutrition in this powder is easily and immediately digested and used by your body. Unlike synthesized vitamin tablets, there are no fillers or tablets to digest first.

Food that is cheap is not always nutritional, meaning plenty of food is not plenty of nutrition.

Whole grains, seasonal vegetables and organic homegrown produce was how we humans ate for tens of thousands of years. Our diets did significantly change until about a hundred years ago when mass food production replaced the way we got our food. This shift resulted in a giant change in growing, processing, manufacturing and preparing food for almost everyone. This change also brought forth the rise in supplemental nutrition.

It only makes sense that whole foods give your body more nutrition than a single vitamin or even a fistful. It doesn't matter how many you take if your body can't use them. Green super food supplements provide a massive amount of protein, trace minerals and highly digestible vitamins. Because it is a whole food it also contains other elements that assist your body. If you want to feel the effects of taking supplements why not try super green food?


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    • profile image

      laurens health 9 years ago

      I was reading the other day that most vitamins and medicines pass through the body and only a small proportion stay behind. It makes me wonder if that's based on a percent of what you take or if it's based on amounts. In which case, I think they should sell vitamins in smaller dosages anyway.

      But you're totally right, it's best to get our nutrition from foods, naturally. There's so much that we just don't need processed foods for. Vitamins, for instance, are only important to those who don't get a balanced diet or who have some special issues they need to deal with. It's much better to get a balanced diet or maybe use some herbal supplements, which are much closer to natural foods.

      I like the idea of being able to carry around whole foods in the powdered, dried form. Very cool, thanks!

    • profile image

      beths nutrition 9 years ago

      What bothers me a lot about vitamins is that I know they often pass right through the body. So I wonder if I'm even getting any benefit when I take them. Some people have suggested that I cut them in half so that my body would be more likely to use more of what I ate. Not a bad idea but I still feel like I'm not getting everything I should.

      Seems to me like things should be eaten the way they're meant to be. At least green food smoothies are basically just the food, right? It's not like they're something manufactured that we're just supposed to accept is good for our bodies. On the other hand, vegetabls are about as natural as it gets.